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Tools to Help You Check How Safe Is Your Neighborhood

Are you thinking about moving to another city? One of the first things you should do is check the safety of your chosen place of residence. 

Nowadays, many internet applications can help you with your search. They will make sure that you get the right information about how safe is your neighborhood.  

When you find the right place, the one that suits your budget and personal needs, the next step is to hire a reputable moving company that offers the best moving services

How to check whether your neighborhood is safe

What to Look for in a Family-Friendly Neighborhood?

Have you started searching for a new home? There are so many factors that can affect the final decision.

If you are putting protection of the loved ones on the top of the priority list, you should look for places that provide:

  • Accessible crosswalks
  • Biking trails
  • Good street lighting
  • Low crime stats – you should concentrate on violent and property felonies
  • The distance of the important facilities like police, hospitals, ER centers, fire department and schools
  • Diverse community groups
What to Look for in a Family-Friendly Neighborhood?

Family Watchdog to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

 This website provides you with a free service to help you locate registered sex offenders.

It is only natural to worry about your family. That’s why this site pushes you to educate your loved ones about possible dangers in areas that you regularly visit.  

Watchdog is also notifying you whenever the new offender moves in or out of your area. But, you will need to sign up for the alerts.

When putting in your location in the search box, the site shows you a map with pinpointed addresses of nearby offenders. Watchdog provides you with color-coded icons that match with a range of sex felonies.

National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)

Similar to Watchdog, NSOPW represents one of the best resources for information about sexual misconduct. If you want to use this as a valuable source for gathering intel about your new home, you should know there are plenty of search options:

  • by name
  • by the address
  • by postal code
  • by country
  • by city

NSOPW supplies you with free services, and its app is available for your phone, making the search even more accessible.

Tools to Help You Check How Safe Is Your Neighborhood


This site provides you with data about lawbreaking statistics. It covers the whole USA with 90% accuracy.

It can help you find the city with lower crime rates. But it will also warn you about the types of misconduct that pose a threat to any area.  

NeighborhoodScout has crime data that is developed for each particular place. Algorithms that are responsible for this use statistics from more than 18,000 agencies. Here you can find in-depth data about the specific district, but you need to subscribe to the website first. There are statistics for:

  • Number of violent felonies on a yearly basis
  • Comparison chart for violent and property crime
  • A number of offenses per square mile.


Make sure to use AreaVibes when you are researching places to move to. It is one of the easiest tools for gathering info. The site is focused on giving a livability score by analyzing many factors. Not only it takes into consideration the crime rates of the city, but it also analyzes the costs of living, schools, house market.

All you have to do is type in an address, or a postal code and AreaVibes will find the most suitable location for you. The site allows you to customize the list by adding factors like education or housing into consideration.

Tools to Help You Check How Safe Is Your Neighborhood

Staying Safe in Any Neighborhood

You did your research, you prepared and picked the most secure place, but it is impossible to control everything. Also, if AreaVibes said that this particular place is not dangerous, you could always make it a little bit better.

Remember that you can never be too protected. There are many steps you can take to increase your security. Not just in your home, but around your district as well.

Different Cities – Same Home Security

Once you have moved, let yourself feel safe in your new home. To do that, you need to install a good security system that will prevent any break-ins. Even if you did pick a pleasant and friendly town, a trustworthy system would provide much-needed peace of mind. It should include mobile access and 24-hour monitoring. If you had a trustworthy security system in your previous home, you might think about taking it with you in the new adventure.

Store dangerous items like medicine and weapons in protected boxes, especially if you have kids. Put smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and install motion-sensing lights. The same goes for cameras. The well-lit place will deter offenders and keep your home protected.

Different Cities - Same Home Security

Friendly Vibe of the Neighborhood Depends on You, Too  

Now that you have protected your house, you can pay attention to your behavior outside. Make your area a more secure and pleasant place to live in. Make sure to use a crosswalk since jaywalking is dangerous, and it puts not only you in a bad situation but also others. Follow the rules when it comes to driving, especially if you had a few drinks.

Remember, we are all responsible for the level of security and all-around vibe of our town.


 If you are focusing your search in the direction of felony rates and data regarding the safety of your neighborhood, then CrimeReports is a website for you.

This is a free website that is updated by more than 1000 law enforcement agencies. It also provides you with crime alerts.  

CrimeReports is a specific site because it allows people to register their cameras on the site.

You did your research, and you found the right place to move to. It has low crime rates, and it fits all your needs. Now all you need to do is to hire a professional moving company to help you with the relocation.