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Moving from Richmond, Virginia to Saint Louis Missouri with Cross Country Richmond Movers

So you have decided to move to Saint Louis and are already going through your checklist, hiring Richmond movers and packing boxes, or are you still thinking about moving here or about hiring professional long distance movers to help you with your relocation? Either way, we at Cross Country Movers have decided to put together some information that should help you with your move.
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Living in the Midwest

While some of the stereotypes about the Midwest are true, and you will see people wearing cowboy hats and driving pickup trucks, this isn’t all that the Midwest has to offer. People here are extremely nice. This is not to say that people on the coasts aren’t nice, it’s just that they are even nicer here. According to Time’s mood map here in the Midwest we’re pretty friendly and conventional. The Midwest is the kind of place where you stop and talk to your neighbors and where strangers help you dig your car out of a snowdrift. Sure it will be weird the first time someone engages in a conversation with you in a line in a supermarket, or when a total stranger asks you about your day just because you glanced over him while he was passing by, but once you get used to it, the Midwesterners will become like another family to you. Another perk of living here is that people work to have a life and a family, and not the other way around. Nobody expects you to work 10-hour shifts like in the other parts of the country.
And of course we can’t talk about the Midwest without mentioning that tailgating is a lifestyle here. The majority of locals are big time sports fans, and even those who don’t like sports will sometimes go tailgating. For a Midwesterner there is nothing like firing up the grill and having a beer with other sports fans in a stadium parking lot.

Saint Louis

St. Louis is a beautiful mid-sized city to live in. You’ll find that it is big enough to offer the advantages that big cities have, like variety of bars and restaurants, museums, parks, shopping malls, and yet small enough not to have most of the problems big cities suffer from, like traffic jams and expensive housing.

The weather

Most locals would tell you that their favorite thing about the weather in St. Louis is that there are four distinct seasons. Summers in St. Louis can get hot and humid, but that isn’t too big of a problem, since there are plenty rivers, lakes and parks within the driving distance to take trips to. On the other hand, the winters are relatively cold and snowy. While some find them magical, others don’t like them because of low temperatures. If you are not the biggest fan of snow, don’t worry - you will find that the city has a lot indoor winter activities to offer to those sensitive to cold.


There are 135 public and 333 private elementary, middle and high schools in St. Louis, thirteen of which are recognized on U.S. News & World Report's Best High Schools rankings St. Louis also has a couple of excellent universities: Saint Louis University, Webster University, Washington University, a top 20 private university with its world class School of Medicine that was ranked among top 10 best medical schools by U.S. News and more.


The Midwest and indeed St. Louis got hit pretty hard during the recession. However, the city has managed to bounce back since and it is bound to only get better. Health care is the dominant employment sector, followed by technology and industry. You can check out some more employment statistics for St. Louis here.

The food

The foodie culture is in expanse and when you pack for your move, you should definitely pack your appetite too. If you think that top-level chefs are opening restaurants only in big cities, think again. Since the market isn't overcrowded and the competition isn’t fierce, some well-established chefs are starting to open restaurants here. Another important thing to mention is that St. Louis has some local foods unique to the area. Make sure you try the gooey butter cake, an authentic St. Louis pastry, or toasted ravioli, both of which can be found all over the city. It also has its own style of pizza with thin crispy crust made without yeast and melted provel cheese. If you are interested in trying this style of pizza, we recommend visiting the place that made it famous - Imo’s pizza. Here are some other restaurants in St. Louis you might find interesting:
- Adam’s Smokehouse serves all things smoked. If you are craving a good barbeque, head here.
- Anthonino’s Taverna is a family-owned restaurant that offers a mixture of Italian and Greek cuisine - quite unique.
- Basso is a hip-rustic restaurant located in a basement (just like its name suggests). Make sure you try the vampire slayer’s pizza.
- BaiKu Sushi Lounge is the perfect place for all japanese cuisine lovers.
- Half & Half serves delicious desserts, perfect for rounding up your “Welcome to St. Louis” meal.

You will need a car

Whether you move to the city downtown or the suburbs, everything will be a short drive away. While there tends to be more traffic during the rush hour, for the most part you can get anywhere in the Saint Louis county within 20 minutes. Because of this, the public transportation system isn’t very developed.
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Places to go and things to see

St. Louis is home to countless parks, trails, biking paths and lakes. The most famous park inside the city is definitely the Forest Park. Voted one of the America’s Coolest City Parks by Travel+Leisure, it is twice the size of New Yorks Central Park and in it you will find a few museums (some of which are free), the Muny, an outdoor musical theatre, and the Saint Louis Zoo which is also free and was chosen as the No.1 free attraction in the United States by USA Today. And, of course, you can’t come to Saint Louis and not visit the Arch, the world’s tallest national monument, built to represent the gateway to the west. It might not look like it, but if you’re not claustrophobic you can ride an elevator to the top and enjoy the magnificent view. While you’re there, you can also visit the old courthouse, a beautiful 19th century building in which the famous Dred Scott's slavery case, that was one of the seeds for the civil war, was held.
If you want to go out of the city and into nature you can always visit Weldon Spring Conservation Area, Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park, or Lake of the Ozarks which many people enjoy.
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