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Los Angeles Cross Country Movers

Our Los Angeles Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Los Angeles Cross Country Movers

    Los Angeles Cross Country Movers
    Are you looking for a reputable cross country moving company to help you settle down in the City of Angels? Seek no more because our Los Angeles movers know every corner of this California gem, and they'll ensure you're all set and ready to hit the beach in no time. Armed with years of experience and plenty of tricks and hacks, our movers Los Angeles are waiting for your call.

    Relocating to the City of Angels

    Located on the West Coast in the state of California, LA is one of the hottest destinations in the country. Although it has almost 13 million residents in its metropolitan area, there's still room for many more, and thousands of newcomers are moving cross country to this coastal paradise every year. Cross Country Moving Company has been helping newcomers to settle down in this area for years. We know every corner (and every beach), so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    What Are the Best Neighborhoods to Settle Down in LA?

    LA is frequently dubbed as the best place for singles and young professionals, but that doesn't mean that it is not family-friendly. That's the greatest perk of LA. There's the right community for everyone. Whether you're coming here to raise a family or excel in your career, you'll be able to find the right community. While Venice, West Hollywood, and Echo Park are favorites among singles, families can enjoy a quiet lifestyle in Silver Lake or Sherman Oaks. 

    Is It Expensive to Live in LA?

    It is not a secret that LA is pricey, but people are still moving across the country due to numerous opportunities and well-paid jobs, so in the end, it is expensive, but it is all doable. To give you an idea of some basic expenses, here are a few examples. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in a central location can cost you around $2,200 per month, while a three-bedroom apartment in the same location goes around $4,400. But, if you decide to settle down further from the center, you can expect to save from $500 to $1,000 on rent. The average monthly salary goes around $4,500, so if you have a roommate or a partner who's also working, it gets much easier to handle all expenses.

    Things to Do in LA

    We could dedicate an entire post only to things you can do in LA because this city is packed with activities. Besides the beach and numerous outdoor sports, you can visit the Griffith Observatory, go on a Warner Bros Studio Tour, stroll around Venice canals, or even go to Disneyland. If you're a fan of Hollywood stars, walking down the Hall of Fame is a must, as well as hiking to the famous Hollywood Sign. Don't forget to visit one of many museums such as The Broad, LACMA, MOCA, or Petersen Automotive Museum, and in the meanwhile, try not to leave all your money in Rodeo Drive shops.

    Los Angeles Movers Provide the Best Moving Services

    Doing everything by yourself is not impossible, but it is much easier when you have a reliable company of cross country movers by your side. We are sure you're already familiar with the fact that there are many fraudulent companies in this industry and that the last thing you want is to get scammed. The vast number of moving companies in Los Angeles can only make your task even harder since there are more reviews to read and quote offers to compare.

    Our movers in LA provide all cross country moving services you might need at a reasonable cost. We strive to do everything transparently with no hidden fees or low balling our clients. Years of experience in this industry taught us that honesty is the best policy, which helped us gain the trust of numerous clients who keep returning to us whenever they're moving interstate. If you need help with moving to Los Angeles, don't hesitate to contact us. Cross Country Moving Company has a team of professional packers who will ensure that everything is safely packed and transported to your new home, no matter the distance.

    Packing Services Provided by Our Movers in Los Angeles

    No matter how many clothes you donate, there's always going to be too many items to pack, especially those fragile ones that require special attention. Even if you're not doing a last-minute interstate moving, this can take days if you want to do it properly. Not to mention getting all supplies, sorting all items into categories, and trying to organize everything without losing your mind or breaking anything.

    Luckily, our professional packers are well versed with these things because they do it daily. They are fast, efficient, and can wrap and pack like true professionals, which they are. So, why not leave this time-consuming and boring task to them while you focus on other aspects of your relocation? Take a look at the packing services our Los Angeles moving crew offers. 

    Full Packing Service Provided by Los Angeles Movers

    Whether you have a house full of toys, fragile items, bulky furniture, or clothes, our professional packers are here to save the day. They come equipped with the best materials and supplies and can wrap and pack everything in no time. This service is perfect for those who don't want to bother with these time-consuming activities.

    If you book our full service, you can expect that our crew will carefully pack everything from your long inventory list with the boxes and supplies we provide. That includes everything from mattress covers, bubble wrap, padding, blankets, and of course, boxes of all sizes. We pay special attention to objects such as electronic devices, paintings, large mirrors, and other fragile items, so you can rest assured that your precious belongings are in good hands.

    What Is Partial Packing and Who Should Use It 

    One of the services many of our clients like to use is partial packing. People who opt for this option usually have some valuable or sensitive items they want to pack on their own. Although our crew members are trained to pack anything, we respect our clients' preferences and privacy if they want to handle a part of this tedious task.

    In situations like these, our crew needs to be informed on time just how many boxes they will need to pack. Keep in mind that by partial, we mean no more than 15 boxes packed by our crew. So everything up to 15 boxes can go as partial, but everything more than that we charge as full service. 

    How Do We Ensure Nothing Gets Lost During Relocation

    Once our crew wraps everything, each item gets its own unique barcode sticker that is scanned two times. First, when we load it, and after once, we unload it. By doing so, we reduce the risk of losing or misplacing some of the items. We will unload everything and place every box in the right room, according to the schedule provided by the client. We don't do the unpacking, but we do reassemble all the furniture disassembled by our crew.

    Car Shipping - One Los Angeles Moving Service That Is a Must

    You've probably heard that LA traffic is insane, but since the city is so spread out, you can hardly survive in it without a car. Public transportation exists, but it is not so extensive and well connected as in some other major cities. So, driving is a must. But why sell your car and then bother with buying a new one when you can ship it with the state to state movers?

    Whether you're up for a long-distance moving or you're coming from a state nearby, auto shipping can save the day in LA, literally, because you'll probably need it from day one. A road trip might sound like a fun adventure, but if you have kids or you need to drive for hours, it's just not worth the struggle. Let us introduce you to your options when it comes to shipping.

    Open Trailer

    An open trailer truck is the most popular means of auto shipping. They can accommodate up to nine vehicles (depending on their size), which is ideal for families with more than one car. Also, this is the most affordable option for shipping a car across the country.

    Enclosed Trailer

    As the name suggests, your car will be covered and well protected from the weather and road debris during its ride because it will be on an enclosed trailer. However, this option is more expensive, so usually, the owners of luxury and rare vehicles decide to invest in it. Also, these trailers can accommodate only up to 4 cars, depending on the size.

    Door-to-Door Delivery

    Another convenience is that we offer door-to-door car shipping, which means that as long as our truck can access your front door, your vehicle will be delivered right in front of it. If there are some restrictions, the truck will wait for you in the nearest parking lot.

    Our Company Gives You 30 Days of Free Storage

    Your new home is not ready yet? You're still house hunting and don't have a place to store your belongings? No reason to worry, because we give you 30 days of absolutely free storage space. That is right. Your belongings will be safely stored and protected from outdoor conditions in our storage, entirely free for the first 30 days, without any obligation to continue using our storage or pay for it after that period. Look at it as some sort of a trial period that will give you more time to prepare your home, maybe do a bit of remodeling, and then start unpacking or decide to extend your use of storage.

    Do You Need Insurance When Using Our Moving Service in Los Angeles?

    No one likes to hear something got lost, damaged, or broken. When paying for our services, our clients expect to get nothing but the best, and our crew strives to deliver and be on top of the task every time. However, sometimes, accidents can happen, which is why it is good to know that as long as they are with us, your belongings are insured.

    Basic and Full Replacement Coverage

    All items that were packed and handled by our crew are covered with the basic liability insurance, which is 60 cents per pound. However, we always recommend our clients to invest in the full value replacement, especially if they have some valuables and fragile items. 

    Auto Transport Insurance

    Your vehicles are also insured while they are cruising down the roads on our trailer. When using an open trailer truck, your vehicle is covered for external damage up to $100,000.00. And when using an enclosed trailer, external damage up to $500,000.00 is covered.

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    After reading all the reviews and learning everything about the city, are you now ready to become an Angeleno and make LA your home? Don't wait too long to give us a call and schedule your relocation. Our crew will help you reach LA no matter the distance

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