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Cross Country Moving Company is one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable us to offer the best moving and packaging services to our customers.
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Moving costs depends on the size of your move, and where you are moving to or from. We will provide you with an affordable flat price based on your exact inventory, with no hidden charges.
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Even though our movers are big and strong, they are trained to pack everything with care and skill. Our professional movers will pack and transport all your items safely – whether they be dishes, chairs, expensive gadgets, artwork or other fragile items!
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Auto Shipping

Driving a new or classy car over long distances is stressful. We know this, that's why you should leave the stress to us. Cross Country Moving Company offers professional auto shipping services so that your car is protected throughout the trip.

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  • Chris D. Avatar

    4 star rating I moved from New York City to Los Angeles and spent a lot of time researching and getting quotes from... read more

    Chris D.
    New York
    Tatiana B. Avatar

    5 star rating Let me just start by saying that these guys really saved me a massive headache and hassle when I was... read more

    Tatiana B.
    New York
    Natalia C. Avatar

    5 star rating Everybody says they are the best at what they do, however the best do not need to make the claim... read more

    Natalia C.
    New York
    Andrew L. Avatar

    5 star rating I recently used these guys for a move from Baltimore to Austin,TX. They were great in every way. Baltimore got... read more

    Andrew L.
    New York
  • Renia S. Avatar

    5 star rating Wow I legit couldn't stop thanking these guys for helping me. i always thought moving is such a hassle and... read more

    Renia S.
    New York
    Carlton C. Avatar

    5 star rating Cross Country Long Distance Movers team were superb! It was totally hassle free and it is the best moving experience... read more

    Carlton C.
    New York
    Cy W. Avatar

    5 star rating Cross Country Long Distance Move made quite an impression and did an exceptional job.  I was moving back from Northern... read more

    Cy W.
    New York
    Natasha L. Avatar

    5 star rating Used this moving company to move from KC to NYC. The movers arrived on time and it was such a... read more

    Natasha L.
    New York
  • Richard R. Avatar

    5 star rating I expected my car to get here within a week. I shipped it on a Wednesday to Rhode Island from... read more

    Richard R.
    New York
    Mane K. Avatar

    5 star rating We had a long list of duties for the movers we hired, but this list was prepared before even deciding... read more

    Mane K.
    New York
    Eric S. Avatar

    5 star rating I move exotic cars across the United States frequently, however this was the first time I purchased a "regular" family... read more

    Eric S.
    New York
    Kim M. Avatar

    5 star rating I just moved from NYC to Fallbrook in San Diego County.  I used Cross Country based on the great reviews... read more

    Kim M.
    New York
  • Amanda B. Avatar

    5 star rating Great company!! They moved us from Boston to New York and we had no issues. Everything went smoothly and we... read more

    Amanda B.
    New York
    Mohammad N. Avatar

    5 star rating Great service! I hired Cross Country to move my vehicle from NV to NJ (over 2,500 miles). They had the... read more

    Mohammad N.
    New York
    Sarah R. Avatar

    5 star rating Easy to coordinate our move from Chicago to New York, even though we booked it last minute.  Only one item... read more

    Sarah R.
    New York
    Miles S. Avatar

    5 star rating Used Cross Country Movers to move 20yrs of New York City life to Venice California, they did it in record... read more

    Miles S.
    New York
  • Zuoteng C. Avatar

    5 star rating I moved my car from PA to CA by this company. Scott contacted me and he is very friendly and... read more

    Zuoteng C.
    New York
    Rachel H. Avatar

    5 star rating Overall my experience with Cross Country was smooth. See below for more detail. I decided to write my experience out... read more

    Rachel H.
    New York
    Jovana P. Avatar

    5 star rating These guys are really great. If you are looking for highly efficient and trustworthy company make sure to call Cross... read more

    Jovana P.
    New York
    Susan C. Avatar

    5 star rating Great experience from start to finish. Found cross country movers on yelp. From the first call they were professional, responsive... read more

    Susan C.
    New York
  • Connie D. Avatar

    5 star rating I was very nervous about having movers take my stuff but Cross Country Movers did an EXCELLENT job! They packed... read more

    Connie D.
    New York
    Ilda B. Avatar

    5 star rating I was very surprised when these guys were truly able to deliver for us, we had a lot of needs... read more

    Ilda B.
    New York
    Adrian P. Avatar

    5 star rating Thank you for giving being professional with the services you have provided me. My parents were happy to see me... read more

    Adrian P.
    New York
    Aram P. Avatar

    5 star rating Ivan and Tony were absolute professionals and they work so hard!  This company is outstanding the way they managed to... read more

    Aram P.
    New York
  • Susan F. Avatar

    5 star rating We used Cross Country to move my mother's things from New York City to three locations: San Francisco, Seattle, and... read more

    Susan F.
    New York
    Massiel G. Avatar

    5 star rating AMAZING JOB! Josh was excellent! On time and efficient! LONG DISTANCE MOVERS did outstanding five star moving service!

    Massiel G.
    New York
    Adrian P. Avatar

    5 star rating Thank you for giving being professional with the services you have provided me. My parents were happy to see me... read more

    Adrian P.
    New York
    Aram P. Avatar

    5 star rating Ivan and Tony were absolute professionals and they work so hard!  This company is outstanding the way they managed to... read more

    Aram P.
    New York

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Moving from New York to Colorado with Cross Country Movers

Are you ready to switch coasts? You’re not sure which one has better reviews? What if I told you that our experts from Cross Country Movers crafted a neat list of things you should know before moving out of New York and relocating to Colorado. Colorado has its own distinctive features and qualities, and a lot to show off, but here are some facts you will need to bear in mind if you decide to undertake the long distance move. We don’t wish to scare you or anything, there are just so many details to pay attention to, and if you want to find out more, don’t shy away from giving us a call. Cross Country Movers is there to make sure your transition goes smoothly and safely. With us as your dependable New York movers, you have nothing to worry about. One of the great things about Cross Country Movers is that we offer a wide array of moving services tailored to meet your needs. These include residential moving, corporate moving, professional packing, storage units, and many others. Another one is that with us as your chosen New York movers, you can rest assured you’re working with expert cross country movers with long experience in the business.

We know that most of our customers find it hard to pack for a long distance move, which is why we give you the chance to leave this task to our highly-trained cross country movers and packers. In case you own a car and want it transported to your new address, we’ve got you covered. Auto transport is just another one of the many services we provide, so you can rest assured your vehicle will be safely delivered to any place you choose to relocate to. We can transport it in an open or enclosed carrier - it’s up to you to choose whichever suits you better. Both are safe enough to get your four-wheeler to any location in the United States, but we still recommend enclosed car shipping if you own a show car, for instance. This option is somewhat more costly than its counterpart, but an enclosed trailer will fully protect your precious car, even from rain and dust. Cross Country Movers also provide both terminal to terminal and door to door delivery, so you can decide whether you want to pick up your car at a local terminal or have us deliver it straight to your new house. For any additional info on auto transport, feel free to give us a call whenever you want. And if you have some questions besides long distance car shipping, we are still here to answer them. But, first, read on to learn more about Colorado.

About Colorado

In the West side of Rocky Mountains there is a country called – Colorado. Well, not exactly a country, but one of the 50 US states. According to its size, this state takes the eighth place compared to all other states, but when we look at the population statistics, we can see that this state is yet to be fully populated. With a total of 5.5 million people, this is the 21st most inhabited country of the US. The ’Centennial State’ as it is nicknamed, shows a steady population growth over the last decade, with the number of residents rising by 10%. Before we go into the very details of the countryside and the economy, let us remind ourselves what part of the US Colorado claims. It barely touches the Great Plains, but the state encompasses a large chunk of the Colorado Plateau and the Southern bits of the Rocky Mountains. This vivid landscape of mountains, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, plateaus, rivers, and desert lands borders with other southern states such as New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma, and from Utah on the West side, over Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska to the East.


The forerunner of telecommunications giant Qwest came from Denver in 1879, Samsonite luggage in 1910, Gates belts and hoses in 1911, and Russell Stover Candies in 1923. Ever since that time, up until now, Colorado never fell short of the inventors, new and developing industries and federal institutions. The state's economy is additionally diversified and is notable for its concentration of scientific research and high-technology industries. In fact, ’’Top States for Business for 2010" has recognized Colorado as the third best state in the nation, only after Texas and Virginia. You might also find Colorado in context of hydrocarbon resources, which it brims with. It’s interesting to note a specific place in the downtown Denver, which is referred to as The Wall Street of the West, a financial district that is the core of the economy in the West. and with us as your New York movers, you can become a part of any branch in Colorado in near future.


What you should pay special attention to when moving is the climate and weather conditions. Colorado state isn’t unknown for extreme weather conditions and can be unpredictable more often than not. They say that there is a general rule - with an increase in elevation comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation. Depending on the area you are in, climate is either alpine or semi-arid, although, to be completely fair, there are patches of humid and subtropical climate. It doesn’t take too long to get from one extreme to the other. The Western Slope lies in close proximity to multiple notable destinations in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, including Glenwood Springs, with its resort hot springs, and the ski resorts of Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs, and Telluride. Desert lands alternate with river basins, plains with hilltops and desert aridness with lush greenery.


Before you beat us to it, yes, Colorado is most famous for its Canyon, but is in no sense limited to it. We gathered here a list of some other extraordinary and definitely worth-seeing natural monuments and sights, that we wouldn’t want to miss just like we wouldn’t want to miss seeing the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. So, once our cross country movers help you settle in your new home, make sure you visit at least some of the following:

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre: is a red stone formation near Morrison, Colorado. Conveniently located 15 miles outside of Denver, the raw beauty of these rocks is sure to impress you. It is a real treat for all music lovers.
  • Strawberry Parks Hot Springs: it’s the very setting of every fairytale, and you can’t afford to miss it. You can run around, have a picnic, fly the kite or you can just relax in the springs and soothe your sore muscles after.
  • The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve: located in southern Colorado, a place unlike any you’ve been to before. Standing in stark contrast to mountains like the Rocky Mountain National Park, sandy dunes cover the land here, creating beautiful vistas that will remind you of vast deserts.
  • Trail of Colorado, The Arkansas River and Rocky Mountains National Park may be familiar to you, but we couldn’t just not mention them as well. We wanted to include a lot more, but we figure you’d want to explore this country of unrivaled beauty and richness on your own.

There are many, many more reasons why you should consider moving to Colorado, but we have tried to gather the bare essential reasons here. After this is done, and you decide on moving, your reliable New York movers be waiting ready to take you to your destination of choice, so do not hesitate to call us. Our services even include auto shipping, interstate moving, and storage as well as moving help, just to name a few.

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This is a great moving company! I recommend everyone to try its services. Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level. I ordered the move AZ to NV, and movers were done packing and loading our 3 bedroom house in 6 hours! Four days later, all my belongings and furniture safely arrived at my new home, all without any cracks and scratches! I give them A+!

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