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Tips for packing things without breaking them

You have decided to move months ago, but as the moving day approaches your anxiety grows. Many questions are raised: Do I have appropriate moving equipment? How long will it take me to pack and load everything? Should I travel by my car or have it shipped? Avoid getting stressed out and hire a reliable moving company. Cross Country Movers has been helping people move all over the United States. It doesn’t matter where you are currently living or where you are planning to live. The distance between two points is irrelevant. Our professional team has experience, and they are familiar with problems people usually face with when they are moving. We have a list of services that will help and ease your process of relocation. Hire us to ship your car, to help you with packing and unpacking, to move all your personal belongings or your office things. After you choose options from our offer, you can find out how much everything will cost you by requesting a free price estimate. We will form a price based on the information you give us and tell it so you can plan your budget in a better way.

If you decide to pack and load things yourself, we prepared for you some tips. Patience is a crucial thing here, so make sure you have enough time to do everything. No matter how clumsy you think, you are with a good and carefully-thought plan every single item will be loaded and transported safely. 

Get organized

Tips for packing things without breaking them
You need to arrange each box or item so they can be moved efficiently. Go to each room and put boxes in the order they will be moved. You can even make a list and gather boxes of similar size together. Think ahead and the process will be finished quickly and easily.

The position of items

Move the biggest and heaviest things first. Kitchen appliances like washing machine, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher need to go first into the moving truck. Ask your friends, family members or movers to help you with carrying them. The can be quite massive, and at least two people need to load them. Put them as far away as you can in the moving truck. Be sure they are positioned upright. Balance everything by placing heavy objects on opposite sides.

Handle furniture with care

You don’t want to ruin your bed, table or skies so find a way to protect them. Use carpets or linens to place them inside it. Don’t forget to tape the rug on both ends when you wrap the object. You can do this with dissembled bed frames, tables, desks, skies, etc.

Handle fragile objects with care

The lighter boxes or boxes with delicate things need to be placed on top. Load them in the end after everything else is already in the truck. Find some soft material or use blankets to fill holes and to make sure that breakable items don’t move during the ride. 
We hope that you found these tips helpful. Whatever you decide, Cross Country Movers is ready to help you. Call us today.