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How to pack glasses

Once you decide to relocate to another state, the packing can start. If you don’t have experience, you are probably facing many difficulties. The best thing to resolve them and to prevent other from happening is to hire a reliable moving company. Cross Country Movers has been in this business for years, and we know the usual problems our clients have. That’s why we have a broad range of services that they can choose from to ease the moving procedure. Do you own a vehicle and need to transport it with you? Then ask for car shipping.

Whether you are relocating home or your business department, call us because we have both residential and corporate moving services. When it comes to packing, our staff can do that, too. But if you are willing to it yourself then we have prepared some tips for you. Clothes and similar things are easy to pack, but you may encounter some problems when it comes to fragile items. They need to be treated with utmost care. Read on to see what to have in mind when asking the question - How to pack glasses?


If you have some used boxes you can reuse them, and if there isn’t enough of them, you can always buy some more. Be sure that they are strong to hold the weight of items. Try asking the workers in the nearest shop if they can give you the boxes they don’t need. Get some old newspapers, packing tape and a marker. It is better to be safe than sorry, so no matter you have used or a new box, reinforce the bottom of it by putting several layers of packing tape on it. Put some crumpled paper in the box to provide additional support because the items will move during the transport.
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12 steps to help you pack your glassware when moving
Put the serving trays at the bottom, and then lay the heavy and sturdy items. The most fragile things should be put at the top. Prepare lots of paper because every piece needs to be wrapped individually. For wrapping glasses, use one piece of paper and put it in the open end of a dish. Roll the whole item and carefully place it in the box. If you have really thin glasses, you can put two layers of paper, just to be sure. If you are using old newspapers, you can put two glasses in one paper since it is big enough for both. The glasses need to be the same size. 

Don’t forget to label the box “fragile” before you load it into the truck. Put the glasses last, after everything else is already loaded. Cross Country Movers can help you. Pick your moving date and call us today.

Leaving the work to professional packers is sometimes best. If you need packing help for you commercial or corporate relocation, contact us directly or get a quote from our site.