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Milwaukee: Cross Country Moving Guide

Finding affordable cross country movers in the sea of moving companies can be a challenge. Finding someone who is experienced in professional moving out of state maybe even more so. The services you require are difficult to perform and set up? Cross Country Moving Company is ready and willing to arrange all that for you. Whether you need moving supplies, moving help, vehicle shipping, tips on storage and packing, all of that and more. To get you a little bit prepared for your moving day escapade, we compiled some facts about the city of Milwaukee and some of the ways it compares to the city of your choice, San Antonio. 


Here we have a case of humid continental climate (Milwaukee), against the humid subtropical climate of San Antonio. We all can pretty much discern what that means. The overall average temperatures will differ a lot, and in favor of San Antonio, with significantly warmer days.
Average maximum temperature of 55 in Milwaukee is nothing compared to 80 degrees in the second most populated city in Texas. San Antonio receives about a dozen subfreezing nights each year, typically seeing some sort of wintry precipitation about once every 2-3 winters. So snow, basically, is a very rare and special occurrence. The days where skies are cloudy and rainy are also rarer than in Milwaukee, 126 compared to about 83 rainy days. 


According to the most recent population census, the city of San Antonio is home to just over 1.4 million people. It’s far less sleepy town-ish in comparison. but has some advantages anyway. Like the diversity. more job opportunities and lower rate of unemployment. The median income for a household in the city is $36,214, and the median income for a family is $53,100.
The population density, strangely is unlike you would expect it to be. The largest city in the state of Wisconsin is twice as much densely packed than San Antonio. Average commuting time, however is almost the same, around 26 minutes.
Both cities have public health care system. 

Geography and Recreation

In their close vicinity, both cities have lakes for locals to go to and enjoy nature, camping,picnics,canoeing and other activities. They are also equal when it comes to closeness of rivers as well. Unlike Milwaukee, San Antonio has access to mountains, that can be a great opportunity for you if you enjoy hiking and relaxing surrounded by nothing but nature. The city if San Antonio has a bike sharing system as well, and maybe you can join the effort to save the city from pollution done by cars and use it as well.
San Antonio was one of the 10 fastest growing cities in the states in the period between the year 2000 and 2010. San Antonio's economy is focused primarily within military, health care, oil and gas and tourism sectors, and ranked 15th on the Forbes’ list of best market for job growth. It is also very popular among tourists for its many attractions, like the Sea World and San Antonio Zoo.
Moving to San Antonio seems like a great way to begin a new chapter of your life. Cross Country Moving Company is more than happy to assist you with it. Contact one of our representatives as of today, and get all the moving help and tips you need. 

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