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Moving to Philadelphia – A Guide to the City of Brotherly Love

As one of the most prominent economic and cultural centers in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is a great city to live in. Therefore, moving to Philadelphia is a great idea.

The City of Brotherly Love, as it’s often called, makes a perfect home for people of all ages with a variety of amenities and opportunities to offer. You are excited to know that such an amazing place will be your home soon.

Nonetheless, there are all kinds of questions to answer, too. You’re wondering How much money do I need to move to Philadelphia? Is this a good place to live in? Is it expensive? What is the best neighborhood to live in there? With all those questions whirling around your head, you feel somewhat perplexed, too. Let’s make you feel excited and happy about your upcoming relocation. Let’s address these concerns and help you picture what it’s like to live in Philly.

What to Expect When Moving to Philadelphia

If you’ve decided to relocate to the Birthplace of America, you can expect a wonderful metropolis with a small-town feel. You can expect a place with a thriving cultural scene full of history on every corner. In addition to numerous attractions, the city also has various qualities that make it an excellent place to call home, from the affordable housing market, lots of job opportunities, charming neighborhoods, to world-class restaurants. It’s also worth mentioning that as many as 37 institutions of higher education are located there. The people are known to be friendly and welcoming, so even if you’re relocating to another state alone for a new beginning, you can expect to make some friends quite soon.

Most Popular Restaurants to Check out When Moving to Philly

Among many other things, your chosen destination is known for top-notch food and eateries. Whether you like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, or, perhaps, Mexican cuisine, you can find it all in one of the most popular restaurants in Philadelphia. There are all kinds of places to choose from, depending on the occasion. Whether you’re just looking for a casual place to go out for dinner or you’re celebrating something special, you will find something to fit the occasion. Some of the most booked eateries include the following:

  • Parc
  • Talula’s Garden
  • El Vez
  • Fogo De Chao
  • The Love

How to Get Around

When it comes to getting around, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ve chosen a highly walkable city – the fourth most walkable one in the country, to be more precise. Thanks to its excellent grid system, Philly is quite simple to navigate. Not only will you find it easy to get anywhere you want on foot, but you’ll enjoy the walk, too. There is so much history and street art on every corner that will surely make your day.

In case you decide to hire auto transport services and ship your vehicle there, do know that you should register your vehicle within 20 days upon your arrival. If, however, you don’t want to take your car, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can rely on public transportation and the well-developed network of buses, trolleys, and subways to get around without being stuck in a traffic jam.

Apart from being one of the most walkable cities in the US, this is also a highly bike-friendly place. All the streets have dedicated bicycle lanes to make your ride safe and easy. In addition to the existing 440 miles of bike lanes, there’s still 750 miles more in the works, as well as more than 1,300 bikes that can be rented in case you don’t have one.

Take a walk or hop on your bike to soak up the beauty of this wonderful place

Where to Move in Philly

Another well-known nickname this metropolis has is the City of Neighborhoods, so it’s quite clear already that there are many of them. Each of these distinct neighborhoods has something special and charming that makes it worth visiting at least or even considering as your future home. Now it all boils down to your own requirements and preferences. Are you looking for a cozy area offering small-town feel and peace away from the hustle and bustle? Have you considered moving to the suburbs? Or you’d like to live in some busy and vibrant area? Let’s take a look at some of the options to help you make a choice.

Best Neighborhoods to Consider and Things to Know about Different Areas

Picking the right neighborhood is of crucial importance to make sure you enjoy your life there and have everything you need. Here’s what some of the best  areas have to offer:

  • Fishtown– a former fishing hub and now a modern neighborhood which attracts many visitors and newcomers. Its old spirit is still preserved, which gives this neighborhood a special charm. There are many bars and restaurants, as well as art galleries and music venues that keep the area vibrant enough for the young. You can easily get to any other part of the area from Fishtown.
  • Chestnut Hill– this a safe neighborhood suitable for families. Even though it’s peaceful, this residential area still has a great number of attractions, including museums, theaters, and parks. It is close to downtown, yet far away from it to be away from the hustle and bustle if that’s what you’re looking for – it is located about 25 minutes away from the center. This affluent neighborhood is perfect if you want to have easy access to lots of green spaces.
  • Fairmount– here’s another good residential area, both pedestrian and bike-friendly. You can drive your car there, too, but if so, keep in mind that parking might sometimes be a problem. The neighborhood is connected to downtown via several bus routes, including 48, 33, 32 and 7. It is often called the Art Museum Area as it’s rather close to the Philadelphia Museum of Art – a walking-distance close. In addition to art, its residents also enjoy the proximity to the abundance of calming green spaces.
  • Bella Vista– known as Little Italy, Bella Vista is a wonderful and charming residential area where you’ll really feel like in Italy. It is best known for the 9th Street Italian Market, as well as a number of up-scale Italian restaurants and shops. This is a walkable and bike-friendly area. There are many parks and playgrounds for the children, as well as several good schools, so if you are moving with kids, this might be just the perfect place for your family.
  • Manayunk-– with its streets lined with Victorian houses, Manayunk offers a small-town vibe, but it’s quite vibrant at the same time, too. The very name comes from the Native American word which means “where we go to drink,” which is still true today – there are plenty of bars and eateries where you can grab a drink. You can feel the true soul of the neighborhood in the Main Street, and for recreational activities, there are Manayunk’s hills and Canal Towpath.
Whichever neighborhood you eventually choose, you won’t make a mistake – each has something special to offer

Cost of Living in Philly

The cost of living is, in fact, one of the main reasons why so many people are flocking to this East Coast metropolis – it’s that affordable. Whether we’re talking about renting, groceries, entertainment, and culture, clothing, or anything else, you won’t need to spend a small fortune when living here.

When it comes to utilities, for instance, the average monthly costs for a 915 square-foot apartment would amount to about $150, without the Internet, which is somewhat pricey (close to $60 a month). If you are buying groceries and cooking for yourself, you’ll need about $12-14 a day for food. As for eating out, a three-course meal for two at a restaurant would cost about $55.

Set some money aside to be sure you have enough for your first month in a new home

Apartments and Homes – How Much You Need for Rent?

While rent is a huge factor in most cities, that’s not the case here. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $750-1,200, depending on how close you want to be to the center. For a three-bedroom apartment, you’ll need close to $2,000. In case you decide to buy a house, the average sale price for houses is about $224,000.

Even though it’s so affordable to live here, it’s still advisable to plan your moving budget in advance, just to be on the safe side. When you find the place that meets your needs and is affordable enough, the next step would be to learn how to change your address when you move and start planning your life in this dreamy place.

How Philadelphia Compares to Other Major Cities in the US

Compared to other East Coast cities, the Athens of America is significantly cheaper, especially when it comes to housing. For instance, the rent in New York is as much as 92.74% more expensive, while eateries and groceries are just over 30% and 20% more expensive, respectively. The difference is notable, too, if we compare it with San Francisco, Boston or Washington DC, again, primarily when it comes to renting.

Finding a Job

Finding a job here shouldn’t be much of a problem with the unemployment rate of 4.2%. There are many opportunities in various sectors, including healthcare, education, construction, and manufacturing. Some of the largest employers here include Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a dozen Fortune 500 companies. When it comes to finance and technology, the Bank of America and Comcast probably play a vital role in providing job opportunities. Even though you’d probably be able to find a job soon after you get there, it would be best to get a job before you move so that you know there’s a position waiting for you.

If you can, it would be ideal to land a job before relocating to Philadelphia

Costs of International Shipping Companies

In case you are relocating to the Birthplace of America from another country, you will need help from an international shipping company. If you are planning on relocating with your pet, check whether the company you choose has some special regulations that you need to follow. International shipping is a demanding process and it has to be handled by professionals. Depending on the part of the country you are relocating from, the costs for this service may vary. For instance, international shipping from Canada to Philly costs about $1,500 and higher, from Ireland, the prices range from $1,200, while the cost of this service provided from Australia goes to $2,730 and higher. It is somewhat cheaper to relocate from Dubai ($2,490), while this number goes to over $3,200 when relocating from New Zealand.

Pack Your Bags and Head to Philly

The Birthplace of America is waiting, full of attractions, history, art, and other beauties to explore and enjoy. If you want to speed the process of actually getting there, you can always hire Philadelphia movers with professional moving services. The City of Brotherly Love is waiting for you to join its 1.5 million satisfied residents.