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Cross Country Moving Company is one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable us to offer the best moving and packaging services to our customers.
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Affordable Long Distance Moving

Moving costs depends on the size of your move, and where you are moving to or from. We will provide you with an affordable flat price based on your exact inventory, with no hidden charges.
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Packing & Storage

Even though our movers are big and strong, they are trained to pack everything with care and skill. Our professional movers will pack and transport all your items safely – whether they be dishes, chairs, expensive gadgets, artwork or other fragile items!
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Auto Shipping

Driving a new or classy car over long distances is stressful. We know this, that's why you should leave the stress to us. Cross Country Moving Company offers professional auto shipping services so that your car is protected throughout the trip.

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    5 star rating These guys are some of the best movers that we have ever had a chance to work with. We gave... read more

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    5 star rating Decided to relocate closer to work and a girlfriend of mine who actually works for the same company told me... read more

    Anthony B.
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    5 star rating If you ever consider hiring a professional company to help you out with a move, do not even hesitate to... read more

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Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
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Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!
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Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
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Moving from Ohio to New York with Cross Country Movers

Whether you’re already settled for a specific town or a city within the New York borders, or still have little idea where to settle down, we hope to give you some useful overall information on moving to the state of New York. And no matter if you’re moving from the East coast or the far West, this great state and its beauty will leave you in awe and and will capture you with its charms. Before we move on to a more detailed description of the surrounding areas, economy, and statistics, we thought it useful to present you with some services you may need for the move. After all, you have to admit that any long distance move is too intricate for one to go through it without reliable cross country movers. Luckily, you have just found excellent Ohio movers to be there for you during the moving turmoil.

When you’re hiring a long distance moving company, it is crucial to be familiar with the list of services they provide. You can even ask for some extra help, such as moving supplies or more moving boxes, which are sometimes excluded from the general list of moving services. We can provide you with those, as well as advise you on moving completely free of charge. Our goal at Cross Country Movers has always been our customer’s satisfaction. We want to make sure you know that we can offer extra storage in case you need it prior or even after the move, we do interstate full residential moving, with or without the services of professional packing and unpacking. Our company also specializes in auto transport, so you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle behind in some car park for months, or driving them to the destination country which can be thousands of miles away. Just let us take care of that. If you choose us to be your Ohio movers, whatever type of vehicle you need transported, we can take care of it, and we can ship it to any part of the country. You get to choose between open and enclosed carriers, depending on how important you find it to have your vehicle fully protected. Another option we give you is between door to door and terminal to terminal shipment. Should you opt for the first one, we will deliver your car directly to your new address, while the other one means that we will transport it to the nearest terminal. Either way, you can rest assured that we will deliver your vehicle intact because we provide top-notch long distance car shipping service. You just need to contact our representatives and schedule your auto transport.

We can also set your mind at ease by offering you the 24/7 shipment tracking service, or for those who are less than thrifty, we can help with the managing of the moving budget. We work hard during your move, so you wouldn’t have to.

Now that you have found dependable Ohio movers, you can relax and learn more about your future home. Here are some facts on New York state from our perspective as a moving company, to help you see why it might be the perfect place for you and your family, for a new home.

About New York

It is difficult to fully describe the great qualities of New York state but we will try to take all aspects of life into account here, so buckle up, it’s bound to be an enthralling ride.

The weather

The average maximum temperature in New York is 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of rainy days in New York is 122 days in a year.


The city of New York will give you many different opportunities and university choices, along with a variety of educational facilities and everything that comes with them.

Transportation and population

Naturally, because of its huge population density, New York City has a lot of traffic congestion. However it has plenty of effective public transportation systems.


New York has many attractions so whenever you are entertaining your out-of-town guests you can easily get to many of the city’s famous landmarks. The city is full of amazing parks, art museums, culture spots, and historical venues that you should visit as soon as our cross country movers help you settle in. Landmarks in the city include:

We at Cross Country Movers only aim to do our very best with informing our potential customers, as well as show them the better side of moving. We are here to prove to you that a long distance move doesn’t always entail a major chaos and high stress levels. It can be a peaceful path to a better life, if you let it be our responsibility. Your Ohio movers will respect your wishes and give you as much time as you need, so feel free to contact us at anytime given to ask for whatever additional info. Call us in advance and we can throw in some extra help! Don’t miss the chance to have one of the best cross country movers in the US by your side.

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Cross Country Long Distance Movers are one of the top rated moving companies in the United States. If you are relocating to or from the state of Ohio and are looking for reliable Ohio movers, then Cross Country Movers will be glad to help. We have an exceptional reputation for providing the best services possible and aim to give you a stress-free, safe and impeccable move.
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Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level

This is a great moving company! I recommend everyone to try its services. Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level. I ordered the move AZ to NV, and movers were done packing and loading our 3 bedroom house in 6 hours! Four days later, all my belongings and furniture safely arrived at my new home, all without any cracks and scratches! I give them A+!

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