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Moving from Covington, Washington to Santa Cruz, CA with Covington Cross Country Movers

Have you thought of a town to move to? Perhaps we can help with a suggestion. We as your Covington cross country movers will try to find a suitable match for you, and we will list some reasons why you should move there. It is hard leaving behind such a nice place as Covington, but our moving crew from Cross Country Moving Company might just help you find a better and happier place for you and your family.
Our crew of movers has experience in various types of long distance moves. We are here to assure you that the place you choose is right for you, or give you some suggestions in case you are struggling with finding a new town to call home. We wouldn’t let you be swayed as other moving companies would. CCMC does its business in an open manner, providing you with a lot of advice and moving help along your journey to your new place of residence.
In order for you to have everything you need, help yourself to a list of moving services we provide.

- Additional storage in climate controlled storage units
- Professional packing and unpacking services by a licensed crew
- Services of auto shipping across the country
- Full residential moving plan
- Advice on moving budget managing, getting moving supplies and additional tips
Covington Cross Country Movers
Do remember that you can count on all these services even if you’re moving from some other city, say, you’re looking for reliable Seattle movers. Before you set out on your moving expedition, we strongly advise you to look into the blog section of our site, where you can find useful moving tips and packing hacks. Many of the frequently asked questions can also be found there, along with their answers. Now, let’s move on to our choice of a good moving destination.

Santa Cruz, CA

Are you interested in a town near the shore? We hope you’d like Santa Cruz. In the late 19th century, Santa Cruz established itself as a beach resort community. If you love the beach, you will absolutely love this city located in Monterey Bay. This is the county seat and largest city of Santa Cruz County, which is home to around 63 thousand people. Santa Cruz used to be an industrial area prior to the tourism expansion, that predominantly dealt with lime, lumber, gunpowder, and agriculture. Santa Cruz is known for its moderate climate, the natural beauty of its coastline, redwood forests, alternative community lifestyles, and socially liberal leanings. It is also home to the University of California, Santa Cruz. Nowadays, those resources are widely exploited through tourism, and agriculture still remains one of the top economic branches in the area.


Today, Santa Cruz is a touristy city, with many tourist attractions which include the classic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on the beach, the redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains above the town, and Monterey Bay, which is protected as a marine sanctuary.


The climate does not swerve from the usual Californian climate. ’Holy Cross’ has mild weather throughout the year, enjoying a warm-summer Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, mostly dry summers. Due to its proximity to Monterey Bay, fog and low overcast are common during the night and morning hours, especially in the summer.
If you’re ready to leave your home and start anew in the beautiful city of Santa Cruz, the only thing left to do is to give us a call and set the moving date. We are waiting for your call.

We move you anywhere within the USA

Cross Country Long Distance Movers are one of the top rated moving companies in the United States. If you are relocating from or to Covington and are looking for reliable relocation services, then our Covington Cross Country Moving services are here to meet your needs. We have an exceptional reputation for providing the best services possible and aim to give you a stress-free, safe and impeccable move.
auto transport
We know how stressful driving long distances can be, whether it is for relocation purposes or other reasons. That is why we offer the best professional auto shipping services. With us, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be safe throughout its trip.
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We offer affordable cross country moving prices that depend on several factors. These include the size of your home or business, the number of items being moved, and the location of your destination. With Covington Cross Country Movers, you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees and charges. We will provide you with a flat price estimate depending on your exact inventory.
Our movers have been trained to pack items professionally and efficiently. We use high-quality moving boxes and other types of customized containers to ensure that all your belongings are fully protected. Whether it is your dishes, chairs, gadgets, or artwork that you need packed, our professional packers can do it. 
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