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Our Portland Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    If you’re searching for trustworthy Portland movers for your move to the City of Roses, you’ve come to the right place. Hiring Cross Country Moving Company is the best decision for safe and relaxed relocation to this beautiful city. Experience perfect moving services to Portland and become another satisfied resident.

    What Amazing Opportunities Will You Experience in Rose City?

    A lot of newcomers are coming here each month to make a fresh start, and they have plenty of reasons to do so. The first one is (believe it or not) the weather. Even though there are many misconceptions and stereotypes about it, the weather is not as rainy as most people think. There is rain, but the temperature is mild throughout the year. Springs, summers, and autumns are beautiful and winters aren’t that snowy - you can experience a blizzard, but it’s not that often.

    Another reason is the breathtaking natural beauties. The City of Roses is green, and there are endless options for enjoying the outdoors. It’s also very environmentally friendly, the carbon emissions are reduced to a minimum, and recycling is very important. Residents take care of their areas, and they are outdoor-oriented. If you like spending time outside and being active, you will have so many places to go to. It’s also very casual, and it gathers millennials.

    There are plenty of avenues for small businesses and craft shops. If you have your business or an idea, you’ll most likely thrive here. There is no sales tax, and the cost of living is lower than in most other cities in the country, which is another reason newcomers flock here. Public transportation is pretty great, and Portlanders are very proud of it. This city is also known for its beers, vines, distilleries, breweries, and coffee roasters. The food scene is just amazing - it’s affordable, diverse, and always changing. Another huge thing here is buying local, so there are many handmade crafts, food markets, and food trucks.

    Pick the Right Neighborhood After Getting Long-Distance Moving Services

    Since The Rose City is very environmentally friendly, it’s pretty walkable, and most residents just walk, bike, or use public transportation to get where they’re headed. You will find plenty of beautiful scenery wherever you choose to live in. Here are some picks:
    The Pearl District is for those who want to be where the nightlife is. There are a lot of local art galleries, upscale restaurants, and diverse shops. It’s the neighborhood most fit for biking, so residents here don’t even own cars.
    South Waterfront is perfect if you desire to live in a new condo close to the water. You’ll be close to everything - bars, restaurants, shops, and parks.
    Northwest has many historic homes, it’s an old part of town, and there’s the biggest hiking park in the city called Forest Park. Great food, great coffee shops, and stores are very close.
    Arlington Heights is a highly recommended neighborhood and one of the most desirable ones. It’s where the Rose and Japanese Gardens are located and more of the greatest parks here. Here’s the Holocaust Memorial Park, Children’s Museum, Oregon Zoo, World Forestry Center, and Hoyt Arboretum. It’s an old and beautiful part of town, houses a very unique, and it’s amazing for raising kids since there’s a lot to do all the time. It’s also a pretty expensive area, so make sure you can afford it.

    You Will Have So Much to Do, Even When It’s Raining

    The Rose City isn’t only fun when the weather is sunny. If you love being outside in nature, you chose the ideal place for moving cross country. There are so many waterfalls such as the Multnomah, Wahclella, and Silver Falls State Park. Make sure you visit the Vista House, Rocky Butte, and Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Endless options for hiking and walking will keep you active all the time. Once the sun shines, don’t miss the Glenn Otto Community Park and its sandy beaches. After all, you’ll have quite a few calories to spend from all the amazing food and tasty beverages here. Find a table at the Pine State Biscuits and Mother's Bistro & Bar and taste all the amazing flavors that Rose City has to offer. Many bars are also open late, so nightlife is also alive.

    Make Sure You Hire Portland Movers That Have All the Cross Country Moving Services

    If you decided that The Rose City is the one for you, research moving companies in Portland and decide which services you will use. It’s very important to plan your relocation budget and to get familiar with the industry before hiring anyone. Cross country movers you pick should be professional and long enough in business to know how to perform any kind of move you want. Pay attention to their license and DOT number as well - it’s a sign that you’re working with the real state to state movers and not with someone who will scam you. Also, take into consideration that it’s always better to work with one company and get everything from them than to deal with several companies and spend hours searching for the adequate ones.

    Cross Country Moving Company Has the Best Relocation Services

    You probably have a dilemma about which moving company in Portland you should hire, and it’s completely understandable. The competition is tough, there are so many companies that seem good, and you don’t know how to pick. The biggest mistake people make is going with long-distance movers that offer the lowest price, or even with a low ballpark. Quotes that sound too good to be true usually aren’t true since cross country moving isn’t a cheap thing. If you want to get a professional and reliable crew to move your belongings to another state, you should know that it will cost a lot, but it will be worth it. CCMC is here to provide you with a guaranteed and all-inclusive quote that is based on your inventory list. Once the list is finalized, the quote stays the same, and there will be zero additional fees, taxes, or any other unexpected costs.

    CCMC Portland Movers Are Always Here for You

    Our team or relocation specialist is available at any time, including the weekends and holidays. Once you contact us, you will get a dedicated relocation specialist that will give you their direct line and email. They will guide you through the whole move and explain every single detail. Feel free to call or write if you have any questions. Our main goal is for our clients to feel relaxed and comfortable with us, and that isn’t possible if there are things that you don’t understand. We will make every effort to be as assistive as we can, while all the positive reviews from our previous clients guarantee for us.

    Our Professional Movers in Portland Offer Top-Notch Packing Service

    With us, you will get free packing services for all bigger items such as furniture, electronics, mirrors, and pictures. If there’s a need, we will disassemble and reassemble items before wrapping and protecting them. Our team will load everything on a truck and unload once we arrive at the destination. We will also carry your belongings to their designated rooms in your new home, so you won’t lift anything heavy. For the smaller items, you can get boxes and packing supplies from us and safely wrap them.

    Get Full Pack Service for an Additional Fee

    Our team of local movers in Portland will gladly handle every single item in your home, no matter how big or small it might be. You can just sit back and relax while we do all the work. Another additional service that might be required is custom crating. If you’re relocating something breakable, it will require more protection than just bubble wrap and boxes. We can help by making customized wooden crates based on the dimensions of your item and ship it that way.

    We’re One of the Portland Moving Companies That Provides Storage as Well After Cross Country Moves

    If for any reason you can’t or don’t want to take your belongings as soon as they arrive in Rose City, you can leave them in our storage unit for a whole month free of charge. Our storage unit is sanitized, climate-controlled, and constantly video surveilled, so your items will be safe. Before we leave them inside, each item will be labeled with a barcode that will be checked when entering and leaving the storage. That way, nothing will be misplaced or lost.

    If You’re Planning on Moving Across Country With Your Vehicle, Just Let Us Know

    CCMC is a long-distance moving company that’s also specialized in auto shipping. We have moved thousands of cars, and our satisfied clients are our biggest reward. You can choose between two pick-up and delivery options, and those are door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal service. It’s just important that your car is operable. Tell your relocation specialist the year and model, and they’ll provide you with a guaranteed quote.

    We Offer You Long-Distance Moving of Your Car on an Enclosed or Open Trailer

    There are differences between these two types of transportation. An open trailer is the most commonly used option for vehicle moves. It’s also the most affordable one because it can fit up to nine cars. Enclosed trailers are a more pricey option, and they’re mostly used for expensive cars that need more protection, such as oldtimers or sports models.

    Since You’re Moving State to State, You Should Have Insurance

    If you’re wondering which long distance movers near me can provide me with insurance for my belongings, you’ve just found them. Everything that the CCMC crew packed for you is covered with minimum liability insurance - it’s free and mandatory. It means that you can get $0.60 per damaged pound if it comes to that. We highly recommend getting full coverage that comes for an additional cost in case you’re hiring a cross country moving company for relocating something valuable.

    We’re Also Here for Your International Relocation

    In case you’re considering international moving to some of the countries across the ocean, just let us know. We can accommodate your move to many of the European and Asian countries by sea or by air. Whatever your plans are, we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Call us and see what options are available for international shipment.

    CCMC Has an Amazing Reputation in the Industry

    We have built up our name for many years, and we’re proud to say that we’re constantly becoming even better. Reviews from so many satisfied clients confirm that we’re efficient and trained, and also that our customer care services are impeccable. If you wish to have the most pleasant experience of relocating to another state and especially to Oregon, call Portland movers, and you’ll make no mistake. We’re here to help you with any kind of request you may have and to give our best to relocate you smoothly and effectively.

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure
    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
    Knowledgeable Customer Service
    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!
    Flat Price, No Hidden Fees
    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
    Easy, Fast Booking
    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms. 

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      • At L. Avatar

        5 star rating The team of movers sent to our apartment by ccm was well-trained and meticulous handling our things. They came on... read more

        At L.
        San Antonio
        Salvador R. Avatar

        5 star rating I hired cross country movers to help my friend to move from Baltimore to Ny, team came with their truck... read more

        Salvador R.
        Casey B. Avatar

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        Casey B.
        San Francisco
        Vanessa T. Avatar

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        Vanessa T.
      • Ani M. Avatar

        5 star rating I can come off to be bossy and pushy when I want work done right, but with this company, none... read more

        Ani M.
        San Diego
        George S. Avatar

        5 star rating I originally scheduled a move with someone else but the morning of, they called and canceled due to conflicting issues...... read more

        George S.
        Rocob J. Avatar

        5 star rating Overall, great service. This company is all you need if you're trying to have a simplified move. Matthew from the... read more

        Rocob J.
        Nadia A. Avatar

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        Nadia A.
        Santa Barbara
      • Eva H. Avatar

        5 star rating M. Chevalier (hard to pronounce) will take care of you. Ask for him. Movers are just as good and service... read more

        Eva H.
        Wei Jun Z. Avatar

        5 star rating Moving is so stressful, and moving to another city is worse. I had to contact couple of movers and then... read more

        Wei Jun Z.
        Eloise T. Avatar

        5 star rating Fantastic experience! great customer service, and very affordable. Definitely recommend for anyone who is moving and doesn't know where to... read more

        Eloise T.
        Eric S. Avatar

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        Eric S.
        New York
      • Lilian N. Avatar

        5 star rating Having horrible past experiences with damaged to my furniture and scratches left on walls, I was skeptical of my next... read more

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        Garo K. Avatar

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        Garo K.
        San Francisco
        Carlton C. Avatar

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        Carlton C.
        New York
        Redd N MaryAnn A. Avatar

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        Redd N MaryAnn A.
        San Diego
      • Johnny B. Avatar

        5 star rating Could not have expected a better moving experience and we're totally happy with the movers that we were assigned for... read more

        Johnny B.
        Scott P. Avatar

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        Scott P.
        San Francisco
        Vanessa Paula C. Avatar

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        Vanessa Paula C.
        Edward P. Avatar

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        Edward P.
        San Diego
      • Sami M. Avatar

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        Sami M.
        Los Angeles
        Cheryl L. Avatar

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        Cheryl L.
        Santa Ana
        Joel G. Avatar

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        Seger D. Avatar

        5 star rating Dear friends!

        It is a pleasure for me to sharing my experience of one of my most important part of... read more

        Seger D.
        Los Angeles
      • Alyona B. Avatar

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        Alyona B.
        San Antonio
        Jhester P. Avatar

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        Jhester P.
        Austin H. Avatar

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        San Diego
        Jenni H. Avatar

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        Jenni H.
        San Francisco
      • Anthony R. Avatar

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        Anthony R.
        San Francisco
        Colin G. Avatar

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        Colin G.
        Benjamin D. Avatar

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        Benjamin D.
        Chastity A. Avatar

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        Chastity A.
      • Christopher K. Avatar

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        Christopher K.
        Alex H. Avatar

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        Alex H.
        San Francisco
        D C. Avatar

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        D C.
        Aaron J. Avatar

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        Aaron J.
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        Sal M.
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        Santa Ana
        Nicole S. Avatar

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        Nicole S.
        Los Angeles
      • Gustavo A. N. Avatar

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        Gustavo A. N.
        wendy f. Avatar

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        wendy f.
        Los Angeles
        Christy M. Avatar

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        Saint Louis
        Yesenia C. Avatar

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        Yesenia C.
        San Francisco
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        Santa Ana
        Rick B. Avatar

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        Amy K. Avatar

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        Amy K.
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        San Francisco
        Stephen A. Avatar

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        Stephen A.
        Jeremy R. Avatar

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        Dennis K. Avatar

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        Just wanna say thanks to professional moving company "Chicago Cross... read more

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