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How to pack your bedroom when moving

Are you excited about moving to another state? Long-distance moving is one of the most important decisions people make to change something in their life for better. Everybody is looking for a brighter future. Anyway, before you move, there are some tasks you have to complete, and one of them is hiring a licensed and trustworthy moving company. You will need professional assistance in transporting all your property to the new address. Cross Country Movers is the company that can offer you all types of high-quality services. Our skilled and experienced crew will help you move to your new address. Just contact us for any question regarding your move.How to pack your bedroom when moving.
And if you wish to tackle some of the packing on your own, we have prepared some useful tips on how to do it properly.


You can leave your clothes on hangers and place them in wardrobe cartons. There are special cartons that you can purchase from your moving company to make sure your clothes are safe from dirt, wrinkling, and odd smells. If you don't want to buy those special boxes, you can pack your clothes in ordinary boxes or a suitcase. Remove them from hangers, fold them carefully, and line with clean paper in between.


How to pack your bedroom when moving
Do not pack your jewelry with other household goods. It should remain near you all the time; it's the best way to keep it safe. In addition, most pieces of jewellery are small enough to get lost easily, so you should consider using smaller boxes for it as well.

Pillows and mattresses

The best way to pack pillows is to place them in your dresser drawers since they are light and they can easily be squeezed in. When packing mattresses, consider purchasing a mattress storage bag.


How to pack your bedroom when moving
Being one of the most fragile household belongings, mirrors must be especially protected from any possible damage, so you should use special mirror boxes. You should also line them with several layers of protection. Mirrors are heavy, and they must be packed separately from other things.


Fold all your curtains lengthwise and place them on a padded hanger. Then you can hang them in a carton. Another way to pack them is by putting them in boxes and lining them with paper wrap.


If you have perfumes or plastic bottles, tape them firmly to prevent any leaks. Place them separately from other items in a small carton. If you have an aerosol spray bottle or something similar, throw it away, since it is quite dangerous to transport it. In case you decide to take it, put it in your bag, which you will bring with you while traveling.

Bedding and towels

You should first wash all sheets and towels. Dry them entirely before you pack them. You want them to be perfectly clean since you will use probably them immediately after you get into your new home. Then fold and store them in large plastic bags, lining them with paper.


After you clean all your rugs, roll them and tape them to make sure they don’t open. Protect them with several layers of plastic wrap. Alternatively, you could ask a cleaner to wrap and roll them to get them ready for transport. While the movers load the truck, they should bring the rugs in the end when everything else is put and secured, because they should be the first items brought into the house. You will place the carpets on the floors before the furniture is carried in.
Cross Country Movers hopes that these tips will ensure some efficient packing. We are here to transport all your belongings to your new home. Contact us now!