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Tips for travelling alone

Sure, travelling alone can seem scary at first, especially if you are prone to having paranoid thoughts which just makes it seem even more daunting. Can you go out at night all alone? Wouldn’t it be weird to be alone at the cinema, the bar or in the park? What if you get robbed or attacked? What if your car breaks down? What if the apocalypse happens on that very day you decided to go travelling on your own? Lots of solo travelers have these same thoughts, but there is also the other side of the coin. All the advantages of travelling alone, traveling on your own terms, having the option of avoiding people if you wish so or socializing even more than usual if you just feel like it. Whatever side of the coin you choose to set your mind to in the end, here are some very useful tips for when you are travelling alone.

Save up and plan

Obviously you need to save up for your trip and plan your budget wisely and keep track of your budget during your travel. You don’t want to end up stranded on your trip, without a dime to your name, having no-one there who can provide you with immediate help.

Adjust to your destination

It is always very difficult when you arrive to a new city, all by yourself. Don’t be afraid to take your time, however much you might need. A day or two of relaxing, unpacking your things, organizing, doesn’t hurt anyone.

Asking for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself lost or unsure where to go. People are generally very friendly and want to help strangers in need, but you should also stay away from suspicious looking folk. Either way, get a nice, big smile on your face and ask away.

Information is key

Study the location you’ll be visiting, from all the attractions you’d like to visit to all the stores that you might find helpful on your travel. It’s also recommended to study the map of your holiday destination, just to get the general sense of what’s where and maybe remember major landmarks, just in case you got lost.

Get to know the locals

Travelling alone doesn’t stop you from making friends and meeting new people. Get to know the locals, try and learn their language and their customs. If you can, frequent the same cafes, markets and shops and people will start to recognize you. You never know who you might meet.

Enjoy yourself

Get to know yourself and learn to appreciate yourself, finding out that you can be enough company just by yourself is never a bad thing. Don’t be afraid to go to a bar, or the cinema or to the beach all by yourself. 

Safety first

Understandably, plenty of people are afraid to even leave their room if they’re alone. But you should always put safety first, as you are alone. Which means, having fun, but in a safe manner. If you’re going out, ask the desk clerk at your place of stay about fun and safe places to visit, maybe leave a note of where you’ve gone and when you should be expected to be back. Goes without saying, that you should keep your valuables safe, as well as keeping your wits about you… no getting drunk!