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Our Washington D.C. Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Is Washington your place of choice to move in this year? If you plan to move to this fantastic city, you certainly want to hire the best Washington DC movers to help you on your journey. If so, Cross Country Moving Company is the right choice for you. Our company provides professional and stress-free relocation to our clients with years of experience in long-distance moving. But before you contact us for a quote, find out more about this fantastic location.

    Here Are Some Facts About Washington DC

    As the nation's capital, Washington DC is one of the most visited US cities, so if you are planning to relocate here, be prepared to see many tourists. It is located on the Potomac River and borders Virginia and Maryland. Washington is also a political center. All three branches of Federal government are locked here - Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court. It is home to more than 177 embassies and numerous international organizations, lobby groups, non-government organizations, and more. Some of those institutions are the International Monetary Fund, National Geographic Society, World Bank Group, and the American Red Cross. It has numerous famous historical monuments and memorials like Lincoln Memorial, The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Constitution Gardens, well known Washington Monument, and for many tourists favors Capitol Hill.

    Beyond the world-class attractions, Washington DC has a fantastic character. It is an international, cosmopolitan city with small-town neighborhoods' charms. There are plenty of job opportunities here, especially for young professionals. Climate is very humid and it can get pretty hot in the summer, with a lot of mosquitos. Winters are mild and without many heavy snowfalls. The famous fun fact of the nation's capital is that it has a large number of tunnels that extend below the city and are for the members of governments to use. These tunnels were never publicly shown.

    Choose the Right Neighborhood in Washington DC

    When moving to a new city, it is essential to know what kinds of neighborhoods are there. Which areas are family-friendly? Which one has the best housing option, and schools? No matter which neighborhood you choose to settle, our movers in DC will give you the best service there is. In this city, you can live in a suburb-like family-friendly residential area and yet to be in the proximity of downtown. If you are moving with a family, then Woodley Park, Wesley Heights Foxhall Crescents, North Cleveland Park, and American University Park are places where you should look for a home. Suppose you wish to be closer to a more authentic Washington vibe, striking architecture, history, vibrant nightlife, original bars, and restaurant? In that case, neighborhoods in and around the city center are more for you. But be aware expenditures are higher here. The most famous and oldest area (older than the city itself) is Georgetown, where many of Washington's elite live. Georgetown University is located here, and it is also considered one of the safer areas. If you are keen on a classic Victorian house, the Bloomingdale neighborhood is the place to look for one. Downtown, where all the significant employment and cultural activities happen, is also the most expensive - three-bedroom apartments are around $4.400 per month. In comparison, for the same apartment in suburbia, you will pay approximately $3.300. 

    Prepare for Fantastic Entertainment

    Washington DC is truly a city that can offer fun for everyone's liking. If you are more of a nature lover, then you should walk along the Potomac River in spring when the magic of blossoming cherry is at its peak. For more serious outdoor activities, there is Rock Creek Park, where even horseback riding is possible. For food lovers and shopaholics, the Eastern and Union markets sell goods and food from around the world. In the Eden center, you can enjoy Vietnamese and other Asian cuisines. Also, you should visit the United States National Arboretum and National Zoological Park.

    As you can see, the nation's capital has a lot to offer, so your plan to move here will pay off. Our moving company Washington DC will make sure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. If you require professional and affordable moving assistance, contact your local CCMC agent and ask for a quote. The price will depend on the type of services you need. 

    Washington Movers Offer Best Moving Service

    If you wish to hire professional, trusted, and efficient moving services in DC then our company is the best choice for you. We are proud to say that we have the best reviews and trust of our customers in years of experience. Our moving services in Washington DC have experienced professional teams that will handle your belongings with the utmost care. Our modern trucks, which are regularly checked, will relocate your stuff safely to any destination. With years of experience in long-distance relocating, our agent will give you a free estimate for your move even before you decide to hire us. And even better, the price will depend solely on your inventory list. This way, you will know the exact price of your relocation and will have time to think about other things.

    Additional Services You May Want

    In CCMC, there is no hidden expenditure. This way, we list all the additional services that we provide and inform our customers before we make any arrangements:
    Debris removal - we provide cleaning and throwing away boxes and other packing disposals that you have after unpacking.
    Storage in transit - Store your belonging in our facilities first 30 days for free
    Long Carry - If the distance between the truck and your home is more than 200 ft, this is called long carry, so with this service, you will not have to move boxes by yourself
    Stair Carry - If your new building doesn't have an elevator or you are higher than the first floor, you will need stair carry.
    Hoisting - This is intended for large items that can't go through the door. 

    Packing Service by Our Movers in DC

    If you feel overwhelmed by moving to another state and stressed out because of all the packing you need to do, then investment in our packing services is the right choice for you. Our movers in Washington DC will pack your belongings very efficiently and professionally. After all, you want your stuff to be well protected and safely transported. Our movers will bring all the boxes and packing supplies you need. This is an integral part of the packing process. Our experienced movers know how to pack specific objects in the best way possible with a high-quality supply material, crucial for the safe relocation of your belongings.  

    Types of Packing Service

    Cross Country Moving Company has two types of packing service - full packing and partial packing. The only difference is in price, and the amount of time you will have to invest in this process. If you choose a full packing service, our team of movers will pack everything on your inventory list, we will do all the folding, protecting, and labeling. In partial packing, we will only pack boxes that you specify us to do. When it comes to unpacking our movers will unload stuff from the truck, assemble any furniture they disassembled, and put all the boxes in their designated rooms. Keep in mind that if our movers pack more than fifteen boxes, we count that as a full pack. 

    Car Shipping Service

    Washington has an excellent metro system and public transportation so getting from one place to another is not that difficult. Driving around the federal city with your car is not a "New York-style nightmare," so actually, many Americans who moved here decided to ship their vehicle. So if you wish to have a car shipped to Washington DC by our company, you will have your car safely transported and delivered in time. For a reasonable price, you can choose two types of auto shipping service. The cost of car shipping depends on the size of a car, weight, and distance.

    Open Trailer and Enclosed Trailer Transportation Option

    CCMC offers to our customers an open trailer and enclosed trailer, which is a more expensive option. The advantage of an open trailer is that you can ship more vehicles simultaneously. This way, this option is cheaper and for everyone's pocket. Also, believe it or not, an open trailer is faster on the road, so your auto will be there sooner. The enclosed trailer is a little bit more expensive, and it is usually used for expensive and luxurious car relocation. Insurance coverage is higher for this service, and your car will be fully protected from all kinds of unpredictable accidents on the road. 

    We Deliver to Your Doorstep

    In delivery matters, you can also choose two options. We have a door-to-door delivery option where we deliver your car in front of your new home. If the trailer can't access the address, your car will be delivered to the nearest parking lot. This mostly depends on the street your new home is on. The other, cheaper option is terminal to terminal delivery. In this case you will have to come to pick your four-wheeler at the closest terminal. Don't worry, we have terminals in every major city, so please contact our agent for more details.

    International Shipping Service

    Relocating from one country to another can be challenging and difficult. You don't know where to start your relocating process? Our company provides excellent international shipping service and you can relocate your belongings to almost any country in the world. Our goal is to make moving easy and as stress-free as possible. Cross Country Moving Company has years of experience in this kind of relocation, so contact our agent to give you a quote for international shipping.  

    We Provide a One-Month Free Storage Service

    So you decided to move, you sold our old house, but the new one is not ready yet? Believe it or not, this is not an unusual thing to happen. This is why CCMC provides its customers with high-quality storage facilities, and best of all, this service is free for the first 30 days. We have our warehouse and storage units, so you are the only one who will have access to your belongings. You can be confident that your items are safe in our storage, with our climate control and video surveillance. So you can store valuable arts, antiques, and other sensitive things that you may have.

    Protect Your Belongings With Our Moving Insurance

    The moving company in Washington DC that holds on to its reputation and cares about its clients will have some insurance to offer. Our company will give you insurance for all the things that our movers handled. This means if you packed some of the boxes, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur on them down the road.

    Pick Insurance That Best Work for Your Pocket

    CCMC provides basic insurance, which covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Full insurance covers the total value of damaged stuff. CCMC provides separate insurance for car shipping, with the coverage of up to $100,000 in damages on the open trailer and $500,000 on enclosed. 

    Don't Wait and Contact Your Washington Movers DC

    Now you know everything about our services and our company policies. You also learned a lot about the nation's capital and what are the best areas to live. If you still have doubts, check reviews of our customers on our website. We are sure that, after reading them, Cross Country Moving Company will become your chosen mover. So don't wait long to move to the fantastic city of Washington and contact your local agent as soon as possible so that you can make all arrangements on time.  

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

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    Flat Price, No Hidden Fees
    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
    Easy, Fast Booking
    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms. 

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        San Francisco
        Steven H. Avatar

        5 star rating Speedy, excellent service they gave me a expected time to help move my furniture an television to my new apartment... read more

        Steven H.
        San Diego
        Augustin B. Avatar

        5 star rating Movers were very careful with the boxes and all.  Showed up on time and wrap all furniture with shrink wrap.... read more

        Augustin B.
        Santa Ana
      • Adam S. Avatar

        5 star rating I moved from NY to LA this past month & Cross Country Movers did a great job. They didn't break... read more

        Adam S.
        Los Angeles
        Suzanna K. Avatar

        5 star rating Moving into a new city in any state is never an easy feat but if you get the right help... read more

        Suzanna K.
        Kennia R. Avatar

        5 star rating Everyone in this company is genuinely passionate about what they do including the movers and the representatives on the phone.... read more

        Kennia R.
        Karisa A. Avatar

        5 star rating Very quick to respond, easy price quoting process and quick delivery. Even when there was a small hiccup in the... read more

        Karisa A.
        San Francisco
      • Tom C. Avatar

        5 star rating Picked up car on time in Colorado, delivered it in perfect shape earlier than promised.  Would use them again!

        Tom C.
        Los Angeles
        Katie S. Avatar

        5 star rating Two weeks ago, my biggest concern was how I was going to get my properties moved from San Antonio to... read more

        Katie S.
        San Antonio
        Seger D. Avatar

        5 star rating Dear friends!

        It is a pleasure for me to sharing my experience of one of my most important part of... read more

        Seger D.
        Los Angeles
        Shawn G. Avatar

        5 star rating There's no way about it--landing on (and trusting) a moving company is stressful. That stress is immediately compounded when you... read more

        Shawn G.
        San Francisco
      • Diana T. Avatar

        5 star rating We had tried our best to not overlook any aspect of the move just so we would not have to... read more

        Diana T.
        Heena W. Avatar

        5 star rating Moving is probably the most stressful thing I've ever done. I knew right from the beginning that I wouldn't go... read more

        Heena W.
        Ernesto R. Avatar

        5 star rating From the very beginning of this move the day that an estimator arrived alongside two workers, we knew we were... read more

        Ernesto R.
        San Diego
        Ashwini B. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country movers was amazing!! Had my items moved from San Francisco to Denver and everything arrived in perfect condition.... read more

        Ashwini B.
        San Francisco
      • Ruri I. Avatar

        5 star rating When I was looking for a moving company it was quite hard to select a carrier knowing that I couldn't... read more

        Ruri I.
        San Francisco
        Alex A. Avatar

        5 star rating Sam & his crew helped with my move they did an amazing job where so professional , had no scratches... read more

        Alex A.
        San Diego
        Massiel G. Avatar

        5 star rating AMAZING JOB! Josh was excellent! On time and efficient! LONG DISTANCE MOVERS did outstanding five star moving service!

        Massiel G.
        New York
        Veronica C. Avatar

        5 star rating I finally got accepted to a uni in WA which I've always dreamt to be enrolled to and I felt... read more

        Veronica C.
        San Diego
      • Shushan M. Avatar

        5 star rating When is the last time that you had hired a company in the service sector and had received truly exceptional... read more

        Shushan M.
        Omar L. Avatar

        5 star rating First time user of any moving company and definitely going to use again. On time and solid fast work. Than you

        Omar L.
        Matthew B. Avatar

        5 star rating My brother just moved to San Diego and he needed help with his furniture since he has some heavy items.... read more

        Matthew B.
        San Diego
        Michael O. Avatar

        5 star rating The crew who moved us was totally professional, careful and worked non-stop. No talking, joking, or wasting time during the... read more

        Michael O.
      • Eleanor F. Avatar

        5 star rating I recently moved to a different state and would like to thank Cross Country Movers for their professional service. I... read more

        Eleanor F.
        Masha K. Avatar

        5 star rating How's it going guys of Cross Country Movers! Boy oh boy, I would first and foremost like to begin my... read more

        Masha K.
        Los Angeles
        Courteney H. Avatar

        5 star rating Previously being a part of the restaurant industry, customer service to me is very important. It's what makes a customers... read more

        Courteney H.
        Jenny D. Avatar

        5 star rating Everyone always has an opinion they think just because they hired a company to do one job and they performed... read more

        Jenny D.
      • Jesse R. Avatar

        5 star rating I moved a studio between states on the west coast. Price was as they said it would be, no hidden... read more

        Jesse R.
        San Francisco
        Rick B. Avatar

        5 star rating Worked with Jake for a complicated move with some items shipping from Los Angeles and some shipping from San Francisco... read more

        Rick B.
        San Francisco
        Salvador R. Avatar

        5 star rating I hired cross country movers to help my friend to move from Baltimore to Ny, team came with their truck... read more

        Salvador R.
        Michael R. Avatar

        5 star rating My things were collected and delivered bang on time without any wreckage. Honestly, I was like really confused whether it... read more

        Michael R.
      • Scott P. Avatar

        5 star rating Loved these guys. SUPER friendly and took the time to careful disassemble fragile items that could have been damaged in... read more

        Scott P.
        San Francisco
        Taylor M. Avatar

        5 star rating CCM met all my expectations!

        Big ups to Joe for handling everything with setting up and coordinating the move from... read more

        Taylor M.
        Los Angeles
        Bryan U. Avatar

        5 star rating I am happy to write a very positive review of Cross Country Movers. They provided quality service from start to... read more

        Bryan U.
        Brittany C. Avatar

        5 star rating Could not have imagined that this move would have gone this easy since from the very beginning we had a... read more

        Brittany C.
      • Samantha R. Avatar

        5 star rating Everything was absolutely exceptional! The movers were kind and very careful with all of our fragile furniture.  They moved everything... read more

        Samantha R.
        Hao S. Avatar

        5 star rating These guys were outstanding, they came on time and were working very fast from early morning until late night, will... read more

        Hao S.
        Los Angeles
        Amy F. Avatar

        5 star rating Great experience with Cross Country Movers Atlanta. I reviewed many companies, but chose them. The movers packed some much of... read more

        Amy F.
        Mimo R. Avatar

        5 star rating I called these guys, after  years of do it yourself and trying to save money. I found this to be... read more

        Mimo R.
      • Carl B. Avatar

        5 star rating After getting no satisfaction whatsoever from other transcontinental auto transport companies, I found Cross Country. From my initial contact to... read more

        Carl B.
        Rob B. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country Movers were so great! They went above and beyond for us. We went from San Antonio to Colorado... read more

        Rob B.
        San Antonio
        Jazmin S. Avatar

        5 star rating Looking for a storage facility to keep my belongings till I found a place of my own. I was staying... read more

        Jazmin S.
        N S. Avatar

        5 star rating My sister used Cross Country Movers Boston earlier, so I decided to do the same. She told me they had... read more

        N S.
      • Rebecca W. Avatar

        5 star rating I recently used Cross Country Movers to ship my car across the country. They communicated well with me throughout the... read more

        Rebecca W.
        Quatina B. Avatar

        5 star rating Sean and Michael were very great movers. Worked very quickly and were extremely friendly. Absolutely no damage to furniture and... read more

        Quatina B.
        Aram P. Avatar

        5 star rating Ivan and Tony were absolute professionals and they work so hard!  This company is outstanding the way they managed to... read more

        Aram P.
        New York
        Antonio A. Avatar

        5 star rating The amount of time and effort that was put into this move just reflects how much of a hardworking group... read more

        Antonio A.
      • Rita B. Avatar

        5 star rating I always have trouble with re assembling furniture so that was another huge worry to my already long move. Luckily... read more

        Rita B.
        Chris M. Avatar

        5 star rating I used Cross Country Movers to move from the East Coast to the West Coast. I looked at other options,... read more

        Chris M.
        Redd N MaryAnn A. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country Movers are the best. Nikki Tarroza was my representative and he did a great job coordinating our POV... read more

        Redd N MaryAnn A.
        San Diego
        Khoa V. Avatar

        5 star rating Great movers! Everything was extremely professional and they wrapped my drawers and other large furniture nicely. My brother needed to... read more

        Khoa V.
        San Francisco
      • Marine S. Avatar

        5 star rating After the last time my parents had hired a moving company they had constantly been in doubts about obtaining professional... read more

        Marine S.
        Arturo C. Avatar

        5 star rating Could not have expected this move to have gone any better, the very moment these movers walked into the room... read more

        Arturo C.
        Carol W. Avatar

        5 star rating I have made several calls to all different moving companies and after Cross Country Movers gave me the best rate... read more

        Carol W.
        Ani M. Avatar

        5 star rating A very efficient, reliable, and friendly moving company. They were even able to help me start my move the very... read more

        Ani M.
        San Francisco