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Our Philadelphia Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Philadelphia Movers

    Our Philadelphia Movers can offer you the finest relocation experience from the beginning till the end. With our extraordinary service and devotion, there won't be any frustration, and our team at Cross Country Moving Company will do their best to cater to all your needs. Philly is the grand site of the nation's history, a modern hub full of quirky quarters, unmissable gastro heaven, and all in all, a fantastic place for life. If you want to give it a shot, our professional cross country movers will be glad to lend a hand.

    The Athens of America Is the Place to Be

    The largest metropolis in Pennsylvania is home to cool places and passionate people. Its role in the nation's formation is immeasurable, and this tradition of progress continues to live in the city's spirit. But the town is more than the Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and cheesesteak sandwich. Replete with outdoor fun, artistic treasures, and extravagant activities, the city attracts a mixed bag of people who all create its unique vibe.

    The City of Brotherly Love, yes, that's the translation for Philly from Greek, is also great for career enthusiasts because it welcomes different approaches to professional life and job hunt. If you want to do it the tested way, you'll find numerous influential private and state companies offering job opportunities all across the metropolitan area. And low-income taxes and affordable housing will be a huge bonus. Still, if you want to go off the beaten path, you'll be happy to know that the city was the first nationwide that introduced concepts such as ax throwing centers, pizza museums, dive bars, and many more. If you have an unconventional job idea, there's no better place to make it work in the long run.

    You Can Choose From Numerous Great Neighborhoods

    The place abounds in scenic quarters steeped in history, but it can also boast some chic and hip modern areas. From up-scale living to cozy hipster parts, you'll find it all. These are some areas we recommend:

    University City - If you're young or feel that way, this will be bingo. Unique bars, delicious street food, the smart and energetic company all await in the area. If you like busy living with ongoing events, this one won't let you down. And it's not just devil may care either since these students are some of the best nationwide, and top-notch companies compete for their attention. Take that, Harvard,
    East Falls - If you're looking for a peaceful, green corner by the river, you've arrived at your destination. Plenty of friendly families and dog owners revel in the splendid parks, and the river with beautiful birds is bound to cheer you up even on the cloudiest of days. The area is relatively safe and reasonably priced, so why not give it a try if days of partying are behind you? And, it still flaunts some cool spots to grab a snack or a drink, so it won't be just strolling around, admiring the sights,
    Bella Vista - If you need a combo of fun and peace, this Italian quarter has got you covered. It's a family-oriented neighborhood replete with outgoing people, superb ethnic restaurants, nourishing schools, and parks. And it also offers venues where you can let your hair down more than just for a meal, listen to some good music, and grab a drink or two. It's conveniently located close to Downtown, so if you're still undecided about your moves, this one might do the trick.

    Art, Food, History and Much More

    If you're looking for ideas on how to spend a perfect day, Philly is your go-to destination. History buffs will have their hands full with colonial history, Founding Fathers, Liberation Movement in the Civil War, and even modern tales. Make sure to pay a visit to Independence Park, the Eastern Penitentiary, and the UPenn complex.

    On the other hand, if art and architecture are your cup of tea, jog the steps of the Museum of Modern Art like Rocky did and open the doors of artistic expression from ancient times till the present day. Also, make sure to visit the Barnes Collection, replete with impressionist, post-impressionist, and early modernist masterpieces. Finish it off in postmodern Magical Gardens, made of miscellaneous recycled objects. The mosaics here will leave you breathless, and you'll definitely enjoy your time in the Gardens.

    And, if all the walking around makes you hungry, you can go full Bourdain here. Mouth-watering Italian food, original Philly sandwiches, scrumptious donuts, and other delicacies are just some of the moves to take to help you feel wholesome again. Check out the Reading Market for exciting foodie tours or grab a bite in the Downtown area. And if you'd rather have a drink, that's even better. The variety of beer, home-made vodka cocktails, and cool bars with old fashion games will make you tipsy, and you'll wish to be in no place else.

    And when the wish to burn calories kicks in, there'll be plenty of choices for outdoor fun. Head to Ben Franklin's bridge that is entirely walkable and divinely Instagrammable. If you need more inspiration, go cycling or play mini-golf in Franklin Square, the city's most beautiful public park. Feel like skating? Penn's Landing is your place. And if you'd like competitive football, don't doubt the city of Eagles.

    You Won't Have a Care in the World With Our Moving Services

    Our moving services were designed with one goal - to make you satisfied and ease every step of our clients' cross-country moving. Because of this, Cross Country Moving Company guarantees professional, efficient, and high-quality service throughout your journey. Our customer support will be there to introduce you to all the details and answer the questions you may have, and our reliable team takes full responsibility for your belongings and happiness once they arrive at your home. If you don't trust us, take a look at our stellar reviews and see why our clients keep returning year after year.

    Another great quality of our company is our reliable quote. Unlike some companies who only tell you part of the story and leave unpleasant surprises for the finale, we're an open book. Your trust is far too precious for us, so you can rest assured that we'll tell you upfront how your quote was formed and what factors can change it.

    You should know that your household inventory list, which is a list of all the belongings you're taking, determines the final expense. This means that your objects' size, weight, and amount will be crucial in your overall check. Still, the great thing is that you can change your mind up to a day before our team comes, so if you'd like to chuck something out and reduce costs, you'll be more than welcome.

    Our Movers Philadelphia PA Can Pack You Up Like Nobody Else

    Packing can become exhausting or frustrating if you don't have experience or are snowed under with other obligations. Getting professional help can be a real game-changer here since you'll tackle this dreary task effortlessly and with flying colors. Our professional packing services are created to help you reduce stress and transport your belongings in the exact same state as you left them. If you decide on this, not only will you get boxes and packing supplies needed, but more importantly, you'll save up time and nerves. Our fully trained crew knows how to handle any object, so there's nothing to fear.

    Our first-rate cross-country moving services include full packing, partial packing, and custom crating, if you've got objects that need specially designed boxes. The price of these is added to your entire package, so you'll be fully informed about it as soon as you let us know what portion of the work you want us to take.

    Full Packing Is Our Expertise

    If you opt for this, our excellent cross-country movers will deal with everything on your household inventory list, except for those items we're not allowed to handle due to safety reasons. You can chill and unwind as we'll do all it takes to finish this task successfully. There's no object too challenging for our crew, from beds and bulky furniture to miniature figurines and fragile items. And, you should know that everything we disassemble will be reassembled in your new place. 

    Our Movers Philadelphia Will Be Glad to Lend a Hand With Partial Packing

    If you're doing fine on your own, but some objects stress you out, we get it. Fragile items or valuable possessions make many people nervous, but our excellent packers aren't one of them. You specify what you need help with, and we'll jump at the word. Our tested system is applied here, too, so we'll take utmost care that those items you entrusted us with remain safe and sound. Still, if you've got more than 15 boxes for us, it will be counted as full service.

    Your Car Will Be in Good Hands With Our Top-Rated Cross Country Moving Company

    Philly is the sixth most populous US metropolitan area, and it's quite vast. Your vehicle can facilitate your exploration of the best sights or simply make daily tasks more comfortable. Besides, having your car with you can get you to some pretty exciting nearby places such as NYC, Washington DC, Lancaster County, Ricketts Glen State Park, and many more.

    And CCMC's auto shipping will help you get your four-wheeler without a dent. We at Cross Country Moving Company are fully aware of how precious cars are to each owner, and that's why we always improve and keep up with the latest industry trends. Thousands of cars we shipped speak volumes of our professionalism, and if that doesn't appease you, rest assured your vehicle will be insured at all times. Our insurance covers external damage up to 500,000 USD on closed trailers and up to 100,000 on open ones.

    Our Moving Services Philadelphia Include Shipping on Both Open and Enclosed Carriers

    If you're in two minds about the best transportation option for your machine, be sure that you won't go wrong whatever you choose. Both methods - open and closed carriers are utterly safe, and our mission is to keep your auto in perfect condition at all costs.

    Still, if you have a brand new car or a luxurious one and just don't want to leave anything to chance, consider investing in enclosed carriers because they offer a higher degree of protection from the elements. On the other hand, open trucks are superb if you're shipping multiple cars because they're quicker and more budget-friendly. If you need advice, don't hesitate to contact our personnel that will be happy to analyze your particular situation.

    Long Distance Moving Is Made Much Easier With Our Delivery Options

    Pick one that is best for you and luxuriate in your new life. We have door-to-door delivery, which always puts a smile on everyone's face because it's super convenient and all you have to do is open the door. On the other hand, we also offer a less expensive terminal-to-terminal delivery for all major American cities for those wishing to explore the new surroundings and save an extra buck.

    Our Movers in Philadelphia Offer a Month of Free Storage

    Our five-star company also grants you storage services that are free of charge for the first month. The moving and storage Philadelphia concept we created is organized so that your belongings are safe from every threat. And how is this achieved?

    Our top-rated movers go the distance to scan each item entering and leaving the warehouse, our staff members clean and control the storage daily, and we've got a comprehensive surveillance system set up. Thus, your belongings will be safer than in your home, and you can forget about any stress or tension with Cross Country Moving Company.

    Insurance for All Scenarios Is There to Save the Day

    There's no deserting a sinking ship in our work ethic. On the contrary, if something goes wrong, we'll do it all to turn your frown upside down. Every package you take with us has basic insurance included, and that means all your belongings our movers handled are covered by 60 cents per pound in case of misplacement or damage. Yet, we always highly recommend full coverage because it's the most cost-effective thing to do in case you're transporting valuable possessions.

    Contact Us Today and Reach Philly With a Care-Free Mind

    Philly is the place to live it up, and with our trusted team, the world is your oyster. Take us at our word and check for yourself how good we are. Contact our customer service today, and you can get no-obligation consultations on our premises, by phone, or in-home. The heart of Pennsylvania is a Mecca of delight, and with the best of moving companies in Philadelphia, the ride can begin. 

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