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Cross Country Moving Company Moving and Storage Services

Our main goal at Cross Country Moving Company is to help our clients have a safe and relaxed relocation to another state when purchasing moving and storage services from us. We’re here to help out in every situation, even if you’re not ready to pick up your belongings once you move. You can be sure that using our high-end facilities will always be an option should you require it, even if you need it for an extended period of time. The first month is always free, and we offer so much more.

Cross Country Moving Company Offers the Best Moving and Storage Services

When hiring a five-star moving company, you can rest assured that everything will be done professionally. Your state-to-state relocation is our specialty, and we tend to be of the utmost help so you can have the best possible experience without any stress. The same applies to our warehouse services – if you decide to leave your things with us, they will be delivered to you in the same condition that we picked them up.

We like to do business transparently. Once you contact us, one of our professional relocation specialists will become your dedicated sales representative and will provide you with a free quote. They will explain every step of the way and answer all the questions you may have.

What You Need to Know About Our Storage Facilities

Every company’s warehouse services are different in terms and conditions. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when deciding to store your things with us:

  • Our facility isn’t public, and only our clients who are relocating with us will have them available for their belongings.
  • We can store your personal things on both pick-up and delivery locations.
  • One month of using a warehouse is free. In case you want us to store your shipment for longer than that, we will safeguard it until you let us know about your first available delivery date.
  • The price after one month is calculated based on the size of the move, so if you have a large move, we will offer you a better price.
  • If you want to store your items with us even for a year, know that we also offer long-term storage.
  • Short term storage is also an option. You can even store your stuff only for a night if you want.
  • This is not a standard unit – clients can’t come whenever and take their stuff. Because of security reasons, our facilities are in lockdown – other people’s goods are also inside, and we must be sure that everyone’s things are safe at all times.
  • The warehouse is climate controlled, which means that the temperature inside of the unit will be the same, no matter the weather outside.
  • Every unit has video surveillance and security cameras.
  • Every furniture piece and box that the movers take inside must have a bar code label, and every single thing must be checked in when entering and checked out when leaving the unit so that we can be sure that everything is accounted for.
  • Your things will be separated from all other people’s belongings, so there will be no mixing up or missing items.
  • The space in which we keep customers’ belongings is clean and sanitized every day.
  • Storing items in our facility will save you from extra work. If you choose us, we’ll do everything, so there will be no need to rent a public warehouse and hire a local relocation business to move everything to your new place.
  • Our professional crew will disassemble and reassemble all of your furniture, pack and move them, and place them in the warehouse. The same team does all of the work, so they will know how to handle the furniture, and nothing will be at the risk of damage.

When We Recommend Using Storage Services

We know that your everyday job can take up a huge part of your time and that it’s sometimes hard to fit everything in a tight schedule. It may happen that you only have a specific date open for moving, but also have important things to take care of in the meantime. That would mean that you can’t receive your shipment the same day you arrive at your new home, so don’t hesitate to call and notify us since we offer high-end storage facilities. A warehouse can be extremely useful in situations with hectic schedules. Just let us know the date when you can receive your items, and we’ll arrange for your shipment to be delivered. We recommend using our warehouse in some of the following scenarios:

  • If you’re doing renovations in your new place and want to finish everything before your things arrive;
  • If you don’t know where exactly you are relocating to, or you haven’t bought or rented a place yet;
  • If you’re doing a partial move and you wish for some pieces of furniture to go directly to the delivery location and some to stay with us;
  • If you wish to travel before you move to another state in a new home, and you don’t want to pay the lease for the new place until you arrive;
  • If you wish to make a cross country trip and visit the states you haven’t instead of flying to your new destination, your stuff can wait in our warehouse until you let us know when to ship them;
  • If some kind of unfortunate event happens with the purchase of your home and your plans change.

We’re a Local Company That Provides Long-Distance Moves

We have facilities in almost every major city across the US mainland, so you can call us a local company since we’re always near you. We’ll be more than glad to help out with any type of state-to-state relocation – we can move your household items, vehicles, office, and storages. Whatever your situation is, we can meet your needs.

If You’re Looking for Someone Local, Consider Cross Country Moving Company

Working with us means working with a highly-rated business that’s one of the best on the market right now. Check out our rates on Yelp and Facebook and see how many people were satisfied with our services. You don’t have to believe us, let our previous and returning customers assure you that you will be doing business with someone who will meet your standards.

We are a big business with a busy schedule, so it might happen that we can’t accommodate a move on the exact date that you had in mind. It’s best to contact us at least a month in advance to make sure that there is an available spot that you can book.

What Are the Pros of Working With Us

There are so many benefits when hiring a reliable business. The biggest pro is that we are not brokers like many other companies in the industry- we have our own trucks, storage units, and employees.

All of your business with us is safe from scams because we are licensed and insured. We have general liability insurance, so you will be working with a reliable and trustworthy business with credibility.

With Cross Country Moving Company, you’ll know exactly how much everything will cost. We base our prices on the inventory list, which gives you full control over the price. Because of that, we also offer all-inclusive and guaranteed prices for everyone who knows the exact list of the items they wish to relocate. All of that is free – contact us via our website or call us for a free quote. We can even do a video estimate of your home or an on-site evaluation and provide you with a guaranteed price.

Our movers are a team of experienced professionals. They are fully equipped and well trained for any kind and any size of the move. They will make sure that everything is done right.

We provide our customers with 200ft free of long carry, which is the distance between our truck and the entrance that our movers need to cross on foot. Also, one flight of stairs is free at each end.

We like to offer a full package, so we also offer a lot of options when it comes to packing – you can choose between the standard service when our movers pack just the bigger items and full packing service when our movers pack every small item that you want to be relocated. We also provide custom-made crates for delicate items of all sizes.

All of our moves include the standard minimum liability coverage for your entire shipment of $0.60 per lb. However, we do offer premium insurance coverage, which we recommend using if you have high-value pieces – it’s an important and smart investment for your valuables. It covers every item that our movers pack. If you plan on relocating some expensive pieces, this would be a great pro.

One more of our specialties is auto transport so that you can ship your vehicle with us in an open or enclosed trailer. In case you wish to ship your car and your household goods, we can offer you a bundle deal.

Pick Cross Country Moving Company and Have a Relaxed Relocation

Choosing a relocation professional may be tricky and challenging because of the many options and the big competition. How immense the relocation industry is can be quite overwhelming. If you decide to go with us, you can be sure that you’ll have someone to help you with this nerve-racking situation. We know how important it is to have assistance in these times, so we give our best to be that for our customers. As professionals, we can confirm that this is a tense process for the majority, and that is why we pay attention to every detail and primarily – to your satisfaction.

You Can Always Trust Us With Your Belongings

Here at Cross Country Moving Company, we like to build a relationship with our customers based on mutual respect and trust. Should you have any questions or special requirements, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll be glad to assist you. We will give our best to relieve you of stress and provide you with the best possible service. Choosing to leave your belongings in our storage is a great decision. You won’t have to worry about their safety nor their condition. Once you decide that you want to receive your things, they will be checked out and on their way to your new home.