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Moving with or without your plants

You have decided to move, whatever your reason for moving might be you now need to organize everything and make the moving process as easy as possible. Moving all of your belongings and your furniture, organizing everything is a hassle, especially when after all of that, you look at your plants and have to make an important decision of what to do with them when you move. Be it small potted plants that you’ve grown in your apartment, or in case you’re living in a house, this may also include all of your garden plants too. Whatever the case you’ve worked hard to grow your plants, take care of them and they have become a part of what your home is, and now you want them to come with you to your new home. When it comes to moving and your plants, it’s important to decide what to do with them in the first place. Meaning, weighing your options, and deciding whether you say goodbye to them or take all the steps necessary to safely get them to your new home. If you decide not to take your plants with you here are some options that will hopefully come in handy and prove useful to you.
Moving with or without your plants

Just leave them be

There is a high chance that your plants won’t survive an interstate move. The most reasonable thing to do if you are moving to a different state might be to just leave them where they are. Nothing’s stopping you from asking the people who are moving into your old home to take care of them.

Gift them

If you have any friends, acquaintances or neighbors who might share your interest in horticulture or you feel are trustworthy enough, you can gift them your plants, and pass them on as genuine gift, not just you doing what’s best for your plants. You could also consider donating them to a hospital, nursing home or a school.
If, on the other hand, you’ve decided not to let go of your plants and bring them with you on your journey, here are a few tips for moving them:
- Find strong boxes which you can use for transporting potted plants. Tape their bottoms on the outside and place padding or newspapers on the inside to provide more protection.
- Don’t forget that your plants need lots of fresh air, so be sure to poke a few air holes on the side of the packing box.
- If you are travelling for a longer period of time, say more than two days, take your plants out of the boxes and bring them in with you for the night.
- If possible, you should do the wrapping of the pots and the packing of the plants as late as possible, to avoid any unneeded stress to your plants.
- Keep track of the temperature in your car, and the plants’ hydration. Cold weather can be very dangerous for your plants, wrapping them will help if needed. When it comes to watering them on the road, it should only be done if they appear to be rather dry. These helpful tips will hopefully help you in deciding and doing what’s best for your plants.