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Prepare your children for moving

Moving is a tough decision, and it can be very life changing. It took you long enough to think whether it was the right step or not and now you are finally here. The decision is made, the preparations should begin, but it is not that easy. However, it should be! It is the fact that this vital decision affects not only your life but the life of your family. Children can find it extremely difficult to change their home, their school, to leave their peers behind. What you can do is hire our Cross Country Movers team of experts to help you with the tedious tasks such as packing and unpacking. We are here to make sure your items are safe and secure, wrapped and packed correctly. We can even offer a service of car shipping so that you can focus on more important things. One of those things is to prepare your children for moving process.

Plan a goodbye party: 

It is never easy to say goodbye and especially not when you are a kid. Give your children the opportunity to hang out with their friends before they move so they can invite school friends, neighbor friends, and sports club friends – anyone who is important enough to them. 
Prepare your children for moving

Make them familiar with their new home: 

Show your children pictures and videos showing the new space that they are going to spend their time in. Show them the rooms around the house or apartment so that they do not have a fear of the unknown once they arrive.

Keep them busy: 

include your children in the moving process, let them have a say about the new home wallpapers or the living room sofa color. Let them express their wishes regarding their new rooms. They will appreciate it, and it will make them busy and distracted.

Plan ahead: 

You know your kid better than anyone else. Therefore, you are able to predict some reactions and behaviors that might arise from the moving process. Make sure to always be one step ahead.

Do not throw away memories: 

Your child has a right to be sentimental as well. Make sure to bring all of the old drawings from the fridge or science projects that served as a decoration in their room. Make sure to have printed photos of your children with their peers – frame them and let your child cherish those moments.

Keep your usual routine: 

There is no need to disrupt your usual routine. You will have plenty of time for everything, and you can do your best to follow the same daily schedule that your child has had for a while. If you organize well, this should not be a problem. This is important because children love patterns and they feel safe around them, especially the very young ones.

Be enthusiastic: 

Do not let your child see you worried or depressed. Do not worry about the petty things. This is why you have us. You should be enthusiastic and optimistic, open to new beginnings and this energy will be transferred to your child as well.
Call us today, and we will make all the necessary arrangements together. Focus on what is essential and let our company Cross Country Movers help you with that.