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Our Sacramento Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Sacramento Cross Country Movers
    Sacramento Cross Country Movers is one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable us to offer the best moving and packaging services to our customers.
    Cross Country Mover

    Affordable Long Distance Moving

    Moving costs depends on the size of your move, and where you are moving to or from. We will provide you with an affordable flat price based on your exact inventory, with no hidden charges.
    Cross Country Packing

    Packing & Storage

    Even though our movers are big and strong, they are trained to pack everything with care and skill. Our professional movers will pack and transport all your items safely – whether they be dishes, chairs, expensive gadgets, artwork or other fragile items!
    Cross Country Auto Shipping

    Auto Shipping

    Driving a new or classy car over long distances is stressful. We know this, that's why you should leave the stress to us. Cross Country Moving Company offers professional auto shipping services so that your car is protected throughout the trip.

    What Customers Say About Our Sacramento Cross Country Movers

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      Chastity A.
      Michael O. Avatar

      5 star rating The crew who moved us was totally professional, careful and worked non-stop. No talking, joking, or wasting time during the... read more

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    • Junior M. Avatar

      5 star rating Lets Start Off By Probably The BEST Movers In This Business !

      I Moved From SF To LA On Short... read more

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      Melani F. Avatar

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      Jeff T.
      Joe B. Avatar

      5 star rating After getting into contact with these movers we were definitely much more relieved about this entire situation, it had eliminated... read more

      Joe B.
      Alina K. Avatar

      5 star rating I am very thankful to this company. They helped me and made my life easier since I don't have much... read more

      Alina K.

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure
    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
    Knowledgeable Customer Service
    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!
    Flat Price, No Hidden Fees
    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
    Easy, Fast Booking
    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms. 

    Moving from Sacramento with Sacramento Cross Country Movers

    There is a legend that says that when Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish explorer, discovered the area that is now Sacramento back in 1808, he found it so beautiful that he exclaimed in awe: “It is like the Blessed Sacrament”, and thus the City of Trees got its name.

    Today, Sacramento is the capital city of the state of California and the Sacramento County. It lies on the Sacramento and American Rivers and is home to more than two million people (along with the whole metropolitan area).

    If you are considering moving to Sacramento, rest assured that there is nothing to be apprehensive about. Sacramento is a great city to live in. Unless, of course, you hate vacations. 

    Cross Country Movers – Sacramento Car Shipping

    Drowing of a car loaded on a truck for shipping purposes by Cleveland Cross Country Moving Company
    Are you looking for high-quality car shipping services in that can help you with your move from Sacramento? If so, then look no further as we at Cross Country Movers are are here for you. We will do our best to provide you with professional and affordable auto transport services. Cross Country Movers hire only experienced and trained professionals which means that you can rest easy knowing that your car is in safe hands with us. We know that you value your car which is why we will do everything we can to take care of it. Our professional movers will deliver your car to your new home in good shape. Continue reading to learn more about our nationwide car shipping services.

    Auto Shipping – Transport Your Car

    With Cross Country Movers, shipping your car to and from anywhere in the US is quick and easy. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will handle the rest. Our customer support representatives will provide you with all the information you will need, along with an auto transport price quote. After that, all you have to do is schedule a shipping date. We can pick up your car directly from your home if the streets in your neighborhood are not spacious enough, the pickup will take place at the nearest convenient parking lot. Throughout the auto transport process, you will be able to check on the location of your vehicle via text. A day before the delivery of your car, we will call you and settle the charge for the car shipping service. There will be no cash handling upon delivery, which makes the entire car shipping process a lot more quick and safe. We also do not ask for a deposit. Remember that moving companies that ask for deposits are usually not shipping companies, but brokers. 

    No matter where you are shipping your car from, you can count on us to provide you with the car shipping services you are looking for. We can help you to ship your car to and from anywhere in the United States. Whether you are shipping your car from or to LA, Dallas, Seattle, New York or any other city in the nation, we at Cross Country Movers are at your disposal. Shipping a car across the US has never been so easy to manage. Additionally, if you schedule your house move with us, you will also be provided with a discount on our car shipping services.
    Red Audi ready to be shipped with Sacramento Cross Country Moving Company

    The Auto Transport Process

    The long-distance auto transport process is made up of several steps. For clients, this process can be broken down into several parts:
    STEP 1:
    Finding the best car shipping company:
    You might need the help of a good car shipping company to help ensure that your car is delivered to your new house in perfect condition.
    STEP 2:
    Receiving an auto transport moving quote:
    Knowing what your car shipping will cost is going to make budget planning a lot easier. So ask your moving company for a precise cost estimate as soon as you can.
    STEP 3:
    Schedule the auto transport date:
    If you are happy with the general conditions, you can book an exact time for the company to pick up your car. After that, your only task is to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Keep on reading to find out how.

    Preparing the Car for Auto Shipping

    Before Cross Country Movers pick up your car, it is essential to make sure that your car is adequately prepared for the auto transport process. There are a few precautionary steps that you should take to make sure that your car is ready.
    Washing the car before shipping with Sacramento Cross Country Moving Company
    Wash the car
    Your first step should be to wash your car thoroughly. This way it will be much easier to find any pre-existing damage on your car while it is being cleaned and after it is clean.
    Record all pre-existing damage
    If you find any scratches or dents on your vehicle? Write them down and take pictures. This will let you know the condition of your car and will make it easier to spot any new scratches on your car after it is delivered if there are any.
    Remove your belongings
    You remove all of your personal possessions and valuables from the car before handing it over for shipping. A car shipping company can not be held responsible for any money, jewelry, or other valuables that you leave in your car.
    Disable your car alarm
    Your car alarm can make the auto transport process much more difficult and time-consuming if it goes off. There is a chance that your alarm will detect our equipment as a potential threat, so disable it before your car is picked up.
    Perform a checkup
    The last step of this process is to run maintenance on your car and make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your vehicle. Take your car and get it thoroughly checked out. If there are any significant problems, make sure that you repair them before the car shipping date.

    Car Transport FAQ

    If you are planning to ship your car to another state with us, there is a chance that you still have questions about the car shipping process. For this reason, we have prepared a short list of the most frequently asked questions for you.
    Frequently asked questions about Sacramento Cross Country Moving
    How much does it cost to ship a car?
    The cost of shipping a car to another state depends on several factors. The distance between the two locations is the most crucial aspect when it comes to calculating the cost. Other factors include the type and condition of your vehicle, the kind of shipping services you want to use, etc.
    How long will the car shipping process take?
    The time between when we pick up your car and the day it's delivered is one more thing that depends on several factors. Again, distance traveled being the most significant one. Lousy weather and road work might also make the process longer.
    What are the best auto transport services?
    No car shipping service is superior to the rest. Each of our services are good at what they do and fulfill different roles. The best services for you will largely depend on what you want us to help you move, along with your preferences and budget. With these in mind, you will be given the choice of a variety of auto carriers which offer different kinds of protection and come at different prices.
    Give us a call if you have any questions, and our Cross Country Movers customer support services will make sure that you have all the information you require. They will happily answer all of your questions and provide you with an auto transport estimate. Call today, and we are looking forward to helping you move. 

    About Sacramento

    The Mixture of Old and New

    Sacramento has a long and rich history. The whole city is a reminder of its past, with beautiful old-style buildings and monuments. There is the Lady Adams Building, which was built as an import house for German traders back in 1852. It is, in fact, the only building which survived the fire of that year. It was renovated in 1865, and remains the same since then. Another great historical trademark of Sacramento is the Sutter’s Fort, where you can learn all about the city’s history.

    The Climate

    Are you tired of shoveling show, shivering in your car, stuck in a rush hour on your way to work, sneezing, coughing, and having a runny nose? If so, call Cross Country Moving Company right away, because you are moving to Sacramento! Sacramento has hot, dry summers with a gentle breeze, while Sacramento winters are mild and relatively dry as well.

    The Cost of Living

    If you are considering moving to Sacramento, but remain unsure about the costs of living in your future home, worry no more. Living in Sacramento is far cheaper than living in other areas in California. Not only are the houses cheaper (less than $300,000 for an average house), but utilities cost less as well.

    The Jobs

    Are you moving to Sacramento because you got a job here? If so, you don’t have to worry about finding employment. However, if moving to Sacramento was your own decision, you are likely to have to look for a job. Cross Country Moving Company has good news for you. Sacramento has an unemployment rate as low as six per cent! Whether you are a professional in the field of economy, education, technology, or even aerospace, you are bound to find a job that fits you perfectly.

    The Great Outdoors

    Since Sacramento is a city that turns your life into a vacation, it is only understandable that it has vast opportunities for outdoor activities to offer. Whether you enjoy biking, jogging, hiking, or simply walking, Sacramento is the place for you. If you are planning on exploring the city on a bike after your relocation, plan the perfect route for your two-wheeled adventure. If you are more into water activities, there are plenty of boat tours and watersports to choose from. Sailing, cruising, fishing, paddling, you name it – we’ve got it.

    The Education System

    When moving to another state with your family, one of the greatest concerns is the future of your children – namely, their education. If this is the case with you, we have good news – Sacramento offers some of the best elementary, middle, and high schools in the states, as well as great universities. Learn more about Sacramento schools.

    Sacramento is home to California State University Sacramento, whose alumni include the likes of Tom Hanks, Creed Bratton, and others.

    The Culture

    Not only is Sacramento a mixture of old and new, it is a mixture of a number of different cultures as well. Whether you are black, white, Native American, Asian, Hispanic, or even multiracial, you are bound to feel at home in Sacramento. It is a city of great diversity and it prides itself in it. This diversity has had a great impact on the city’s art and culture scene. earn more about Sacramento’s culture.

    The Healthcare

    One of the most important criteria when moving across country should definitely be the healthcare system. All other amenities are deemed worthless if you don’t have a doctor nearby when you need one. One of the perks of living in Sacramento, California, is most definitely its health care. UC Davis Medical Center has been named one of the best hospitals in the country. It specializes in 150 fields of medicine, assuring that you get exactly the kind of help you need. Learn more about Sacramento’s ambulance services.

    The Food

    Moving to another state is a tedious task. Once you get it over with, you will probably be starving from all the work. Good news - Sacramento has a bunch of great restaurants. Some of the best ones are:

    • Mulvaney’s B&L- the best of American cuisine made from locally grown produce.
    • Biba - traditional Italian food: soups, pastas, seafood, and salads.
    • Midtown Paragary’s - a breathtaking interior and seasonal pan american cuisine
    • Freeport Bakery - probably the most delicious desserts in the whole city.

    For more options for dining out in Sacramento, we encourage you to go out, explore the city, and find the perfect place for yourself.We could go on and on about the City of the Trees. However, since reading about it is not nearly as good as experiencing it first-hand, we encourage you to take off on an adventure and discover all the perks of Sacramento on your own.

    Need Sacramento Movers?

     If so, contact Cross Country Moving Company. Our representatives will provide you with the best moving price estimates and additional moving tips. If you need help packing your belongings, we offer professional packing services as well. In addition, if you are planning on relocating your vehicle to Sacramento as well, Cross Country Moving Company is a licensed auto transport service provider. Call our representatives to get the best car shipping quotes in the country. 

    Sacramento Cross Country Movers

    Sacramento Cross Country Movers Review


    They were able to provide advice regarding every aspect of the move!

    I moved to a new apartment in Marina del Rey, CA from Seattle, WA. If you have never dealt with state to state move, it’s definitely a challenge. It was great to have help of guys from Cross Country by your side. They all proved themselves as great professionals who were able to provide advice regarding every aspect of the move! I enjoyed our interaction a lot, even considering the fact of moving being stressful. One of the reps called after the delivery was made and asked how everything went. Definitely couldn’t complain!

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