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Packing Christmas decorations

Packing Christmas decorations before long distance move
Once you decide that you want to move, the real trouble with the moving process begins. To avoid all that chaos you should consider hiring a moving company that will do the job for you. Cross Country Movers is at your service. We will safely transport all your things to the given destination. We have been relocating people all over the United States, so the places you are moving from and to, don’t matter. Our team is made up of skilled and professional staff that will take care of your belongings.
The holiday season is approaching, and if you decided to move during this period, you have made the right decision. This time of the year is not busy at all, and you can find properties for some reasonable price. Christmas is near, and the first thing that pops into your mind is decoration. Every year people spend much money on Christmas ornaments, and many of them even have heirlooms that have been in a family for several generations. These things are fragile, and they can easily break, so we have prepared for you some tips on how to pack them. You want them to come to your new home in one piece, so be careful while packing them.


Packing Christmas decorations
Divide them into three groups; the ones you will keep and the ones you will give away and the ones you will throw away. You have probably accumulated lots of items over the years. Now, you have a chance to declutter them. Put aside those you like and carefully inspect the rest. If you come across some piece that is damaged or broken, no matter how cute it is, throw it away before someone cuts on it; either way, you won’t use it when you decorate the tree.


The ideal solution for packing the ornament would be to put them in their original packaging. But many people throw it away right after they open them. To preserve them use egg cartons. You certainly have some egg package so carefully put them there. The alternative to that is a coffee can. It can be used for storing decorations or Christmas lights. Wrap the string around the can and put the extra bulbs in the coffee can. In case you have hopelessly tangled lights, just throw them away. Another way to pack ornaments is to put them in plastic cups that you will previously glue to a cupboard. The need to be separated and this is the perfect way to keep them arranged and undamaged.

Christmas tree

Even if you saved the original box of the tree, using it is not a good idea. Cardboard box gets deteriorated quickly, and you need it to be whole and sturdy. Our advice is to buy a tree bag or a tree box that you can easily find in home stores.
In the end, don’t forget to label everything and to write on boxes “Fragile.” Call Cross Country Movers today and pick your moving date.