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Packing tips for students

Long distance packing tips for students
You have recently finished high school, and soon you are going to college in another state. Moving to another state is not easy, and you need to be prepared for what is waiting for you. You are young, so it is most likely that you will adjust to the new environment easily. To finish the moving process successfully and quickly, hire a reliable moving company, such as Cross Country Movers. We have many satisfied customers all over the United States. The starting point and destination are irrelevant. Call us to see what moving services we can offer you. After you pick the options you want and need, ask for a free price estimate. It is very convenient, since you can plan your budget more accurately. 
If you are a freshman, you will be facing a somewhat harder task, because this is, most likely, your first time moving on your own. It is tricky to know what you should bring and what you won’t need. There is a big chance that you will overpack, but that it is better than realizing that you need many things you left at home. Take a look at the tips that we will talk about in this article. They should be helpful when you start packing for college.


Are you moving to a place with warmer or colder climate? You should check the year’s averages and the temperature in the following few months. That way you will know what type of clothes to bring. The school year starts in autumn, and if you are planning to come to your hometown for Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t worry if you forget something now. You know your style, so bring garments you usually wear. However, pack one or two dressy, elegant outfits in case you need them for a job interview, or a formal school event. 


Packing tips for students
Beds on campus might not be comfortable. If you don’t want to bring a mattress or a mattress topper, consider packing at least one or two blankets. You can put them on the mattress, and that way make the bed a little cozier. Don’t forget to bring with you one extra pillow. You will need it in case you have friends over. If you have trouble sleeping, you might want to bring earplugs.


Shower slippers are crucial, so don’t forget them. A shower caddy can be handy as well. Besides that, you can bring a basket for all sorts of things you have, such as lotions, perfumes, skincare products, etc. Pack several towels of all sizes. 

Other things

Don’t forget to pack some plastic plates, bowls, and cups. When it comes to decoration of your room, buy some frames for pictures or make a photo collage on the wall. If you want, pack a small rug and curtains to make your room feel more homey.
We hope that this was helpful. Call Cross Country Movers today to schedule your moving date or to ask for more information, advice and tips.