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Our Texas Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Finding reputable Texas movers is essential for your cross country moving experience. If you want to get to the lone star state of promise and opportunity, where the Far West meets the urban diversity, our cross country moving services and expertise can do you a world of good. The Cross Country Moving Company is proud to have been a part of creating the unique Texan spirit, given to it by the people from the whole nation. Jump on board and see what we can offer.

    Moving to Texas 

    Texas is the second-largest US state by both size and population, and its history and culture are unrivaled. Having been a part of the Spanish Empire and a Mexican territory, it keeps strong ties to the Hispanic heritage (which is visible in place names like San Antonio and San Marcos,) but its identity was also shaped by the waves of European immigrants and Native American settlers. This unusual blend is being redefined further in our time since the place remains one of the most desired US states, with people from all over the world making their home here every year.

    The cause of its popularity lies in numerous factors that give it the edge over other states. Firstly, it is abundant in natural resources such as oil and gas, and it is the largest oil-producing state in the country. And as if this alone doesn’t imply wealth and job prospects galore, it’s also extremely rich in cattle and cotton, being the biggest US producer and contributing to 40% of the state’s overall production. Finally, the former homeland of cowboys and sheriffs is now so diversified that it is also one of the leading national aerospace, military, and health-researching centers

    Texas Is a Fun-Packed Ride

    The economy is quite astonishing here, but that’s not the end of the story. If you want something for the soul, there’s no better place to be in. Regardless of whether you’re a history fan, adrenaline junkie, nature lover, food enthusiast, or something completely hard to put a finger on, the California of the south will inspire and delight you. If you have what it takes, prepare for a duel, and discover the riveting tales of the Far West, cowboys, and a bygone era of the raw fight between men’s ideals and the system. Go one step further and hike in the mountains, which carry their own magnetic appeal, and discover the secret natural wonders of the Rio Grande and the lakes. Find swimming brooks and holes in the summer, and spice it up a bit in the winter by going back in time in Victorian Christmas fairs, watching surfing Santas, or taking part in some of the city-hosted murder solving parties. And, if you want the classics, you’ll still have your hands full with the free time offer of festivals, restaurants, and theme parks. Pretty all-encompassing, right?

    Austin, Dallas, and Houston Are Waiting for You

    The state is home to numerous beautiful small towns, but it is also where the three most popular national cities are. Austin is the largest center of the tech industry, and many multinationals opened their headquarters here, making it appealing for a large number of newcomers. Austin is known for its hip spirit, chill parks, and the love of the outdoors, as well as the vibrant, eclectic musical scene. And, if you’re craving for more Texan adventures, go north, and you’ll reach Dallas, the city where the country’s largest arts district is located and where the annual state fair takes place. And Dallas doesn’t have its laid back attitude as the only trick up its sleeve since it is also regularly at the top of most liveable and diverse places lists due to its strong and stable economy. Finally, if you choose to go east, Houston is a spot not to be missed. The lead in space and health research, Houston is also a melting pot of cultures, and in the words of Anthony Bourdain, as multicultural a city as exists in the country. Discovering immigrant stories from all walks of life here in Houston will help you learn the other urban side of the state.

    Our Texas Moving Company Has All You Need

    If you’re looking for movers Texas who can help you relocate and settle in some of the magnificent Texan places, our spot on moving services will not fall short of your expectations. We serve nearly all US states, and throughout the years, we achieved mastery in all matters connected to long-distance moving.

    We know how hard it is to choose cross country movers out of the sea of numerous bidders promising the best quote, but if you read our reviews on acclaimed sites such as Yelp and TrustPilot, you’ll see we’re so much more than sweet talk. Our team of professionals undergoes special training, and we take great pride in our staff and their capabilities. We know that constant learning, coupled with passion, is the sure way to success, so we invest a lot in human capital. Ultimately, we are all headed toward one goal, and that is to deliver you the best services we can, created to suit your needs and facilitate your relocation process. Take a look at what we can do for you.

    Give Our Packing Services a Go

    If you’re not into packing, why would you stress out? Of course, people who’ve got experience, craft, or time to learn can figure out what is the best way to do it all themselves. But, as usually in life, time goes by faster than we want it to, and relocating is full of responsibilities. So, before you know it, the time to go will come. And trust us, nobody likes last-minute packing and the risk of losing or damaging something.

    Be wise on time and create a household checklist of all the things you’re taking with you. Consider donating and plan what you want to buy in the new state, and leave the rest to experts. We can pack you up quickly, efficiently and safely, and take that aspect completely off your shoulders. And how exactly do our packing services work?

    Our Movers Bring All the Necessary Supplies to Pack Everything Up

    Knowing materials and procedures is a must when it comes to successful packing. That’s why we follow all the latest ideas, and we have perfected our skills so that our cross country movers are prepared to pack everything up, from the largest to the smallest items. Our trained crew has all the boxes and packing supplies needed and knows how to utilize them, so you needn’t worry about that aspect of preparation.

    If you’re scared about the safety of your things, you’ll be pleased to know that our system is designed so that we scan each of your items twice - once upon loading and once when unloading our truck to grant maximum protection to what you entrust us with. Besides that we also take great care with fragile and hard to handle things, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands and fully commit to other responsibilities. Thus, if you opt for full packing, the only thing you should do is give us the list and let us calculate the quote and work our magic.

    We Also Offer Partial Packing Services for Your Relocation

    In case you want us to assist only with a portion of the work, we’ll be there for you. Sometimes, people need a hand solely with tricky items or feel more confident with professionals by their side when it comes to valuables. Whatever is your reason, put your mind at rest because our trained crew has all the necessary equipment and is ready to listen and meet any requirement you may have. The only thing you should know is that we charge our help with packing as partial if our team packs up to 15 boxes, whereas more than that is counted as full service.

    Our Movers Can Also Give You a Hand With Your Car

    Although the state has a good public transportation network, if you want to be completely free and able to roam the state discovering special hidden places, having a car is essential. If you are interested in auto shipping, we can settle it as well as part of your moving across the country. With our reliable professionals, your car will arrive in the Lone Star State safe and sound and just in time. Let us walk you through how we do car shipping.

    Choose From the Best Car Moving Options

    Depending on your preferences, you can choose to ship your car in an open or enclosed trailer. And these two both have advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of open carriers is that they are larger, more available, and thus cheaper, whereas their con is that they don’t protect the vehicle from the elements and road debris. On the other hand, enclosed carriers are safer in terms of maximum protection but less available and significantly more expensive. In case you’re finding it hard to decide what’s best for you don’t hesitate to contact our representatives who’ll give you advice and help you calculate your best service quote.

    The great thing in both cases is that you’ll have vehicle insurance, up to 100K for open carriers and 500K for closed ones. The only thing you should do is take photos of damage if there’s some done to the vehicle previously and let us know if it's functional.

    Picking up Your Car Was Never Easier

    Our long distance movers can drive you the car in front of your new place and the only thing you should do is pick up your keys and enjoy the ride. If you’re in a hurry, this is ideal and quite convenient, though more expensive.

    If on the other hand, you ship multiple cars or would prefer terminal-to-terminal delivery for another reason, we can arrange that too. We’ve got terminals in all major US cities and throughout Texan centers (Austin, Dallas, Houston, and more) as well. Let us know your preference in advance, and we’ll make sure your four-wheeler arrives unscathed and on time.

    Do You Also Need Storage?

    Perhaps you’d like to explore the Lone Star State with no reservations and no strings attached and would like professional help with your belongings. Our clean, heat-controlled, and spacious storage facilities can come in handy in this case.

    Thirty Days Free Storage Service at Your Disposal

    We know how hard it can be to decide everything in advance, which is why we give you a month of a trial period to see where you’re heading and what your future plans are. And, in case you decide to prolong your usage of the service, your designated relocating specialist will help you get the best quote.

    You should know that our five-star service long distance moving company puts in a lot of effort to maintain the highest storage standards. This means that our storage units are surveilled at all times, they’re not public, and exclusively our clients can use them, and everything that we receive gets appropriately labeled. We do know what it means to let other people keep your precious belongings, which is why we try extra hard to keep your trust.

    Insurance Is Crucial

    Long-distance moving, like everything else in life, is sometimes unforeseeable. Despite our best efforts, failures do happen sometimes, and what we try to achieve in those situations is our client’s satisfaction. By no means do we want to disappoint you, which is why we cover all items handled by our crew with basic insurance policies that amount to 0,6 USD per pound of the lost or damaged item. And we highly recommend you take full value replacement, which is more costly but also pays off more in the long run.

    Texas Is One Phone Call Away

    If the Lone Star State inspired you and captured your imagination and you already dream of its forests and big cities, or you have a great job opportunity lined up, it’s time to contact us. Contact us and see firsthand why we’re the best of all moving companies in Texas, and start your journey. Your designated assistant will help you calculate the best quote and from then on you can be certain we’ll do all in our power to make you content.

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        Emily D.
        Brian L. Avatar

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        Brian L.
        David A. Avatar

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        David A.
        San Francisco
        Samantha R. Avatar

        5 star rating Everything was absolutely exceptional! The movers were kind and very careful with all of our fragile furniture.  They moved everything... read more

        Samantha R.
      • Jovana P. Avatar

        5 star rating These guys are really great. If you are looking for highly efficient and trustworthy company make sure to call Cross... read more

        Jovana P.
        New York
        Tom C. Avatar

        5 star rating Picked up car on time in Colorado, delivered it in perfect shape earlier than promised.  Would use them again!

        Tom C.
        Los Angeles
        Barbara S. Avatar

        5 star rating Great staff, reliable and trust worthy. Scott and Sam worked very quickly as well as took very good care of... read more

        Barbara S.
        San Diego
        Jonathan S. Avatar

        5 star rating For the 5 1/2 years or so I have been living in down town Los Angeles with my company, we... read more

        Jonathan S.
        Los Angeles
      • Bryan U. Avatar

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        Bryan U.
        Anthony B. Avatar

        5 star rating Decided to relocate closer to work and a girlfriend of mine who actually works for the same company told me... read more

        Anthony B.
        Alina K. Avatar

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        Alina K.
        Johnny B. Avatar

        5 star rating Could not have expected a better moving experience and we're totally happy with the movers that we were assigned for... read more

        Johnny B.
      • Alan M. Avatar

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        Alan M.
        Las Vegas
        Stacey A. Avatar

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        San Francisco
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        Los Angeles
        Raul L. Avatar

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        Raul L.
        Los Angeles
      • Artem G. Avatar

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        Artem G.
        Suzanne L. Avatar

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        Suzanne L.
        Tatiana B. Avatar

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        Tatiana B.
        New York
        Diana T. Avatar

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        Diana T.
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        Cy W. Avatar

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        New York
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        Mark T. 1/15/2019
        Moises E. Avatar

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        Moises E.
        San Antonio
      • Taylor M. Avatar

        5 star rating CCM met all my expectations!

        Big ups to Joe for handling everything with setting up and coordinating the move from... read more

        Taylor M.
        Los Angeles
        Kim K. Avatar

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        Las Vegas
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        Jennifer C. Avatar

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        Los Angeles
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        San Francisco
        Aimee V. Avatar

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        Aimee V.
        San Diego
      • Anh N. Avatar

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        Hany G. Avatar

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        Tatevik H. Avatar

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        Greg M. Avatar

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        San Francisco
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        Nadia A.
        Santa Barbara
        Carl B. Avatar

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        Los Angeles
        Sarah R. Avatar

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        Sarah R.
        New York
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        Heena W. Avatar

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        Jonathan L. Avatar

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        Jonathan L. 4/10/2019
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        Aziz M.
        Las Vegas
        Raz V. Avatar

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        Raz V.
        San Francisco
        Ernesto R. Avatar

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        New York
        Alina G. Avatar

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        Alina G.
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        San Diego
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