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Getting moving boxes

The entire moving process is a lot of work, you have to plan ahead and organize every step of the relocation. This includes packing, that is, if you plan on doing the packing yourself, as most moving companies provide packing services along with moving services. If you’ve decided to do it yourself, whether you trust yourself more or are just moving on a tight budget, you’ll need to acquire the right moving supplies before that moving day comes around. If not, you can expect your moving day to be doubly chaotic then it was supposed to be, when you find yourself in a mess, with lots of belongings to be packed and the moving trucks waiting for you outside of your home.
Whether you plan on moving stuff just around the block, you’re moving to another state entirely, moving your possessions to a storage unit or even donating your stuff you need the right moving supplies and materials for it.
The most important moving item, moving boxes, are certainly one moving expense that you can do without, thankfully there are plenty of ways you can get them either very cheap or for no cost at all.
Getting moving boxes


The online bazaar is a popular place to find just about anything, you’ll see a vast amount of great finds on your local Craigslist page. You can do a quick search for boxes in the ‘Free’ section of the website that is just underneath the ‘for sale ‘ option.

Liquor stores

If you live next to or close to a liquor store, you’re in luck. Especially if it’s a larger liquor store, as they get even more shipments of per month and have plenty of extra boxes just lying around. Don’t be afraid to pop in and ask the manager if you can take them off their hands. If the boxes can hold loads of glass bottles filled with alcohol they can surely handle your belongings.

Friends, Family, Neighbors

The easiest way of acquiring moving boxes for free is to just ask your friends, family and/or neighbors if they have some. If you know of anyone who has recently move, even better, they will surely have some moving supplies lying around that they want to get rid of. Also don’t hesitate to ask for free boxes on social media, use the internet to your advantage.

Schools and grocery stores

As was said for liquor stores, chances are high that schools and grocery stores around you have many boxes that they’re not using for much. At the start of the school year when schools have large shipments of books is the best time to ask. And it doesn’t hurt you to ask the store manager for any free boxes the next time you go grocery shopping.