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Cross Country Moving Company is one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable us to offer the best moving and packaging services to our customers.
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Moving costs depends on the size of your move, and where you are moving to or from. We will provide you with an affordable flat price based on your exact inventory, with no hidden charges.
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Even though our movers are big and strong, they are trained to pack everything with care and skill. Our professional movers will pack and transport all your items safely – whether they be dishes, chairs, expensive gadgets, artwork or other fragile items!
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Auto Shipping

Driving a new or classy car over long distances is stressful. We know this, that's why you should leave the stress to us. Cross Country Moving Company offers professional auto shipping services so that your car is protected throughout the trip.

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    5 star rating I joined a university in Los Angeles, so i had to hire a company to move my stuff from  Philadelphia.... read more

    Anh N.
    Tiffany B. Avatar

    5 star rating I actually stumbled upon this company when I was looking for places to ship a car that I had recently... read more

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Moving from Charlotte, North Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts with Cross Country Movers 

Are you looking for professional Charlotte movers to help you with your long distance move to Boston? Search no more - you were lucky enough to find us, one of the best cross country movers in the US. So, with us as your Charlotte movers, you have nothing to worry about - we can take care of every single step of your relocation from Charlotte to Boston. Here are some of the moving services we have in our offer:

Another important thing to mention is that we offer to take care of your vehicle, as well. When it comes to auto transport, we offer both door to door and terminal to terminal car shipping. So, whether you want to save some money by picking your car at a local terminal, or you want to ensure extra safety by choosing door to door delivery, we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, you can also count on our cross country movers to provide you with enclosed car shipping service, but this one is only recommended for those customers who have a highly valuable show car, for instance. In any other case, your vehicle will be just as safe in an open trailer, which is also the more affordable of the two options. If this is your first time shipping a car, feel free to call us to ask for more info on long distance car shipping. We will be more than happy to tell you more about auto transport or any other aspect of your long distance move to Boston.

Boston, Massachusetts is a heaven on Earth. It is a mixture of both urban and rural styles, with a high-quality living, a pleasant climate, and a varied cultural background. Who wouldn’t want to live there? Without further ado, here are the reasons why we believe you should be moving to Boston as soon as possible.

About Boston

Boston Neighborhoods

If your question is “What is the best neighborhood in Boston” you are unlikely to find a definite answer. The best place for you is the one that fits your criteria best. Are you moving alone or with a family? Do you already have a job waiting for you, and if so, where? Do you own a car? What is your budget? How old are you? What are your preferences? The list goes on and on and on. However, given that this is the most important decision you will have to make before your chosen Charlotte movers organize your relocation. it is important that you think it through. While doing that, keep some things in mind.

First of all, the “bad” Boston neighborhoods are not really that bad. Don’t rule them out just because someone said they were. For example, Dorchester is rumored to be a dangerous area. Truth is, this is a large neighborhood, and yes, it has its bad parts, but it has plenty of good areas to live in too. If you want to know more about this, click on this link. If you are more of a visual type, and need a map to understand Boston neighborhoods, here is one. If you have already created a shortlist of neighborhoods that fit your needs and requirements, here’s a guide to Boston neighborhoods you might want to take a look at.

The Costs of Living in Boston 

The second thing you need to keep in mind when looking for a place is – Boston is expensive. Unless your current residence is a place of similar standard, such as San Francisco, be prepared for this. There are certain things you can do to avoid spending ridiculous amounts of money. For example, most young people live with their roommates. This significantly reduces the costs of living. If you wish to look into rental prices in Boston, this is a good place to start. Most apartments’ rental start dates are in September, much owing to a huge number of students that live there.

Activities in Boston

Let us get something straight - Boston is not a cheap city to live in. However, if you are persistent enough, you are likely to find numerous free (or at least very cheap) activities to do around the city. For example, some bars in Boston don’t charge extra for band nights, there are numerous free tours, as well as free-entrance festivals. To find out more about what you can do in Boston for free, click here

Boston has quite a few places of interest to offer, both to its residents and to its visitors. We have compiled a list of our favorite Boston destinations:

  • Fenway Park. A baseball park guaranteed to sweep all the sports fans right off their feet.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts. This is the fourth largest museum in America.
  • The Freedom Trail. This 2.5 long trail will take you on a tour through American history from the American revolution to today.
  • Boston Museum of Science. From chocolate to butterflies - this museum has it all. Regardless of your age or personal interests, prepare to spend hours having fun in here.

Boston Traffic 

One good thing about Boston is that you technically do not need a car to move around. Around half the population owns a car. In fact, if you are not used to driving in a big city, it might be a good idea not to take a car with you. Just finding a parking spot can prove to be an insurmountable challenge. The public transport network in Boston (ran by MBTA) is well developed and should be enough for getting around. Here is a map of Boston train lines. If you prefer buses, here is a bus schedule and a map of bus lines as well. Subway lines are marked by red, blue, and orange color. The green one is the trolley, which also goes underground for a part of its route. It might be slower than buses and trains, but is a good alternative during rush hours. Since Boston public transport authorities are well aware of how complicated it is to get around the city, they have organized a commuter rail, which makes commuting much easier. If you are thinking about taking a taxi in Boston, think twice. Boston taxis do not have a good reputation, so be careful if you choose this option. Here is a taxi fare calculator for those of you who are risk-takers. Uber and Lyft might be the best options for getting around if you despise public transit. If you want to keep up with the changes to the public transport, check out MBTA smartphone apps. Keep in mind that public transport does not run after 1AM, so if you are planning to go out, plan your ride back home ahead.

If after all you still can’t get separated from your four-wheeled friend, you should get a resident parking sticker, as well as register and insure your vehicle in Mass. During the winter, you should keep up with snow emergencies, so as not to find yourself in a few-hours-long traffic jam. If you don’t have a lot of experience with driving in snow, practice - you will need it once you move to Boston. Another common cause for traffic jams are Red Sox games - make sure you have their seasonal schedule with you regardless of whether you are a fan or not.

The good news is, Boston is fairly easy to get around by foot. If physical activities are your style, check a map of Boston before going anywhere – your destination might be just a short walk away.

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Are you ready to move to Boston? If so, contact Cross Country Movers representatives today to get your free moving price estimates and additional moving tips. If you need help with packing, our professional cross country movers and packers are at your service as well. You have found the perfect Charlotte movers, so hesitate no more - give us a call right away. 
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Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level

This is a great moving company! I recommend everyone to try its services. Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level. I ordered the move AZ to NV, and movers were done packing and loading our 3 bedroom house in 6 hours! Four days later, all my belongings and furniture safely arrived at my new home, all without any cracks and scratches! I give them A+!

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