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Quick tips on moving electronics

Considering that we’re living in an age of technology, so advanced and intertwined with our daily lives that we can’t imagine them without all our appliances, taking and packing those electronic devices with us is one of the top priorities when it comes to the whole moving process. One should also keep in mind that all kinds of electronics, be it small devices or gaming consoles, are very easily damaged when moved. Which can be quite annoying considering how much we rely on them. If you are working as a freelancer, losing your laptop for a couple of days might mean money lost, same goes if your child’s gaming console gets damaged, they would surely be nonplussed when they found out about it. All these are quite strong reasons why you should read about and know how to pack and protect electronics whether you’re moving a couple of blocks away or moving to a different state.

Getting everything prepared

What you need to do before any other step is get everything organized. Before you go on packing your personal computer or your TV , you should first get everything prepared for the move and for packing. Which means gathering all the manuals for all your devices and reading them for any special packaging instructions.

Creating Back-ups if Possible

Another important step before we start doing any packing, make a copy of any files that you find important and would be really mad at yourself if you lost them. You can use online data storage or memory sticks, whatever you prefer, don’t forget to do it.

Cables and cords

When it comes to disassembling and unplugging devices, you should keep in mind that you’ll have to re-do everything once at your new home. One of the best ways to keep track of everything is taking photos of the items’ before you do it. Another thing you could try out is using same stickers for cables and cords and their appropriate devices.

Safely Packing

You need to minimize the possible damage done to your electronics, which is why you should pad the moving boxes, and wrap your belongings in newspapers or bubble wrap. Don’t forget that newspapers can scratch your screens which is why you should use cardboard for screens.


Consider getting high quality packaging tape, if you cannot find any, you can ask the moving company to provide it for you. Carefully tape up the boxes and try to seal them up completely to keep out dangerous dust.


One of the best way of making your relocation easier is to label everything accordingly, which applies to electronics too. After you’ve labeled everything, make a list of all of the components in the boxes. Though it might be annoying, keep in mind how much it will help when you start unpacking everything.

These are the best tips we could provide and they will hopefully help a lot as they did for us.