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    Cross Country Moving Company’s Guide to San Francisco

    Are you thinking about moving to another state? If so, choosing the right place to call your home can be tricky. There are many things to take into consideration, such as the cost of living, the weather, job opportunities, crime rates, and your personal preferences.

    If you are considering moving cross country, but are unsure where to move, Cross Country Moving Company has a suggestion – San Francisco! A little less than a million people call San Francisco their home, and soon enough, you could be doing the same. Read on to find out why you should move to the City by the Bay.

    The People of San Francisco

    San Francisco is the second most densely populated big city in America, right after New York. A little over 850,000 people reside the city. The population of San Francisco is quite diverse. A little less than half of the people who reside here are white, one third is Asian, while African Americans make up for about 6 per cent of the population. The language that you will hear the most often in the streets of San Francisco is, naturally, English. However, don’t be surprised if you start hearing different varieties of Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog, or Russian, as almost half the population has a mother tongue that is not English.More than sixty percent of San Antonio’s population were born in another state, or even country, and then moved here. All those people can’t be wrong.

    The Neighborhoods of San Francisco

    Despite its size, San Francisco has countless neighborhoods. Choosing the right one for yourself can be a demanding task. For this reason, we at Cross Country Moving Company have decided to shortlist some of the neighborhoods we deemed most livable. Without further ado, here are the best neighborhoods in San Francisco:
    - Bayview. This neighborhood is well-connected by the light rail, which means that you don’t necessarily need a car to live here. It was considered a very poverty-stricken neighborhood until recently, but it is certainly growing and improving. However, costs of living are still relatively low.
    - Bernal Heights. This area is mostly populated by couples and families with children, artists, and first-time homeowners. It is also one of the more popular neighborhoods in the lesbian community. It is not the best connected part of the city when it comes to public transport, so owning a car here might be smart. If you wish to transport your vehicle to San Francisco, Cross
    Country Moving Company offers both regular and enclosed auto transport. For more information, contact our representatives.
    - The Castro. This neighborhood is known as the “gay mecca”. While it is very attractive to tourists, some of its parts are still pretty quiet and comfortable. It is not exactly the cheapest neighborhood, but it has a very well developed public transit system.
    - Cole Valley. A very family-oriented neighborhood, this one is perfect for people with young children or dogs. It has a developed network of public transportation, as well as a wide variety of options for dining out. It is not quite cheap, but has all the amenities you might need.

    - Cow Hollow. This neighborhood is mostly populated by young professionals and families with children. It has a developed public transit system, but owning a car might be a smart idea nevertheless. It has plentiful opportunities for biking and other activities.
    - Duboce Triangle. If you own a dog, this neighborhood is the place for you. Its numerous dog-parks attract dog lovers and dog owners from all over the city. It does not have a wild nightlife scene, which makes it perfect for those who like peace and quiet.
    - Excelsior. This is probably one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in San Fran and is mostly populated by families. The costs of living are well below the city’s average. It offers a number of Asian and Mexican restaurants, as well as local businesses. However, owning a car in this neighborhood is a must.
    - Glen Park. This neighborhood is perfect for those who despise loud, rowdy crowds of tourists. It is mostly populated by families and professionals. The costs of living here are not too high, and not too low. A median one-bedroom home rents for around $2,800 a month. It offers a handful of options for dining out. While a car is not a necessity here, it sure would come in handy.

    - The Marina. One of the more luxurious, fancy neighborhoods. It is mostly populated by young professionals, as well as sororities and fraternities. It has a bustling nightlife and is close to the water (hence the name). It is also very well connected by public transit.
    - North Beach. If you want to feel like a true San Franciscan, this is the place for you. It is home to Italian Americans and it used to be the gathering place for beatniks back in the sixties. It is a loud and bustling neighborhood with a traditional appeal to it. It is not exactly the easiest place to commute through, so owning a car might be a good idea.
    Now that you know a little more about San Francisco, it is time to start packing your moving boxes. Or better yet, call Cross Country Moving Company and let our professional packers do the work. All you have to do is sit back and watch as the moving truck gets loaded. For more moving tips, as well as information on our other services, such as storage and providing moving supplies, contact our representatives.

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