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When you decide to make a significant change in your life such as moving to another state, there are so many things that you need to think about. But, needless to say, the first thing that you need to decide is where exactly you want to start your life all over. Have you already made this decision? Is Florida your choice? If so, that’s excellent. Now, the next step is to find reliable Idaho movers. We will tell you something about Florida in the second part of the article, but, first, we have to mention your relocation process. Once you decide where you want to move, you need to start planning how exactly you are going to do that. One thing’s for sure – you can’t possibly go through the complicated process of moving to another state without professional cross country movers. That’s why we are here – to guide you through the whole process and make it as easy and comfortable as possible.
Cross Country Movers is a reliable long distance moving company which has years and years of experience in the business. We have teams of professional cross country movers and helpers who are highly trained for what they do, so you can be sure they will find the best possible way to organize your long distance move. There are various moving services that you can choose between, including residential moving, corporate moving, vehicle transportation, storage services, together with professional packing and unpacking, etc.
As for auto transport, in particular, you should know that with us as your chosen Idaho movers, you can rest assured your vehicle will be safely transported to your future destination. Whether you opt for open or enclosed carrier, there’s no need to worry about the safety of your four-wheeler. Of course, if you own a show car, we recommend you choose enclosed car shipping to make sure your vehicle is protected even from dust. Otherwise, open car shipping is just as safe an option. Depending on your willingness to pick up your vehicle from a local terminal, you can choose between door to door and terminal to terminal delivery. Again, whichever one you eventually pick, we promise we will do our best to deliver your car completely intact. For more info on long distance car shipping, feel free to give us a ring.
If you want to see the full list of our services, you can always contact our representatives and ask for it. You can also ask for any other additional information and clarifications you might need before setting the moving day.
Since you will probably start living in Florida in not so distant future, it would be a good idea to learn something about it before your long distance move. We believe you have probably done some research of your own already, but you should still read on and find out what we think you should know about Florida.

Learn About Florida

Before you decide to relocate to the Sunshine State, as its residents like to call it, it is crucial that you research some more about it, so as to avoid any future surprises or disappointments. Here are some of the basic facts about this state:
Florida is located in the southeastern area of the United States.
It is surrounded by Alabama, Georgia, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.
The capital of Florida is not Miami, as many people believe, but Tallahassee.
People from Florida are called Floridians or Floridans.
Languages spoken the most are English and Spanish.
Florida is home to more than 20 million people, and the numbers keep growing.
The word Florida translates to “land of flowers”.

Finding the Right Place in Florida for Yourself

Now that you know a little more about the Sunshine state, it is time to find the perfect place for yourself. The first thing you should take into consideration is the fact that the state is divided into five regions. These regions are:
- Northern Florida. Cities of Gainesville and Jacksonville are located here. This area is home to numerous historic landmarks and is traditionally culturally south-oriented.
- The Florida Panhandle. This is where the capital city, Tallahassee, is located. The area is known for beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast and a touch of southern charm.
- Central Florida. This area is perhaps the most attractive one for tourists, as it is home to SeaWorld, Disney World, and the Kennedy Space Center. It also has a handful of small towns scattered all around the region that are very pleasant to live in.
- Southwest Florida. This area is where Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, and Ft. Myers are located. It is home to numerous museums, performing arts venues, galleries, and breathtaking beaches.
- Southern Florida. This region is the largest metropolitan area in the state. This is where Miami is located.
Have you already picked one of these areas? If so, don’t waste your time but let your cross country movers know as soon as possible - we are looking forward to planning your relocation.

Get Ready For the Climate

You probably already know that Florida is a warm and sunny state (well, except for Southeast Florida, that is). Prepare yourself for long, hot days with humid weather in the summer. If you are thinking of living by the beach, you will also be able to enjoy a light cooling breeze year-round. And the good thing is that with us as your Idaho movers, you can begin to enjoy those sunny days in near future. However, don’t donate all your warm clothes just yet. Florida nights tend to get a little chilly, and summer storms are relatively common.
Perhaps more important than preparing the right clothes is readying your future home for hurricanes. Especially if you are buying a house, make sure its hurricane shutters are completely functional, as they might save your life (quite literally). Make a habit out of stocking non-perishable food, water, and other supplies in your home.

Prepare Yourself for Florida Traffic

There are two things you need to know before you start driving in Florida. First of all, the traffic here tends to be hectic. Due to a large number of both residents and tourists, getting around Florida is not that easy, so try your best not to get frustrated with the slow traffic. Pre-plan each commute and be ready to lose some time in your car.
Another important thing is that your car simply needs to have air-conditioning. Yes, we are aware that most vehicles today do, but we suggest getting your air-conditioning system checked before moving to Florida.
Once again, if you need auto transport services from your current home to any place in Florida, don’t hesitate to contact Cross Country Movers today and get some of the best auto transport quotes in the country.

Become a Florida Resident

One of the crucial steps of your relocation to Florida is becoming a legal Florida resident. This means changing your address, as well as the information on your driver’s license and other documents. To learn more about everything that you need to do in order to officially become a Florida resident, click here.

Enjoy Your New Home

Once all the technicalities are over with, it is time for you to enjoy your new like in Florida. We suggest spending the first month or so just exploring the Sunshine state. Here are some of the activities you are bound to enjoy:
  • Spending a day at one of the numerous amazing beaches in Florida. To learn more about the best beaches in Florida, click here.
  • Visit Florida’s museums. We suggest you start from the Kennedy Space Center and work your way from there.
  • Take your family to Florida’s theme parks. Be it Disney World, Legoland, SeaWorld, Dinosaur World, or Busch Gardens, Florida can guarantee hours of fun.
  • To see more suggestions about how you can spend your free time in Florida, click here.
Are you ready to move to Florida? If so, there is only one thing left for you to do – contact Cross Country Movers today to get some of the best moving price estimates and ask for any additional moving tips you might need. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with more information about our wide array of services, including commercial and residential moving, auto transportation, professional packing and unpacking, climate controlled storage units, and providing moving boxes and other moving supplies. Contact our representatives to schedule your moving day. There’s no reason to hesitate now that you’ve finally found reliable Idaho movers.

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