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Packing of your kitchen items (dishes and glassware)

Cross Country Movers are here to help you with anything regarding your moving process. Long distance relocation is never an easy step, especially when it comes to moving into a different state. For this, you must be very brave and very optimistic. Whatever your reasons are, we are sure that you could use a lot of help. We are Cross Country Movers, and our job is to make your life easier by helping you arrange everything for your future moving process.

Yes, we said everything. We specialize in both residential and corporate moving services, and we go one step further – you can hire us for the car shipping as well as packing and unpacking all the items for you. The choice is up to you, and it depends on how much burden you want to take off your shoulders and of course your budget. One thing is sure: you will be very relieved after hiring us. We know that fragile items are a common cause of stress when it comes to moving so we have prepared a guide for moving and it is related to packing your kitchen items, such as dishes and glassware. 

Emptying your kitchen cabinets and fridge before moving

Before you start packing your kitchen items and electronics, there are some items, like food you should decide what you are going to do. You need to sort out what you are going to throw away and what you can keep and relocate along with your other personal possessions. Cross Country Movers have some suggestions on what you should do with your food: 
1. Make sure that you have eaten all the food from your fridge that you can’t take with you when moving cross country. This includes all the stashes of flour, sugar, and butter. Taking all of these is unnecessary when you are moving, so make sure that you don’t have much food left before your long distance relocation starts.
2. Throw away anything that could spoil or doesn’t have a long shelf life. This includes any opened food cans, eggs, defrosted meats, opened snacks, and beverages, etc.
3. Make sure that you have properly packed any food you have decided to take with you when you are moving. This includes placing your valuable spices in protective bags or jars, as well as any food that could start leaking.
4. Leave some money from your moving budget aside so you could repurchase all the food items once you move into your new home.

Tips for packing your kitchen items when moving cross country 

Every moving process requires packing, and one of the biggest challenges can be packing your kitchen. Cross Country Movers have some useful tips you can use so you can properly organize and pack all the belongings you keep in your kitchen. Here is what you should do to ensure that everything is properly placed in your moving boxes and protected during your cross country relocation: 
Sort them out before you start packing
Again, if you are not too busy, the best thing would be to sort your delicate belonging out. This means locating your glassware, china dishes, and other breakable items and separating them from the rest. This way, when the time comes, you will be well prepared for all the wrapping.
Take your time during the packing process
If you like to think ahead and if you have the luxury to set aside enough time to never be in a hurry when it comes to moving, it would be great if you could take enough time to wrap items carefully and do not miss any of them.
Prepare all Wrapping Material
Make sure to prepare enough material for wrapping such as bubble-wrap, newspaper, packing paper. You can even use some old clothes to wrap your valuables. Use the tape to secure them in place and don’t forget to prepare scissors as well – they are of key importance! 
Mark all Packed Boxes
Once you have secured everything, make sure to mark the moving boxes using a permanent marker to write "Fragile" on every box or bag that includes your breakables. Make sure the letters are big and visible. We do not want anyone to miss the message! This way, anyone who handles these will be aware of the contents and will be able to treat them with more care.
Avoid friction
If you are packing one dish or glass onto another in order to save space, make sure to put at least one level of newspaper in between to avoid friction and prevent any scratches on your precious belongings.

FAQ about Packing and Moving 

 If you have decided to start a long distance relocation process, you probably have many questions you want to ask. Cross Country Movers have decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about packing and moving we have received from our clients.
What is an order for service?
This is a document that authorizes the movers to ship your personal belongings. This is not a signed contract, but a document that notes your moving estimate and all the services, as well as requests you have placed for your relocation process.
If I do all the packing on my own, is my mover still responsible for the lost and damaged goods?
Cross Country Movers are responsible for all your belongings during the cross country relocation process. This inquires that if we notice any of your belongings are improperly packed, we will repack them. This, of course, concerns you only if you decide to handle the packing of your belongings on your own.
What should I leave and not take with me when moving?
This depends on your preference. Cross Country Movers can relocate anything for you, however, this is a perfect time to think carefully about what you really need and what is ready to be thrown away or gifted.

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