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Steps to successful unpacking

Have you decided that it is time to move because you need change or because of some business proposal? Whatever reason you may have, prepare for some serious organization because long-distance moves aren’t easy. If you decide you need help, hire Cross Country Movers. We are reliable and experienced moving company who has a broad range of services. We will safely transport all your belongings. We can relocate you from no matter the distance or state. Many satisfied customers all over the United States can confirm how professional we are. Since you have to be organized to avoid problems, we have prepared for you some tips that are useful when you come to your new house. You will need a plan because otherwise you will feel lost in all those boxes. Unpacking is the final step of your move, and we know how eager you are to finish everything and by following these steps you can do it efficiently. 

Make a list:

We suggest you make a list of boxes. Besides labeling it, put a number and write down what is in each box. This does not mean you should write every single item that is in the box; there is no need to do that, just write for example “bathroom and cosmetics,” “jackets and hats,” “makeup”, etc. Short inventory list can be really helpful.
Happy young couple unpacking cardboard boxes shipped by long distance household moving company

Box with essentials: 

This will be the first box you will unload. It should contain everything you need for the first couple of days until you finish unpacking completely.


You should start with the kitchen. If you have some major kitchen appliances, hook them up first. Then take out larger pots and pans. Don’t concentrate on details that much, just make sure everything is out of boxes and in the new kitchen. Decoration and further organization can wait.


Ask your family members to help you with organizing bedroom. Each member can put linens in their rooms. If you packed clothes neatly, you will not have problems with unpacking and putting them in the closet. 


 If you have some large pieces of furniture that should be assembled, you can ask your movers to help you. It will be easy to arrange furniture if you have already measured and organized everything ahead. Start with your living room and finish with your backyard. If you have lawn mower or bicycles, put them in a garage immediately since they take up much space.


After you unpack the last box and finish with every room, then you can pay attention to detail. Hang some family photos to make your new house homier. Put some flowers in a vase, hang new curtains and cover a dining table and small tables with some colorful tablecloths.
No matter how difficult the moving process seems, with a proper help it can be over quickly and efficiently. Call Cross Country Movers now to schedule the date of your move.