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Guide to Relocation With Your Pet
Cross Country Moving Company

Relocation represents a very stressful and important event for us humans, but it might even be more of a hassle for our furry children. No matter whether you have a cat or a dog, you should know that they don’t always handle relocation easy. It’s often very difficult for pets to adjust to having to travel and then also having to move into a completely new house. However, not all hope should be lost right away. There are certain steps that you can take in order to make the relocation a more pleasant experience for your pet. Here are some of our best tips and tricks on how to relieve unnecessary stress for relocating with your pet :

Step 1: Make sure your new place is pet friendly

You should probably do this before anything else. Although the chance of it not being pet friendly are quite small, it’s still good to make sure and not come across any issues once you arrive to your new place. This could be easily done via your phone, just give the landlord or landlady a call and ask whether it’s OK to bring a pet with you.
Bonus tip: If you’re planning on moving into a house, it’s a good idea to search for a house with a backyard, since this will be a great place for your pet to spend time in.

Step 2: Make a plan and stick to it

It’s important to be very organized before and once the relocation is set in motion. Imagine starting to transport everything to you new location and then suddenly realizing you forgot something of great importance. You would probably have to leave your pet in their carrier for hours while you go get what you’ve forgotten. This wouldn’t feel so nice for them, would it? This is why you need to have every step of the way completely organized. Avoiding minor nuisances such as these might seem like it wouldn’t make a huge different, but if you think about it a bit more, you’ll realize that it would.

Step 3: Have a kit with all the essentials for your pet

Just like you would prepare refreshing beverages, snacks and meals for yourself, you should do so for your pet as well. They will get thirsty and hungry too, and some pets might even require additional water or food in case it’s very hot outside or they just want to eat a bit more in order to relieve their stress. It’s also a good idea to have a few treats lying around, just in case you want to show them how much you appreciate them being a good pet during transportation. Another great idea is to have toys which are safe for them to play on their own. This will take their mind off of the fact that they’re in transport and not at home, where they’re used to being. If you have a pet that needs daily grooming, make sure you get a grooming tool that’s appropriate for them too.

Step 4: Visit your vet before the relocation

If you’re going to be moving to a completely different city, you will probably have to change your pet’s vet too. Although this might seem sad, don’t worry, your pet will definitely not miss its old vet. However, right before relocation is the perfect time to visit the vet for several reasons. First of all, you should ask for copies of all the vaccination documents and general health records of your pet. This will help your new chosen vet by providing an insight into your pet’s health in advance, so that they can avoid having any unnecessary check-ups or exams. Second of all, if your pet’s shots are due, this is a good time to have them done. You never know whether you’ll be able to find a good vet right after you finish moving, so this represents the perfect opportunity to get it done and not have to worry about it for at least a year, before the boosters are due. If your pet has any prescription medication that it needs to take daily, make sure that your vet refills it before your trip. Again, you cannot know when you’ll be able to get a new vet. Get the prescription written down by your vet in order to ensure being able to refill it at any desired time.

Step 5: Make sure your pet is not under stress during the relocation process

It might be tricky sometimes to determine whether your pet is under stress or not. This is particularly true for cats, who are very good at hiding their emotions at all costs. Dogs are a bit more sensitive and will often cry out to their owners while scared or unhappy. We can safely assume that every pet will most definitely feel a certain amount of stress during relocation. Some might feel more, some might feel less, it all depends on the animal. It’s important to try and do something which will take their mind off of the fact that you’re moving to a new place. Try playing with them or simply giving them a quick rub to see how they’re doing. Provide a safe and preferably quiet place for them to rest during transportation. It’s really important to make them feel like they’re safe, especially for cats. Dogs are protective by nature and don’t have the need to constantly feel safe. On the other hand, cats literally need to feel safe at all times, because otherwise they experience a significant amount of stress which can very negatively influence their health. Once you arrive to your new location, introduce your pet slowly to it. It’s best to keep your cat in one room at first and let them get cozy there. If you have a good, you can let your dog freely explore its new territory. Cats will definitely need a bit more time to adjust to their new territory, so be patient with them.
Are you ready to begin your relocation? Remember, relocation with pets does not have to be as stressful as you might think! Just follow our guide and you will certainly manage to handle this relocation without any difficulties or unnecessary stress. Whenever you feel like you’re ready, give us a call and schedule your relocation with Cross Country Moving Company. We will make sure that your relocation goes as smooth as possible. If you still have any doubts or you would like to ask us any questions, do not hesitate to contact our representative team. Cross Country Moving Company’s priority is your satisfaction as our customer. What are you waiting for? We’re looking forward to helping you out with your relocation.