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How to Pack Glasses

Whether you are relocating home or your business department, call us because we have both residential and corporate moving services. When it comes to packing, our staff can do that, too. But if you are willing to it yourself then we have prepared some tips for you. Clothes and similar things are easy to pack, but you may encounter some problems when it comes to fragile items. They need to be treated with utmost care. Read on to see what to have in mind when asking the question – How to pack glasses?

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Money you'll save using services of Cross Country Moving Company

3 tips to Let You Know a Moving Company’s Hourly Rate

It is important to remember that when moving to a new house that is located less than a hundred miles in the same state, you are actually moving locally. And why is that important to you, you might ask?

The significance of that information lies in the fact that, when you hire a professional moving company to move your things from one place to another, you will be charged an hourly rate.

And whenever you hire moving companies by the hour, you have to be familiar with the typical hourly rate for local moving companies so that you can have a general idea about how much you will have to pay professional movers in the end.

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12 steps to help you pack your glassware when moving

What to do with bubble wrap after your move

Are you going to leave your old home for good? Moving to another state makes you feel thrilled, but you are worried about many things. One of them is relocating your property to another address. Cross Country Movers is proud to say that our movers are experts in long-distance moves. We have a skilled, experienced and kind crew that will make your relocation easy and stress-free.  We can offer you a broad range of services to make your move fast and efficient. Our priority has always been a satisfied client, so you can rely on us to transfer your belongings with utmost care. Feel free to contact us anytime. We will be glad to assist you in moving to another state.



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Packing of your kitchen items (dishes and glassware)

Cross Country Movers are here to help you with anything regarding your moving process. Long distance relocation is never an easy step, especially when it comes to moving into a different state. For this, you must be very brave and very optimistic. Whatever your reasons are, we are sure that you could use a lot of help. We are Cross Country Movers, and our job is to make your life easier by helping you arrange everything for your future moving process. Yes, we said everything. We specialize in both residential and corporate moving services, and we go one step further – you can hire us for the car shipping as well as packing and unpacking all the items for you. The choice is up to you, and it depends on how much burden you want to take off your shoulders and of course your budget. One thing is sure: you will be very relieved after hiring us.  We know that fragile items are a common cause of stress when it comes to moving so we have prepared a guide for moving and it is related to packing your kitchen items, such as dishes and glassware.



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How to know that it is time to move

The decision that it is time to move is not an easy one. Many factors need to be taken into consideration and after a month of weighing you are still not sure what to do. Whether you are presented with a job opportunity, or you have some other reason there is always that feeling of fear. Fear of failure. What should you do if you don’t accomplish the goals you set for yourself when you moved out? No one can guarantee you that everything will be better. Starting a whole new chapter in your life in another country is hard. Most surveys have shown that people between 18 and 25 are most likely to move. However, no matter the age, leaving your hometown and moving to another city is tricky. However, if you feel that significant life change should happen and you should seek for other possibilities, then go for it. But many people get insecure since one part is not capable of going forward and another part is constantly thinking about new and unknown options. If cannot make up your mind, read the following few passages because maybe they will help you decide.

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8 tips for moving IKEA furniture

Moving IKEA furniture is not like any other furniture packing task that you are likely to face on moving day.

We are all well acquainted with the benefits of IKEA furniture, and it is reasonably affordable and quite easy to put together. The pride and satisfaction of assembling your own furniture with your two hands cannot possibly be properly expressed in words.

When the time comes to move, there will be several good questions that you will be asking yourself, including, should I bring the IKEA furniture?

Having already decided whether or not you want to move some of your IKEA furniture, you will also have to remember a few important things so that your favorite IKEA furniture makes it to your new place perfectly safe, intact and ready to be re-assembled once again.

So, is moving furniture from IKEA a good idea? How to pack IKEA furniture? How to relocate to a new home with IKEA furniture?


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6 tips for packing cutlery when moving

Moving to a new home is always difficult, there is a lot to pack and even more things to do to organize and manage a successful relocation. The most challenging part of the moving process is when you have to sift through your entire household and pack everything that you want to take with you while selling, donating or throwing out everything you do not want to keep. There are many things that require particular attention when packing such as your fragile glass items or valuable pieces or furniture or art.

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Tips on moving with your cat

It goes without saying that moving is among the most stressful experiences in most people’s lives. No-one actually likes it, nor can you ever plan properly for it. But moving can be much more stressful for your pets, especially if we’re talking about cats. They are very territorial animals and when they get used to their surroundings and claim them, they form quite a bond. Considering this we probably can’t even imagine what it’s like for them, as they’re suddenly pulled away from their old home and thrown into a weird, new environment. Read on to find out how much of an impact relocation can have on your cat and how to handle it properly.

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4 tips to help you prepare your kids for the move

When you get caught up in the relocation process, it’s quite easy to forget about how stressful the move is for your kids. Here are 4 tips to help you prepare your kids for the move that you should keep in mind to help them during this hectic period. Whether you’re moving by choice, because you’ve found a much better place for you and your family, or you’re forced to move, you’ll surely be overwhelmed by the entire relocation process. You have to prepare and plan every step of the way, from house-hunting and packing to actually moving. And while you, like all adults, are focusing on the practical problems and looking at the bigger picture, your child will focus on what you’re leaving behind and all the losses. Moving can be particularly stressful for children. This is why Cross Country Movers have prepared the following tips to make it easier for them.

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