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Where and Why to Donate Furniture Before You Move

When you are moving from one home to another, the best way to dispose of the stuff you don't plan to use anymore is to donate it. Did you know that you can donate furniture as well as your clothes and home appliances? It might sound like a strenuous project that you don't need amongst all the moving frenzy, but there are a lot of organizations that are willing to pick up stuff you want to donate. Plus, there is the personal satisfaction of knowing you did something good for the community. If you look into different organizations that are dealing with furnishing donations, you'll find that they are mostly cause-oriented. You can even choose the cause towards which you want to direct your resources. Some charities will redistribute contributions to those in need, and some will sell them and give the profits from it to the specific cause they are representing. Either way, your donation will reach the ones who need it the most.  

Why Should You Donate Your Furniture?

Besides the undeniable fact that you are helping someone, there are many other advantages of giving your belongings away for a noble cause. First of all, disposing of your things by throwing them away is costly. Most of the times, your local waste management doesn't accept big furnishing items. If they do, however, they have to schedule a bulky item pickup, and that can cost you 50-75$. If that is not an option, you can contact your local scrap yards, but again, the transport will cost you. If you planned on simply putting it on the curb, you are risking paying some high fees if your neighbors complain, and they have the right to do so. A big pro for a donation is that it is tax-deductible. Most of the charities will give you a tax receipt, and at the end of the year, your good deeds will pay off. 
Where and Why to Donate Furniture Before You Move

How to Pick The Right Charity?

The first thing you should consider when picking up a charity organization is the cause they stand for. Some organizations are redistributing your contributions to specific targeted groups like war veterans and at-risk groups. Other organizations are selling them and directing the proceeds toward a particular goal, and they usually employ and train people from underprivileged groups. You can easily see where your donation will end up by researching their mission on their sites. 

Sometimes you may be in a hurry and cannot arrange the transport of your things to the charity's location. In that case, you can choose one of the organizations that will come and pick them up from your site. Some of them are Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Local Shelters, etc. Here are some of the organizations that can help you with your donations and their missions.

Find the cause that is closest to your heart.

Goodwill Has the Best Network Across the Country

With more than 3200 Goodwill stores across the country, there is a good chance that there is one near you. Goodwill trains and employs workers from underprivileged groups and donates to many local community programs. Goodwill is not a single cause-oriented organization. It has a wide range of causes that it funds. However, not all of the Goodwill stores are equipped for free pickup. A lot of them are, but it is best to call in advance and ask how can they accept your donation.

Habitat for Humanity Restore Is Featured Worldwide

Habitat for Humanity Restore is an organization that directs the proceeds towards housing problems of the less fortunate locally and across the globe. Also, one of the significant advantages of Habitat for Humanity is how fast they can organize the free pickup and the transport of your donation. You have to call 24 hours in advance to schedule the transport from your location.

Pickup Please Accepts Only Smaller Items and Appliances

Pickup Please directs its proceeds directly to War Veterans of America causes on the state level. The only drawback of this organization is that it currently accepts only smaller items and house appliances. You can make a donation request online, label your box with a donation and they will send someone to pick it up for free.

The Salvation Army Stores Fund Their Own Adult Rehabilitation Centers

The Salvation Army Stores organization has over 1500 stores across the country. They give you the option of delivering your items by yourself, or they can pick it up for you if you schedule in advance. Their mission is to create Adult Rehabilitation Centers that help people across the country to battle with various addiction problems or other life issues.

What Should You Consider When Scheduling Pickup Services?

With most of these organizations, you have to schedule a free pickup service a few days in advance. Transporting bulky things requires a lot of organization and special transporting vehicles. In any case, you shouldn't donate things that are not in a condition to be used by someone else. That said, they have to be in good shape. 

What Are Your Other Options Besides the Donation Organizations?

Sometimes, donating your items is not an option. The reasons can vary. Whether it is too damaged, or you cannot transport it to the charity, or you can not organize a free pickup. Here are a few other options to dispose of your things:
Sometimes you can even earn some money by disposing of the unwanted stuff

Donate it to a Local Shelter

Many local shelters will take even a bit more damaged stuff. Since there are so many of them, there are a lot of different rules, and they operate as individual charities. You should ask them under which conditions you can make donations. 

Local Thrift Stores Make Money Offers For Your Old Furniture

You can maybe earn some money by offering your belongings to a local thrift store. Don't expect too much thou. It is usually just a fraction of the original price of your items. Some of the thrift stores are donating their proceeds to a local charity cause. The big downside of this kind of arrangement is that you have to organize the transport by yourself.

Give Your Furniture to a Community Theatre

Community theatres mostly rely on donations from patrons for their scene sets. This is an excellent way to dispose of your unwanted stuff and help an independent art group in the process. You can contact them to arrange the delivery process, and sometimes they are willing to take it off your hands on their own.

Sell it On Craigslist

There is nothing you can’t offer on Craigslist nowadays. You would be surprised by what people are selling online, so why not sell your belongings you don’t want for your new house.
All in all, moving is one of the few moments when you have the chance to declutter, and donating furniture is a good way to do that. If you need help moving to your new home, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free quote.