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Moving Budget – All You Need to Do

If you are thinking about relocating your life to another city, you will need to figure out your moving budget in advance. Doing so might turn out to be much harder than it seems at first glance. After all, there are so many expenses and fees you should take into account that it’s way too easy to lose track and spend more money than you need even if you are using a calculator. That is why we have decided to put together this handy guide to calculating and setting your moving budget, so check it out and read carefully.

Why You Need a Moving Budget

Before we delve deeper into what costs and expenses you should plan to cover, we would like to emphasize the importance of setting a strict and reasonable financial plan and a budget you can stick to. Running out of money in the middle of the move is definitely not something you want to have to go through. In such a case, not only will you have to borrow money in order to finalize your relocation, but such a scenario would set you back financially for the first few months in your home. It would also make it impossible to settle down and turn over a new leaf right away, and you could experience symptoms of relocation depression.

Now that we’ve covered the reasons why you should make a budget plan, let us go deeper into the costs it will cover.

You'll need to plan your budget.
Creating a moving budget doesn't cost anything and it'll help you move without stress.

Packing Costs and Logistics

One of the most important – and most tiring – tasks in the relocation process is packing. How much this is going to cost you depends on a number of factors. For example, if you do not have time, you can get professional packing services and let experts do it for you as a part of your relocation package, the cost of this help will be calculated into the final bill so you do not have to use a calculator. Depending on the company you choose, they might also provide you with the best materials and supplies.

On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself, most of the moving expenses will go towards buying different types of packing materials such as boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, and so on. However, don’t think that this means you’ll necessarily end up spending less, use a calculator, and check.

If you pack things and do all the work on your own, without the help of professional movers, you won’t have insurance for the contents of the shipment. And the costs of damaged or broken items could easily add up, especially if you’re not too experienced in this task, so consider investing in insurance. Do not be shy to ask friends for help if you’re moving to another state alone, they will gladly help you pack furniture, electronics, or glassware and ease your work. With their help, everything will be done in no time.

Most tips will tell you about importance of quality packing.
Make sure you cover the packing costs if you need some additional help.

Transportation From Old Home to New Home

The amount you should set aside for the transportation of your belongings depends on several things. The most obvious one is the distance between your old and future home. If you’re moving on your own, the costs you should add up include a rental truck, insurance for the rental truck, and gas. Of course, it is best if you’re moving with professionals, the cost of rental truck transport, work force, and insurance will be included in the final cost.

Though you may lease rental, it's best to book shipping company's hauler and include it in your moving budget

When You Cannot Make Space, Rent Storage

Synchronizing every single thing in a relocation process can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to the move-out and move-in dates. It is not that uncommon that a home is not yet move-in ready once the truck has reached the destination. That is why most families that move rent out a storage unit in order to have a place for their belongings if anything does not work the way they planned. Also, if you move into a smaller home, having the space to store some of the stuff that doesn’t fit can be very convenient.

Even if you’re not planning on using storage facilities, we still recommend that you set aside some money for this service, just in case.

Rental storage is worth the fees to keep stuff from your home safe.
Most companies offer facilities where you can keep your items.

How Do Movers Calculate Costs

If you’re planning on moving with a relocation company, calculating your funds will be somewhat different. In fact, it will be easier, because you will be given a quote for their service long before the relocation date. This means that most of the math will be done by someone else, you do not have to use a calculator – all you have to do is make sure you set aside enough money from the budget to pay your movers.

But what is it that movers include into the quote they provide? Let’s take a look.

Long Distance Home Shipping and the Size of a Shipment Affect the Costs

Much like when moving on your own, the distance the truck has to cover is one of the biggest factors affecting the final price. Of course, the longer the distance, the higher the amount.

However, an even more important factor to consider is the size of your shipment. This is why most companies will ask you for the number of rooms in your home in order to calculate an estimate – it is usually a reliable indicator of the overall volume of the move. In addition, this helps them establish an insurance plan.

Important Step: Get Free Storage and Save Cash

Some companies provide their clients with free storage to use during their relocation. The storage units are usually completely secure and climate-controlled and include insurance for your belongings. Of course, if you need to store your belongings for longer, you can always do so at an additional fee. The costs will depend on the company you choose but having free storage for a month can be convenient when relocating your entire life and things like this make a difference in terms of service.

Services Movers Provide

Of course, the services that you choose to receive play a major role in the calculation of your bill. Consider that additional packaging and storage will come at an additional cost. If you decide to look up how car shipping works and to hire a company that provides auto transport services, you will be charged for that as well.

Types of Services

The types of services you choose impact the cost as well. For example, you can opt for door to door or terminal to terminal car shipping. If you opt for the latter, you will end up paying slightly less, while the former is much more convenient for people who don’t have a lot of free time, it is not always about saving some bucks. There is also a price difference between open and enclosed carriers, so a calculator will be handy for calculating all the expenses and fees you should take into account.

How to Move a House on a Budget

Some relocation companies offer budget packages for people who can’t afford the cost of full-coverage service. Such budget packages cover only the basic parts of the relocation process, along with insurance, and come at a lower cost.

Additional Moving Expenses

Every relocation company charges different additional fees. For example, if movers have to carry your boxes up three or more flights of stairs, you may have to pay an additional fee. The same goes for long driveways, narrow streets that require a smaller truck or van, rescheduling the relocation date, additional insurance and insurance for fragile belongings. Make sure to ask your chosen company about this before hiring them because it is always the best to have insurance.

Packing Supplies You Should Buy

Lastly, some companies sell these supplies along with their standard offer. This means that you can get all you need from them instead of having to hunt around for boxes, wrap, and so on. Although basic supplies will be provided if you decide to have movers pack your household, some specialized items might come at an additional cost. Before you order anything, check if you already have some in your house, like old boxes, or consider buying used ones online with a few clicks and an opened account.

storage box
Most movers calculate costs based on what you need and the distance between homes.

Extra Accommodation Expenses

Depending on your mode of transport and the distance of the move, you might have to end up spending a night or two in a hotel before you move into your home. Even if you’re not planning to do so, we recommend you to cover the possibility in your moving budget and leave aside some money for accommodation, just to be safe.

Set aside money for accommodation.

Things You Can Get for Free and Cut Costs

Luckily, you won’t have to pay for absolutely everything during your move. Here’s a tip: instead of buying best-sized boxes for moving, start saving by asking your local grocery store if they could help and give you the ones they don’t need. And instead of packing paper, you can utilize old newspapers you used to read. Use an online calculator to check how much you can spare by doing so.

Tips You’ll Like to Hear

Lastly, we’ve prepared an extra tip or two on how to save up money for your relocation:

  • Start on time everything, including house-hunting. The more time you have, the more money you’ll manage to save. Additionally, you will avoid feeling anxious about relocating.
  • Don’t overspend. Moving items you don’t need will cost you more than leaving them behind with the old house.
  • Earn money on the side. You can actually sell things you’re not bringing to your new home, that will help you make extra cash and save it for a future house. Open an online account and start selling.
  • Keep track of your spending and saving. Write down your spending habits in a notebook, and use a calculator so you do not get lost. This will make it easier to figure out where you can cut costs and save some bucks. Also, try to find a job before moving to another state.
  • Read. Carefully read all the terms and details of every contract. If you do not read or double-check everything on time, it can become an expensive mistake, and that certainly won’t turn out to be the cheapest way to move out of state.
  • Ask the company about the cheapest time of the year to relocate.
  • You will gain life experience. Although relocating cannot compare to climbing a mountain, it is a significant change in your life and for someone perhaps even a life-changing experience.