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What Are Things to Know If You’re Moving to Portland

Now that you’ve decided on moving to Portland, you will surely be excited by the entire relocation process. Especially so if you’ve never moved before, though you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by all the tasks you’ll have to handle now. On top of everything, you’ll want to find out more about the largest place in the state of Oregon that you’re going to call home soon.

Did you know that Portland’s rainy climate is ideal for growing roses? So much that this fact earned it one of its most famous nicknames – the City of Roses. Besides, the place is known across the world as a liberal and progressive bastion, while its environmentally-conscious local policies led to a high quality of life.

But before you settle down, there are a lot of other things you should know about this place, such as the cost of living, job opportunities, transportation options, overall safety, etc. But regardless of whether you got a job that requires relocating or if you’ve decided to move with your family and settle down, the PDX is full of possibilities, and it’s there for you to explore it.

The Cost of Living Is Above Average but so Is the Quality of Life

The cost of living in Portland can vary wildly depending on your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences, but it’s generally above the US average. However, the town makes up for it with a high standard of life, while the average income is around $4000 above the national average.

If you’re planning on buying real estate in the Little Beirut, the location will also profoundly affect the range of home prices. Keep in mind that any property closer to the center will cost more than the suburbs and outskirts. If you’re learning how car shipping works before using auto transport services and taking your car to your new home, getting a house that is a bit further away might be a good idea.

Since 2019, five states have 0% sales tax, and Oregon is one of them. However, Oregon has four other income tax rates, like personal income tax that is higher than in many other cities, or property tax, but they don’t tax stocks and bonds. If you find a way to stick to your moving budget, you will be just fine.

Search for Apartments to Rent

In case you’re already relocating on a budget or have spent more than you planned on professional Portland movers with moving and packing services, moving into a smaller home for a while could be an excellent idea.

Another helpful piece of advice if you’re working with a low budget would be moving during the holidays or relocating during the winter months, as that’s the cheapest period of the year to relocate and one of the cheapest ways to move out of state. Even still, keep in mind that rent in the City of Roses has been rising recently because the place is still a popular destination to move to.

You’re not the only one planning to move to Stumptown, and one of its cons is that there’s no rent control. This means that your future landlord could be able to raise your rent at any given time. So keep in mind that you’ll have to judge the property, as well as your landlord if you go looking for a place to rent. But we are sure you will find a way to live in your dream place.

Is Northwest Portland the Best Neighborhood in Town?

If you want to live in one of the best neighborhoods in Portland that is featured in every guide, you have to go house-hunting around Northwest, also known as NobHill, into consideration. As the name says, this neighborhood is located in the northwest section, and it’s a densely populated area of the capital of Oregon. Living in Northwest is quite convenient because the northwest district has a lot of perks, Forest Park is nearby, bike and hike trails, great public schools, affordable rents, etc.

Renting a place may be the best choice if you’re on a low budget.

Job Market is Blooming

There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a job before moving here. And you should try to do it too, as not looking for a job before you move is one of the common moving mistakes. You’ll be happy to hear that the city and the whole region have experienced massive job growth in the last few years, which has reduced the unemployment rate to around 4%, the lowest in decades. With more than 200,000 jobs added since the 2009 recession, the place is constantly on the lookout for talented and skilled workers.

There are many industries and sectors which are always looking to hire. New tech firms are constantly popping up and are even welcomed by the community itself. It is also home to Nike, HP, Intel, Xerox, and many eBay offices, among others, and many other smaller startups. Besides the tech firms, there are many manufacturing and clothing design companies where you could land a job. So no matter where you’d like to work, there’s a good chance that the city’s diverse economy can provide.

There’s a good chance that you’ll find a job in your field

It’s a Bike-Friendly Town

The place has an amazing public transportation system, so you won’t need your car unless you are planning on living really far away from the center or plan on going on plenty of family trips. You will have the option to ride the light rail system known as MAX, which stands for Metropolitan Area Express. It covers the entire place, and you’d be able to get from the Portland International Airport to the downtown area without any hassle.

Besides the rail system, there are also many buses which run every 20 minutes and the downtown area has numerous streetcars. The best part of it all is that one ticket can be used for all three of these transportation systems.

It is also known as Bike City USA, and that’s because it has the highest percentage of people who use bicycles to commute from home to work, so this too will be a viable option. Also, here you don’t have to worry whether or not you’ll find a place to park your bike.

Public transportation works better than in other cities, and streetcars cover most, if not all of the downtown area.

Oregon is One of the Safest States

According to some data which was released by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, Oregon is one of the safest states in the country, perfect for those who are moving alone to another state. But within Oregon, Portland is the third most dangerous place based on crime rates and statistics, which is not surprising as we’re talking about a metropolis with more than 2 million people. The number of shootings has been on the rise, but it was really low to begin with, and the murder rate is very low, too. This may also depend on the area and neighborhood you’re reading about. You can read about it on its official websites where you can find out more about the PDX’s crime rates and statistics.

Oregon is a safe place to live in, filled with warm, welcoming, and friendly people.

People Are Open and Friendly, but Vigilant

You will be surprised by how friendly and genuine the residents in the City of Roses are. Strangers and passersby will wave and greet you, your Lyft or Uber driver may get insulted if you don’t sit with them in the front seat. People wear whatever they like, and you’ll come across yuppies, hippies, and hipsters. Just remember that people being friendly doesn’t mean that they have an ulterior motive. It’s just normal there to be friendly and walk around with your guard down.

However, Portlanders are also well-known for their political activism, which earned the city another nickname – Little Beirut. In the 1990s, the residents protested heavily against the administration of George H.W. Bush and his Middle East policies, among other things.

Portlanders Love Their Brunches

Who doesn’t like a good meal? All of the food and restaurants you’ll find around PDX are high quality and will surely be some of the tastiest you’ve ever tried. It has a unique food experience as most of the food is organic and grown locally. Some of the best quality of dining can be found in various high-end restaurants. But there are many different cuisines and food tastes for you to experience all around the place. So if you’re a foodie, you’ll love living in PDX. And because of the cabin fever, which is common during the winter months, brunch and breakfast are very big in the Stumptown.

Never Say No to a Beer or Coffee in Portland

This may come as a surprise to you, but PDX has the largest number of breweries per capita in the US. There are more than 100 breweries in the Greater Portland area, and they offer a wide variety of beers. No matter where you plan to spend your night, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get yourself a variety of local beer brands. There are many bars, hotels, and movie theatres that are run by local brewers. But make no mistake, even if it’s a beer-only place, you will still find many cocktail bars where ambiance and the experience is a top priority.

Besides breweries, this city has a well-established coffee culture. There are more than two thousand cafes, and you would need a separate guide just to get to know them a bit better. We recommend you to skip Starbucks and go on a tour around small cafes and roasters like Sterling Coffee Roasters.

Drinking premium coffee during cold months is a favorite hobby of many locals.

The View of the Weather – You’ll Need Some Getting Used To

If you’re from a place where the weather is sort of stable throughout the year, you may need some time to adjust to the circumstances there. The town is, unfortunately, in such a geographical location that it’s very common to have lots of drizzles, for long periods of time. There are many cloudy days, by some estimates, around 220 cloudy days per year, which sounds depressing a bit. But like all other residents, and the many others who are also considering relocating to PDX, you too will be able to adjust and get accustomed to the weather.

The Portland Fall

It is kind of a continuation of the summer at the beginning, as the temperatures start falling, but the days are still sunny. You’ll still be able to enjoy your outdoor activities without any trouble, as it will only get somewhat colder and possibly rainy. But start preparing your winter clothes and warm jackets. You’ll have to keep in mind that both fall and winter can get very windy. So don’t be surprised to see trees blown over and be prepared for power outages.

Portland’s Winter Blues

There aren’t many cities with such a reputation for bad weather. Winters can be very depressing if you’re not already a big fan of the cold and rainy weather so it can be hard to avoid winter blues and relocation depression. The City of Roses doesn’t get much snow on a yearly basis, sometimes none at all. But the winters can get cold, sometimes icy, and be ready for many rainy and dark days. In case it starts snowing, everything may often shut down for a few days.

Spring Can Be Much Like the Fall in This City

The spring period can be very rainy, and the short winter days can extend into the spring as well. Try looking in a positive way, drinking your favorite hot beverage while watching the rain can be a very relaxing activity. Also, it lightens up quickly and becomes as colorful as you could imagine once proper spring hits. Nature opens up, and all the flowers, plants, bushes, and trees come to life and bring so much color to the place.

Portland’s Summers are Great

The summer can get very hot and the days get very long too because of the latitude here. Compared to the rest of the country, the summers in PDX are considered mild, but there are weeks when it can get very sunny and hot. And you should use the summer period to do all the activities which won’t be available during the colder and more rainy months.

Make sure to get ready for the rainy weather and the days spent indoors.

Things to Do After Moving to Portland

There are many different things to do and places to see for people of all interests. You can explore the old Pittock Mansion, which was built in 1909 and discover its 46 acres of land on your own. Or you can visit the Living Room, which is the local name for the Pioneer Courthouse Square. It’s a 40 thousand foot square located in the center of downtown, where you can visit many different local stores and shops or just hang out with your friends and family.

Outdoor Activities and Similar Things

You’ll be surprised by how many outdoor activities and things to do outside there are in the City of Roses. It is home to Forest Park, which is the biggest urban forest in the country and is just a part of the more than 11 thousand acres of parks that are spread all around. So if you’re interested in hiking, biking, or mountaineering, you’ve come to the right place.

You can also try your hand at golf, have a nice picnic, or visit one of the many swimming pools. When the weather allows it, you can visit one of the many beaches all across town, or float down the Willamette River. If you’re moving with your pets, the parks and beaches will be a perfect place to visit.

Having Fun With Children

If you are moving with kids, you will be happy to find out that there are many activities and things to do all across the place. There are many different and interesting museums perfect for kids, like the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. They have many interactive exhibits, and the museum is perfect for the education of kids of all ages. It also hosts After Dark events where you can go with your friends or loved ones.

Another very important attraction is the Oregon Zoo, founded in 1888, is one of the oldest in the country. So if you have a whole day and want to enjoy it with your kids, see interesting animals and learn more about them, head on over to the zoo. And if you still have free time after your zoo visit, the Portland Children’s Museum is right next to the zoo.

Make sure to spend some quality time with the youngest and help them overcome the fear of relocating.

Ready to Live in Portland?

There are not many cities that offer Portland’s hospitality, great food, flavorful coffee, and great neighborhoods. If you want to live here, there’s no reason to hesitate or feel relocation anxiety. Living in Portland means that you will probably have to take your umbrella with you all the time, but it is a small price for what you are getting in terms of life quality.