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Moving to the countryside

Have you ever thought about moving to the countryside? Surely you must have, but whenever you would entertain the idea of actually doing it, you probably immediately thought about all of the things you’d miss in the big city life.
In the city everything is so close together, right in front of your home. The entertainment, the supermarkets, schools for your children, sport facilities etc. But have you ever thought about the other side of the coin, or coins? The downsides of city living and the pros of living in the countryside? Have you ever thought about the difference between going to the chain supermarket to but groceries for the day and getting them from your farm or from the local store a couple of times a week?
Moving to the Countryside
There is no denying the fact that living in the countryside can have some definite health benefits, both mental and physical.
Here are a few reasons why you should maybe give a chance to the idea of moving to the countryside.

The feeling of freedom

Being far from the bustling crowds of the big city you will find yourself enjoying a definite sense of relief, as if breathing in freedom. Freedom to do anything you want, to do your thing. Want to run around in a funny fashion like Phoebe from Friends? No one will object.

Enjoying the nature

Without a panoply of transport and social activities in your face, both children and adults are naturally encouraged to enjoy the nature. Noticing the changes in weather, stopping to listen to birdsong and just breathing in the fresh air. Looking at things from a different perspective, enjoying a walk, a hike or bike ride in the wild.

Healthier life

The fresh air, the homegrown food and produce will do wonders for you and your body, which in turn means doing wonders for your wellbeing in general. If you’ve ever given any thought to eating healthy, don’t forget that moving to the country is the best way to accomplish it. Vegetables and fruits one usually finds in a chain supermarket cannot even compare to the fresh produce you can grow in your new home.

No pollution

Not even small cities are safe from pollution these days, and big cities have long crossed the point of no return, both when we talk about noise pollution and air pollution. Moving to a rural area will without a doubt result in you breathing fresh air that is not polluted. Also worth mentioning is the fact that many people who moved to the countryside have reported significant improvements in regard of their allergies, breathing and asthma.

Feeling blissful

 Living in a rural area provides you with a certain amount of privacy, of peace and quiet that is just impossible to have when living in a big city. Which is why people often go to the countryside when they feel too overwhelmed by the city life.
These are just a few of the pros of moving to the countryside, and though it is not perfect for everyone, you should give it a try yourself and see how the country life fits you. If you are looking for the cross country movers to help you get there, then look no further!