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Moving from Redmond, Washington to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Redmond Cross Country Movers

Are you thinking about leaving your current place of residence? Do you think you should move to another state? If you have come to this point in your life, it is important that you are aware of the fact that you are about to take a huge step, so you need to start planning it on time and you need professional Redmond cross country movers by your side. If you have got tired of Redmond, Washington and you feel the need to live in a bigger city which has more to offer, the first thing that you need to do is choose the state and the city that you believe could meet your needs. Have you already done that? Is Philadelphia your kind of a city? If so, you have made an excellent choice.
We believe you have already done some research about the city and you have good reasons for choosing it, but we still believe it is our duty to tell you a little bit more about it. But, before we do that, we have to mention the relocation process alone. Moving to another state is quite a complicated and time-consuming process, so you should know you can’t possibly complete it without professional assistance. But, don’t worry, that’s why we are here! Cross Country Moving Company offers you a wide range of services to make your relocation process as easy as possible. We have years and years of experience in the business, so we know what it takes to move from one state to another. Some of the moving services we provide you with include the following:
When it comes to auto transport, we offer several car moving options for you to choose from, including regular and express car shipping, open and enclosed trailers, and door to door and terminal to terminal delivery.
We will be more than glad to give you some useful moving and packing tips, as well – all you need to do is give us a call. We are at your disposal anytime you need us, so feel free to call us and ask for whatever additional information. We will explain everything in detail before you are completely sure about your decision to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even though you must be excited about this decision, you are probably a little bit worried, too, so it is of utmost importance that you have a long distance moving company that you can rely on. For that reason, choosing Cross Country Moving Company is the best you can do. And even if you ever need us to move you from some other city, that won’t be a problem, so call us in case you need reliable Seattle movers.
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Now, as promised earlier, we will tell you something about Philadelphia. After all, you will call this place home soon, so it’s crucial that you learn a little bit more about it.

About Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is the largest city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. With more than 1,567,000 people calling it home, it is not only the largest city in Pennsylvania but also the sixth-most populous one in the country. It is considered both economic and cultural center of Delaware Valley and a top international study destination, which makes it also the educational hub in the region.

William Penn, an English Quaker, founded Philadelphia in 1682 and it was the very same year that the city was set to serve as the capital of Pennsylvania. During the 18th century, it was also made a temporary capital of the United States, but that lasted just while Washington was under construction. Then in the 19th century, Philadelphia grew to be one of the major railroad and industrial centers in the region. Today, the most developed sectors of its economy include manufacturing, telecommunications, oil refining, tourism, higher education, etc. If you want to read more about the economy of Philadelphia, click here.

The People of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As previously mentioned, Philadelphia is a highly populated city, so it might take you some time to get used to this since you are coming from a city which counts around 60,000 residents. When it comes to the racial composition of the population, according to the latest estimates, the number of white residents is still the highest (45.3%). The number of African Americans is far from negligible, too, as they account for 43.6% of the overall number of people living there, while Asians make up only around 6% of the population.

As for languages, English is, of course, the dominant language, but you should know that nearly 10% of the residents speak Spanish as their primary language. The vast majority of people living in Philadelphia are religious, with Christians being the most numerous, while 24% of the citizens claim no religious affiliation.

The Weather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When you decide to move to another state, you need to think about its climate, as it might be quite different from the climate of your current city. When moving from Redmond to Philadelphia, you should know that the summers in Philadelphia are hotter and winters are cooler than you’re used to. Philadelphia experiences a humid subtropical climate, so its summers are usually hot and muggy, while winters are not just cool and rainy like in Redmond, but cold and with moderate snowfalls. But, this does not mean that you’ll have to put up with some extremely high/low temperatures, they are just a little bit more extreme than in Redmond. January is the coldest month of the year, while July is the hottest month. Springs and autumns are normally mild and pleasant.

What to Visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with so much to offer, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy various attractions all around the city once you move there. If you have already started thinking about interesting places your future home boasts and you’d like to rough out a plan for your first tour around it, check the following list of a couple of must-visit places in Philadelphia that we believe should be on your list.

- Philadelphia Museum of Art 
- Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University 
- Philadelphia Zoo 
- African American Museum in Philadelphia 
- Liberty Bell 
- Independence National Historical Park
- Peddler’s Village 

If you enjoy outdoor activities and you want to learn which ones there are in Philadelphia, follow this link.

Do you think it’s time you did something about your move to Philadelphia? If so, don’t waste your time in the city that no longer gives you what you need, but contact Cross Country Moving Company to get your relocation process started. Give us a call and schedule your moving day and we’ll take care of planning your relocation to this amazing city. 

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Cross Country Long Distance Movers are one of the top rated moving companies in the United States. If you are relocating from or to Redmond and are looking for reliable relocation services, then our Redmond Cross Country Moving services are here to meet your needs. We have an exceptional reputation for providing the best services possible and aim to give you a stress-free, safe and impeccable move.
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We know how stressful driving long distances can be, whether it is for relocation purposes or other reasons. That is why we offer the best professional auto shipping services. With us, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe throughout its trip.
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We offer affordable cross country moving prices that depend on several factors. These include the size of your home or business, the number of items being moved, and the location of your destination. With Redmond Cross Country Movers, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees and charges. We will provide you with a flat price estimate depending on your exact inventory.
Our movers have been trained to pack items professionally and efficiently. We use high-quality moving boxes and other types of customized containers to ensure that all your belongings are fully protected. Whether it is your dishes, chairs, gadgets, or artwork that you need packed, our professional packers can do it. 
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