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Our New York Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    If you are thinking about cross country moving to or from one of the five boroughs of the most populous city in the US, then you have to find the best New York movers. They are just the thing you need to make the beginning of your NYC life perfect. Don't let moving across the country be a problem - hire reputable movers in New York and relocate to this iconic metropolis with ease. 

    Living in the Most Iconic Place in the USA

    You're relocating to one of the most sung of and most shown places in the whole world. It's where major financial, commercial, and cultural centers are, where aliens attack every once in a while, and superheroes save the day. It's where the Empire State Building is, where The Statue of Liberty stands, and where a whole oasis called Central Park lives in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A truly magnificent place called New York City is what America is all about - diversity and opportunities.

    It is a place from dreams, but it isn't for everyone. Once you clean your glasses, you will see that it's a loud concrete jungle, with one of the highest costs of living and not much room for the middle class. However, its magic is still undeniable, and every true Big Apple resident can confirm. It's like someone put the whole world in only one city and created a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, and races. Almost nineteen million people live, work, eat, sleep, commute, and enjoy life here. 

    Where to Live in This Gorgeous NY City After Long Distance Moving?

    When talking to a local, you will hear that it doesn't really matter in which neighborhood you are, since all of them are very expensive and there isn't much difference whatsoever. What is important, though, is that you have a big budget ready and that you're okay with paying around $2,000 or more for rent. If that's too expensive, consider sharing the place with a roommate. Another crucial thing is to live close to your work to avoid commuting. Many people living downtown don't own cars because it's very walkable, and those who live a bit further can use public transportation. Consider how far are the closest stops of buses and trains when choosing a home in NYC. These are some of the most recommended neighborhoods you can consider:

    Chelsea - If you desire to live in a neighborhood that will give you a true NY vibe, Chelsea is the place to be. It's home to the Chelsea Market with tons of bars, shops, restaurants, and coffee places. There are beautiful rows of townhouses and apartment buildings in this trendy neighborhood, art galleries set in former factories, and a public park created on a former rail trail called the High Line.
    Hell's Kitchen - Located on the west side of Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen is home to all the actors, artists, and LGBT population. It's close to many public transportation lines so commuting is easy, while you'll be close to downtown. Broadway will also be within walking distance, so you can expect to be frequently surrounded by tourists. It's a very lively, noisy, and vibrant area, but it's also very safe.
    Greenwich Village - Right by the Hudson River lays this urban area, perfect for students who came to the NY University and those who want to experience all the excitement NYC has to offer. It's very friendly, filled with theaters, jazz clubs, cafes, and restaurants. You've probably seen it in NBC's Friends, The Cosby Show, Sex and the City, and many other movies, TV shows, and music videos.

    Exploring NYC Can Take Years

    It's as urban as it gets. NYC is the place to be if you're in love with local street art, movies, music, theater, museums, and architecture. You'll have endless possibilities if you're an artist coming here. If you love clubbing, going out, enjoying the view from rooftop bars, this is also the perfect place for you. Enjoying nature and long walks outside is always an option here. Going to the Brooklyn Bridge, spending the day in Central Park or Brooklyn Bridge Park, visiting The Oculus and Times Square are just some of the options. You can take a ferry to Staten Island and pass by the Statue of Liberty. If you're a foodie, this is the ultimate place to be. The fact that NYC is this colorful, vibrant, and diverse makes it a place for everyone with all kinds of interests and preferences.

    Find Professional New York Movers to Help You With Your Move

    Moving cross country isn't a very simple task, so since you decided to move hundreds or thousands of miles, you need someone reliable to organize your move. You will be handling many things simultaneously, like getting another job, finding a place to live, quitting your current job, and saying goodbye to everyone and everything you love in that state. If you add more things on that, such as renting a truck, organizing and packing everything, looking for storage, and insurance, you'll be in a complete mess. Luckily, professional New York moving companies can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. Even though it seems like you'll be saving money when organizing the move yourself, in the end, you'll see it's not really worth it. You can get all of the cross country moving services you need; it's just important to find the ones that have the best reputation.

    Hire New York Movers That Can Provide You With an All-Inclusive Quote, Free of Any Additional Costs

    It's very important how you will be charged for cross country moving services. There's much space for manipulating the price, and companies can add costs that aren't actually there just to earn more money. That is why it is crucial to work with a cross country moving company with excellent reviews that don't hide anything and does business transparently. The price you hear from a relocation specialist should be the one you pay, instead of getting more bills for fees, taxes, gas, etc.

    Another unfortunately frequent thing is that companies tell only the ballpark instead of the real price. The low quote can sound tempting, and you might go with a business that will, in the end, increase the price. To avoid all of that, we at the Cross Country Moving Company decided to provide our customers only with guaranteed and all-inclusive quotes. What you hear is what you get - no surprises and unexpected costs.

    Every New York Mover From Cross Country Moving Company Excels at Packing

    The relocating service wouldn't be complete without proper covering and wrapping of all the items you wish to relocate. Whenever you're shipping something long-distance, there's a risk of damaging it if it isn't adequately protected. Cross Country Moving Company offers you two options - standard packing service and full pack. The standard one is free of charge, and it means that our team will handle everything in your home that is bigger than a box.

    That includes all the electronics, pictures, lamps, mirrors, and furniture. If something needs to be disassembled before transportation, don't worry - we got it. You will need to pack your clothes and all smaller items such as dishes, books, etc. Make sure you know how to properly protect everything so no damage can happen, especially when it comes to breakable or gentle things. If you're wondering where to get boxes and other packing supplies, just call us. We have everything.

    We Can Provide You With a Full Pack Before New York Moving

    If you're relocating for the first time and you don't want to risk any breakage or even chipping or scratches, our team of experienced movers can do everything for you. When the relocation day comes, you will have only one job - to sit back and relax. Every single item you wish to bring with you in NY city will be professionally handled, covered, and loaded on the truck. We will also unload everything and arrange the boxes and furniture in the rooms they need to go in. This service comes at an additional cost, so make sure you let your dedicated relocation specialist know that you're interested, and they'll provide you with a quote.

    Sometimes Moving Across Country Asks for Custom Crating

    Carrying anything tricky to relocate that can't be reimbursed even with insurance because of its emotional value, for example, requires additional protection aside from packaging. Custom crating is the perfect solution. Our team will create a customized wooden box in which your item can be transported. Let us know the dimensions of your item, and we'll tell you the price and make the crate.

    We Offer You a Month Free of Storage

    Finding a home in a city as big and expensive as Big Apple can be difficult. Because of that, we wish to be at your disposal when it comes to storing your items. Our storage facilities are ready, sanitized, climate-controlled, and surveilled for 24 hours every day. You can leave all of your belongings with us for or a month free of charge until you find the perfect spot. If you wish to leave your things in our storage for a longer period, it's also an option. We can calculate the price for every additional day, so you won't pay for days in storage that you haven't used.

    The Best NYC Long Distance Movers Also Offer Car Shipping Services

    Auto transport is another service we offer - in just three days (or less), we can come to you and pick your car up. It will be safely delivered to your future home in no time, just choose what type of pick-up and delivery would you prefer. We can provide you with door-to-door service and terminal-to-terminal.

    Pick How You Would Prefer to Ship Your Car

    For any type of modified vehicles, we suggest shipping inside of an enclosed trailer. That also applies to all sports models, oldtimers, or any expensive cars. An open trailer is a more affordable option and also the most commonly used. Decide what type of trailer you want for your vehicle, and we'll arrange all the rest.

    Our Long-Distance Moving Services Include Free Insurance and a Full Coverage

    Insuring your whole shipment is the safest way to move, and we think that every long distance moving company should provide their customers with it. Our basic minimum coverage is free of charge - for every damaged pound, you will get 60 cents or reimbursement. Full coverage is added manually by the client, and it's buyable through us. It comes at an additional fee if you decide that the minimum coverage isn't enough, and it can include only the items our team packed.

    Even Though We're Cross Country Movers, We Can Move You Internationally

    We are professional long distance movers, but we can also accommodate international shipping from the US to many European and Asian countries. If you decide that you want to leave your state for another experience on a different continent, we'll be more than happy to help you. International relocation isn't a simple process, so please make sure you contact us on time.

    What Are You Waiting for? Contact Us and Get Your Part of NYC

    Living in the Big Apple isn't for everyone, but if you're sure that it's just the place for you, contact a cross country moving company and book a spot on our schedule. Feel free to read the reviews from our previous customers on Yelp and Facebook to see what their experience was with us. You will see that this isn't just empty talk - we are efficient, trusted, and always there for you. All of our sales agents have impeccable customer care skills, and our priority is to make your experience smooth and stress-free. Call us now or request a quote online, and we'll be happy to assist.

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