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Let’s say you’re thinking about moving out of state but are uncertain about where to buy large moving boxes, get the best moving supplies, or can’t make out just how much this move will cost you. You might want to check out the moving company reviews, or ask a friend to recommend you a professional moving company he or she has had some experience with. You consider yourself a responsible person, and you wouldn’t want someone who isn’t responsible managing and handling your belongings all across the country. We at Columbus Cross Country Movers strive to be responsible professionals, working as efficiently as possible, and with that provide you many services other companies might have missed out on.
Now, to help ease the process of moving, here are some facts about the cities of Columbus and Minneapolis that you might find helpful, put together in a small list.

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The largest and capital city of the state of Ohio, Columbus, falls under the categorization of humid continental climate. This means that summers here are, as you know, muggy and hot, and generally not too pleasant. Interestingly enough, although under the same climate ‘region’ of the Upper mid-West, the city of Minneapolis experiences a lot less rainy days, on average only 35, compared to Columbus’ 139. Minneapolis’ average maximum temperature is lower, 53 degrees Fahrenhiet compared to 62. 


If you’re wondering which of the cities is more crowded, Columbus is about twice the size of Minneapolis, population wise. It houses around 800 thousand people, but has much lower population density than one would expect. While the largest city in the state of Minnesota has around 2700 people living per square kilometer, Columbus has only 1400.
The unemployment rates do not vary drastically, being at 5.1 % in Minneapolis.
Gross Domestic Products of these two cities are, however, largely unbalanced. GDP in the city in Ohio is 90$ billion. and can’t compare to 199$ billion dollars of its counterpart.
Both cities have recognized and utilized public health care. 

Outdoor Recreation & Activities

Minneapolis is abundantly rich in water, with thirteen lakes, wetlands, taking both banks of the Mississippi River, near the Minnesota River, creeks and waterfalls, many connected by parkways in the Chain of Lakes. The City itself coined a name that translated from Greek means Watertown.
There are three theaters in ‘’Mini Apple’’ as it is sometimes referred to. It can also brag about 5 airports. Compared to Columbus it has 4 times more museums to visit, 16 in total, some of which are:

- The Weisman Art Museum
- The Minnesota Institute of Art
- The Museum of Russian Art

It’s also known as ‘Twin Cities’ when referred together with Saint Paul.
Minneapolis has a bike sharing system, and up to 7 different sporting arenas you can watch or play sports in.
The costs of the monthly public transportation tickets are: 61$ in Columbus and 58$ in Minneapolis, and average commuting time in both cities was reported to be 25 minutes.
If you decide to settle down in this beautiful, was developing city, you might want to check out it’s list of neighborhoods here.

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