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Things to Know About Before Moving to Houston

You aren’t the only one thinking about relocating to this Texas metropolis, no matter why you’ve decided to do it. Like many people before you, you too will be wondering why moving to Houston has been so popular in recent years and what some of the main pros and cons are.

Regardless of whether you’re retired and want to move there and enjoy your retiree life, or if you’ve decided to enroll in a college here and experience all advantages of moving alone, you will find the following guide helpful. Not only when it comes to reevaluating your decision, but also when it comes to choosing where to move to in H-Town.

A Major Pro: The Costs of Living Are Affordable for Such a Big City

There are a number of good reasons for moving here, and the relatively low cost of living is definitely one of them. The necessary daily living expenses are close to the national average, which could come as a surprise since we’re talking about the fourth most populous city in the US.

The cost of living is mostly affected by housing prices, but it will also depend on where in the city you decide to move to, your preferences and lifestyle, and your daily needs. House prices, as well as apartment rent, are lower than the ones you’ll find in Dallas and Austin, for example. The property taxes in this city are relatively higher, but on the other hand, there is no state income tax. The transportation system can also be costly when compared to other larger cities.

Moving to Houston and Staying There is Affordable: From Rental Apartments to Groceries

Overall, this big city is much more affordable to live in than New York, Washington, Seattle, LA, and other larger urban areas. For example, when compared to Chicago, the cost of living is much more affordable here on almost every basis. Housing costs are almost 25% lower than the national average, and the percentage falls even further when compared to other large cities. The average rent for a studio apartment in this city is below $900, perfect for those looking to move into a smaller home.

H-Town won't empty your pockets as NYC or LA would

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

All the different neighborhoods in Houston have been created by the numerous bayous, which earned the city one of its many nicknames, the Bayou City. Your choice of the neighborhood to live in will depend on your budget, needs, and preferences. Is a part of your money already reserved for moving budget – moving services and professional packing? Do you know what is the cheapest time of the year to relocate? Are you relocating with your family or on your own? Would you mind commuting to work? Would you like a large house or a smaller apartment in a more popular community?

Once you’ve decided what you need, you should compare it to the city’s real estate market. Choosing the best housing location for yourself in Houston surely won’t be an easy task. Here’s a quick guide to some of our top picks within the city’s borders:

The Inner Loop is a common name of many different neighborhoods located inside Interstate 610, a freeway that acts as a border between the inner city and the surrounding areas.

The Downtown area is located within the Inner Loop and is the most densely populated part of town. As you might expect, this is where everything major happens, and where most singles live.

If you want and can afford to move to the very center of the Inner Loop, then the Heights could be your best option. Do you enjoy going to a pub or restaurant after work or want to have a good time over the weekend? The Heights can cater to this kind of lifestyle, and like the other residents, you too will be able to call yourself an “Inner-Looper.”
West University is a part of Bayou City located west of Rice University. The area is very family-friendly, quiet, and surprisingly walkable, so look for homes in this area of Houston if you’re relocating with family.

The Best Neighborhoods in the Suburbs

Moving to the suburbs of Houston may be the more viable option if you’re moving with kids. The suburbs and the outskirts of Bayou City are popular spots where most families find their home.

The Woodlands is one of the more expensive suburbs to live in, but for a good reason. You’ll get to choose from a number of quality schools for your kids, and it’s one of the safest areas you’ll come across. Not only is it home to many green spaces as its name implies, but there are also numerous shopping centers.

The Bay Area suburbs are experiencing a population and infrastructure explosion after being badly hit by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the areas are being rebuilt by various organizations. The communities all across the Bay Area are growing, apartment complexes are being developed, and work is getting easier to find.

The Bay Area neighborhood is being rebuilt and repopulated

The Job Market is Thriving

The Big Heart has an ever-increasing job market and is home to many Fortune 500 companies, second only to New York. The world’s largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center, is also located there, along with NASA’s Johnson Space Center, making it both a medical and an aerospace center.

Businesses of all kinds and industries have been on the rise in recent years, and the startup scene here has been booming. With the influx of people of all ages, the economy is only growing and always trying to satisfy the needs of the unemployed. So finding a job here shouldn’t be a problem, no matter what industry you’re interested in, and you’ll get a decent paying job in no time.

The diverse economy will provide you with plenty of job opportunities

Home to the Largest School District in Texas

The schools in the area are operated by the Houston Independent School District. It is the largest district of its kind in the state, with 283 schools and more than 200.000 students. There are numerous elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. So if you are relocating with children, no matter their age, you will be able to find a school that is best suited for them. And after your kids are done with high school, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to higher education. You won’t have to worry about them relocating across the country for college.

You will have a variety of schools to choose from

Moving to Houston for Its Universities

The Big Heart is home to a number of top-rated universities, both state and country-wise. More than 300 thousand students enroll each year to the dozens of universities and colleges across the area. And if you’re relocating here in search of higher education, you won’t be disappointed.

Remember that you’ll qualify for a discount on your tuition fee for all universities across the state if you’re Houston’s resident. Rice University are some of the best universities, not just in the area but in the country.

Rice University is located next to the Texas Medical Center and is considered the Ivy League of the South. Remember that you’ll qualify for a discount on your tuition fee for all universities across the state if you’re Houston’s resident.

Rice University is among the most prestigious institutions of its kind in the country

Texas Medical Center – World’s Largest Medical Complex

The Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the entire world is located here, employing over 106,000 people and treating 10 million patients annually. The healthcare industry is booming and offers some of the best treatment, research, and technology in the field of medicine. You won’t have to worry about healthcare one bit, and might even be relocating here because of it. Many medical graduates from around the globe are relocating there because of the Medical Center and its prestige. Positions at the MD Anderson Cancer Center are highly valued and sought after, while some graduates want to continue their education at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Finding a doctor in H-Town will be a piece of cake

Using Public Transportation or Driving on Your Own

The Bayou City is not the most walkable of places in general, though some specific neighborhoods are. Still, when looking for a Houston moving company to relocate your household, you might need to consider learning how car shipping works, hiring auto shipping services, and bringing your car with you, as well.

The public transportation system and the long commute to work can be very problematic, depending on which part of the community you decide to live in. Great efforts are being made to improve the overall situation. There are bus and light rail systems in place which you can make use of, and which may be the most cost-efficient way of transport for students. Plus, they’re great for your health. If you are interested in biking, there are bike paths that connect the Heights with Downtown, and the bike paths are being continually improved and expanded.

Renting a bicycle is a very affordable and efficient way to get around

A Quick Guide to Things to Do and Places to See

You will never run out of interesting places to see and visit, no matter if you’re planning on relocating here permanently or just visiting. The community offers a unique experience of modern and diverse blended with the traditional Texan lifestyle. This means that you’ll surely find something to enjoy both when it comes to hobbies and when it comes to going out with your friends or family, there’s no time for getting relocation depression.

One of the most famous malls around the world is The Galleria, which is visited by over 30 million people every year. You won’t find many other cities which can satisfy your shopping needs quite like H-Town. Houston’s Galleria is home to more than 400 restaurants, boutiques, and stores, as well as an indoor ice rink, and it spans over 2 million square feet of shopping space.

You should also keep in mind that the Theater and Museum Districts are a must if you’re relocating here. The Theater District offers a variety of venues where you can watch and experience incredible shows. The Museum District is a large section of the town that covers over 12 blocks. It’s home to 19 different museums, and you’ll be able to walk from one to another with no need for a vehicle. Just make sure to wear some comfortable shoes.

If you are relocating with kids, there are many activities and things to do with your family. The Houston Zoo has more than six thousand animals on display, and the Downtown Aquarium offers a unique underwater experience. The Children’s Museum is made for kids, with many activities, exhibits, and experiences which are tailor-made for children of all ages, but also for the adults who want to get to know the world around them better.

There are many sports teams that you can support and watch, from the NBA’s Houston Rockets, the MLB World Series winner Houston Astros to the Texans in the NFL. There are also various high school and university sports teams that you can cheer for.

If You like Outdoor Activities, You’re Covered

H-Town offers many outdoor activities and places where you can spend the warm weather with your family and friends. Hermann Park, with its own railroad and many activities for people of all ages, is a must-see place.

If you’re moving with pets, then the Buffalo Bayou Park will be a perfect place to take them out on a walk. In case you’re moving with dogs, then remember that the Johnny Steele Dog Park is made for dogs to enjoy and take a break from the heat.

Hermann Park is the perfect place to enjoy warm, sunny days

The World-Famous Food

When you hear about Texas and food, it’s hard not to mention the famous barbecue, but it has much more to offer for all of the foodies out there. The different cultures present in this place have melded together to create a wonderful and diverse cuisine.

You will be able to experience something from a different part of the world every day. From the most basic dishes that everyone enjoys to different styles and tastes that are unique only to the Capital of the Sunbelt, you will surely find something to enjoy. Whether we’re talking about dining out in an ethnic restaurant or having lunch with your friends in a more laid-back space, we’re sure you will like the wide array of options. You may even find something new to experience which you may fall in love with.

Our story about H-Town’s gastronomical wonders doesn’t end with the food – there is no shortage of interesting beverages here. Maybe you’re interested in trying out some beer from the numerous local breweries or want to try out coffee from the unique coffee shops all around town. The cocktail bars are aplenty as well and will make your nights out worth their time, for sure.

You can’t avoid barbecue anywhere in the Lone Star State

The Weather – No Need to Pack Your Winter Clothes

You will be surprised by how great the weather is in general, especially if you’re not a fan of the cold and the snow. Its humid subtropical climate is so warm and wonderful that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see lightly dressed people in the middle of January. With about 102 days per year at or above 90 °F, the weather is so pleasant that many places around town have large open patios, which are perfect for outdoor dining.

But however enticing the weather may be at first, it can also get very humid and hot when the summer hits as hard as it can. This is why air conditioning is a must-have in every room, building, and vehicle.

The snow is very rare, but the rain is more common than in other Texas cities. It can happen throughout the day, and will usually last no longer than an hour.

The climate is very warm and can get hot in the middle of summer

Relocate to Houston and Enjoy Its Wonders

We hope you found our guide informative and useful. If you’ve made your decision, there’s only one thing left to do – get the cheapest way to move out of state and move. H-Town is waiting for you. And if you need a place to put your belongings, you can use our storage units and keep your things safe and sound while you go to Houston.