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How to know that it is time to move 

The decision that it is time to move is not an easy one. Many factors need to be taken into consideration and after a month of weighing you are still not sure what to do. Whether you are presented with a job opportunity, or you have some other reason there is always that feeling of fear. Fear of failure. What should you do if you don’t accomplish the goals you set for yourself when you moved out? No one can guarantee you that everything will be better. Starting a whole new chapter in your life in another country is hard. Most surveys have shown that people between 18 and 25 are most likely to move. However, no matter the age, leaving your hometown and moving to another city is tricky. However, if you feel that significant life change should happen and you should seek for other possibilities, then go for it. But many people get insecure since one part is not capable of going forward and another part is constantly thinking about new and unknown options. If cannot make up your mind, read the following few passages because maybe they will help you decide. 

Trust your gut 

When you are supposed to decide on something, feeling you have that you don’t know how to explain is sometimes crucial. Whenever you get that pit in your stomach when you think of moving, that should be your indication. Trust your instincts if they tell you to go forward with the relocation, then do it; even if you are considering moving to a state you have never been to, but you only heard about it. Don’t put your passion and dreams on hold for too long. If you do that, you will realize that you have come to the point where you feel you are not in command of your own life. New life opportunities will be opened for you, and you will grow as a person. 
Time to move?

You feel you have changed 

Do you feel like an outsider or like you got tired of the same surrounding? Just stop and think, is there something that keeps you there? And even if there is, is it more important than new life possibilities that are waiting for you in another place. Sometimes changing your environment is just the thing you need; simple as that. Ask yourself, what’s keeping you there? If you need some time to think, that’s good enough sign to say goodbye and pack your bags. No matter the age, gender, race or environment you currently live in, if you feel stuck and you think there is more then go with it. 
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