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Our Bellevue Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Moving across the country to a place known as City in a Pak can be swift, easy, and without stress, if you hire the best Bellevue movers to lend you a helping hand. Professionals will make sure you start your new adventure as soon as possible. While you are looking for accommodation and work, a top-rated cross country moving company can provide you with a wide range of relocation-related assistance. The experts will do all the heavy lifting while you are researching nature trails, swim beaches, and public green spaces City in a Park offers to its residents.

    City in a Park Is an Excellent Area to Settle In

    You decided to relocate to a place known as the City in a Park, so you can expect plenty of green spaces, as well as a variety of outdoor activities. However, this is not the only reason people flock here. Those looking for work in the tech industry might consider City in a Park as their next home. Not only that, enterprises like Expedia, eBay, Nintendo, Microsoft, and T-Mobile have offices here - there are approximately 150 other tech-related firms offering jobs. Also, video game companies such as The Pokemon, Bungie, and Valve are based here. Excellent employment opportunities contribute to a high standard of living, and income per capita is almost 85% higher than the national average.

    Those looking for high-rated education institutions should know that the school district that covers the city is often ranked among the nation's top 100. Schools here have advanced placement courses, and the focus is on dual-languages, and test scores are 42% higher than the national average.

    When you feel like you need a change of scenery, you can just hop in a car and drive to Seattle. It is only ten miles away, and they are well connected. You can reach downtown Seattle via Lacey V Murrow bridge or via Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. 

    Choose One of the Best Neighborhoods to Call Home

    When moving interstate, putting a roof over your head will probably be on the top of the priority list. That's why even before relocating to the City in a Park you should go over neighborhoods and find the one that will fit all of your criteria. Some locations attract more newcomers than the others, and if you still haven't set your mind on a neighborhood, here are some you should check out before calling movers:

    Newport Hills – The area is within walking distance of an elementary school, making it ideal for families with kids. It is also in the vicinity of Coal Creek Parkway, where local folks often enjoy open spaces, waterfalls, and trails. On top of that, crime rates are almost 55% lower than the national average.
    Somerset – this is a place you should consider settling in if you are planning on buying a property since almost 76% of all the residents are homeowners. Additionally, there are highly rated public schools, plenty of parks, and coffee shops for residents to enjoy.
    Lakemont – a community with a suburban vibe in the vicinity of Lake Sammamish State Park. It is also well connected with the rest of the city via Route 90, and it is only 14 miles away from downtown Seattle. Because of its position, it attracts young professionals working in Seattle but also outdoor enthusiasts and families with kids.
    Eastgate – a recently developed residential area with various real estate offers. From small and medium-sized single-family homes to high-rise condos, there is something for everybody. Also, Eastgate has a beautiful local park, a zoo, and more than a few coffee shops and restaurants

    City in a Park Buzzes With Fun Activities

    When you become a resident of the city, there will be plenty of things to see, explore, and experience. From parks to museums, there is something for everyone. With more than 2,500 acres of parks and open spaces, there will be plenty of recreation options for you. There are playgrounds, beach parks, and hiking trails to explore, and that's why you shouldn't miss out on Botanical Garden, Mercer Slough, and Enatai Beach parks.

    If you are not an outdoor enthusiast, don't worry, you won't get bored. Stop by the Arts Museum, view rotating exhibitions, or go to Meydenbauer Center and enjoy ballet, opera, or orchestral performances. People with children should pay a visit to the KidsQuest Children's Museum. Also, there is an annual Arts and Crafts Fair you shouldn't miss out as a resident.   

    When Moving to Bellevue WA Find the Best Professional Cross Country Movers to Help You 

    Interstate moving doesn't have to be a hard, time-demanding, and stressful process. All you have to do is go over moving companies in Bellevue WA and find the best one with great reviews to assist you. Hiring Cross Country Moving Company (CCMC) will make the relocation process time-efficient and stressless. With the assistance of our long distance movers, you won't have to worry about relocation, nor about the safety of your belongings. We will be with you through every step of the process. Contact us, and we'll help you move in no time.   

    Use Our Cross Country Moving Services to Relocate Without a Problem

    CCMC has been in the relocation business for a while, and that's why our team knows how to handle all sorts of moves. The extensive list of satisfied clients and more than a few stellar reviews can guarantee you that our long-distance moving services will be everything you need for a successful relocation. Contact us, and our movers in Bellevue WA will ensure your move goes smoothly

    Our Bellevue Movers Are Efficient and Swift When It Comes to Packing

    Putting your stuff in boxes doesn't seem like such a hard thing to do at first, but when you actually start doing it, you'll see just how long and boring the whole process is. If you don't want to deal with it on your own, consider getting a professional packing service that will tackle this task for you. CCMC has a team of packers that can provide you with excellent, skillful assistance that will make the whole move easy, fast, and trouble-free.  

    Use Our Full or Partial Packing Services When Moving to Bellevue Washington

    Every relocation is unique, and that's why CCMC offers to take care of your furniture and other items by providing you with two types of packing services – full and partial. If you don't want to think about boxes and materials and you want us to pack up everything you have, use the full packing service. When you opt for this option, our team will box up everything you put on the inventory list, so you won't have to lift a finger. Nevertheless, sometimes our clients have other demands, and they want us to take care of only a few items, and that's why we offer partial packaging service as well. You just have to specify the number of objects that you want us to box up, and our team will take care of the rest.  

    When Moving Cross Country Use a Variety of Other Services CCMC Offers

    CCMC is a team of well trained and experienced state to state movers that have been in the relocation business for a while. We know from experience that there are more than a few cogs in the relocation machinery. That's why our long-distance moving company offers you a variety of relocation-related services that can come in handy during the move. CCMC team is here to help you through the whole process, and that's why we offer:

    Long Carry – an assistance our crew can provide you in case the residence is more than 200ft away from the truck. Leave it to the professionals to lift and carry heavy and bulky objects.
    Stair Carry – it can come in handy if your residence is higher than one flight of stairs and it is in a building that doesn't have an elevator. In this case, our equipped and trained crew will gladly do all the grunt work instead of you.
    Hoisting – this one is used when you have some bulky objects that can't fit through your front door. Let's say you have a piano or a pool table, you don't have to wreck your brain about getting them out of your home. Our team has all the necessary equipment to solve your problems.
    Debris removal – means that after everything is packed or unpacked in your new home, our team will remove the trash or pieces of furniture, leaving your home without rubble. 

    CCMC Can Provide You With Different Car Shipping Options

    If you don't want to relocate across the country without the vehicle, shipping it is the way to go, and that's where CCMC can be of great help. We can offer you two types of pickup and delivery options and two basic types of auto shipping services. Each of these comes with some benefits, and if you can't decide which one to use, contact us, and we will gladly help you make the right decision. 

    Bellevue Movers Offer Two Types of Trailers for Car Shipping

    Our firm offers two shipping options - open and enclosed trailers. Using open ones is by far the most popular way of car shipping. Open trailers can fit more than a few cars, and they are a more affordable transportation option. However, if you have a luxurious four-wheeler that you want protected from all external factors, opting for enclosed trailers is a smarter decision. No matter which one you choose, our drivers will make sure your vehicle is transported safely to a new location. 

    You Can Choose the Way Your Vehicle Is Picked up and Delivered

    CCMC offers two types of pickup and delivery options, and choosing one of these will depend mostly on your needs. You can pick between the door to door and terminal to terminal delivery. If you go for door-to-door delivery, our team will take and bring your car to the desired location. While with the terminal-to-terminal option, you can deliver and pick up your vehicle from one of our workstations.   

    Use 30 Days of Free Storage When Moving Across the Country

    If it happens that your home is not ready by the time you have to move, don't worry, your belongings won't be left on the street. CCMC offers climate-controlled, surveilled, and clean storage units where you can keep your valuables until your home is ready. Also, since we put your belongings' safety as our top priority, when using our storage unit, all of your boxes will be bar code labeled, so everything will be accounted for. On top of that, we offer these units for 30 days free of charge. After those 30 days, you will have an option of leaving your things in our facilities for a longer period, just give us a call, and we will calculate the price for every additional day. 

    Cross Country Moving Company Offers Insurance for All Long-Distance Moves

    Even with the most experienced relocation experts, sometimes accidents happen, and that's why you should always have an insurance policy. More importantly, a reputable relocation firm should provide its customers with one.

    CCMC gives its customers basic minimum coverage without charge. This basically means that for every damaged pound, a client receives 60 cents. However, if you have some valuables that need additional insurance, full coverage is buyable through our firm. Additionally, since we ship cars as well, your vehicle will be covered for up to $100,000 in external damages if you opt for an open trailer and up to $500,000 if you choose an enclosed one. 

    Contact Our Bellevue Moving Company and Ask for a Free Quote

    Hiring professionals to handle your relocation is one of the fastest, safest, and most efficient ways to move. Cross country moving company is a team of experienced and well-trained relocation experts that will be with you through every step of the relocation. All you have to do is give us a call and ask for a free quote. Our agents will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have. See for yourself that customer reviews are true, schedule a move, and become a resident of City in a Park as soon as possible. 

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure
    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
    Knowledgeable Customer Service
    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!
    Flat Price, No Hidden Fees
    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
    Easy, Fast Booking
    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms. 

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      • Claudia Z. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country Movers did a great job moving my boyfriends furniture from Chicago to Denver! They were prompt and very... read more

        Claudia Z.
        Adam S. Avatar

        5 star rating I moved from NY to LA this past month & Cross Country Movers did a great job. They didn't break... read more

        Adam S.
        Los Angeles
        Norvin N. Avatar

        5 star rating The movers from this company are truly some of the best in the entire industry, we witnessed this first hand... read more

        Norvin N.
        Steven M. Avatar

        5 star rating We hired Cross Country Movers Charlotte very recently. My parents were moving into a new home and i had to... read more

        Steven M.
      • Julia A. Avatar

        5 star rating I used this company to ship my car from California to North Carolina. The quote they gave me was competitively... read more

        Julia A.
        Los Angeles
        Barbara G. Avatar

        5 star rating So for a little back story, I have lived in this city almost my whole life, it has gotten progressively... read more

        Barbara G.
        Los Angeles
        Nadia A. Avatar

        5 star rating I moved my vehicle with Matthew. Overall very quick and easy if you make it to be. Not necessary to... read more

        Nadia A.
        Santa Barbara
        Richard R. Avatar

        5 star rating I expected my car to get here within a week. I shipped it on a Wednesday to Rhode Island from... read more

        Richard R.
        New York
      • Jackson H. Avatar

        5 star rating This company does an amazing job. I moved recently from Philadelphia to Washington  and i hired Cross Country Movers to... read more

        Jackson H.
        Victoria H. Avatar

        5 star rating With the help of these skillful movers an extremely stressful situation turned out to be a stress free experience. They... read more

        Victoria H.
        Rob B. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country Movers were so great! They went above and beyond for us. We went from San Antonio to Colorado... read more

        Rob B.
        San Antonio
        Jovana P. Avatar

        5 star rating These guys are really great. If you are looking for highly efficient and trustworthy company make sure to call Cross... read more

        Jovana P.
        New York
      • Mina J. Avatar

        5 star rating I had a specific way I wanted my move to happen, and the reps at Cross Country Movers followed my... read more

        Mina J.
        Susan C. Avatar

        5 star rating Great experience from start to finish. Found cross country movers on yelp. From the first call they were professional, responsive... read more

        Susan C.
        New York
        Hallie L. Avatar

        5 star rating Cross Country Movers Houston is a high class moving company! I liked the way they organized my moving process. So... read more

        Hallie L.
        Alina G. Avatar

        5 star rating Couldn't have asked for a better moving team! They were able to move all of my family's collective antiques and... read more

        Alina G.
      • Johnny B. Avatar

        5 star rating Could not have expected a better moving experience and we're totally happy with the movers that we were assigned for... read more

        Johnny B.
        Sundiata A. Avatar

        5 star rating I hate moving, but when my company opened a new branch they transferred me to Seattle from San Francisco. I... read more

        Sundiata A.
        Alyona B. Avatar

        5 star rating Let me share my experience with Cross Country Movers. This move and carry definitely save me a lot of time... read more

        Alyona B.
        San Antonio
        Wei Jun Z. Avatar

        5 star rating Moving is so stressful, and moving to another city is worse. I had to contact couple of movers and then... read more

        Wei Jun Z.
      • George S. Avatar

        5 star rating I originally scheduled a move with someone else but the morning of, they called and canceled due to conflicting issues...... read more

        George S.
        Khoa V. Avatar

        5 star rating Great movers! Everything was extremely professional and they wrapped my drawers and other large furniture nicely. My brother needed to... read more

        Khoa V.
        San Francisco
        Sona Y. Avatar

        5 star rating The first few days seemed to be the most difficult as there was a lack of space for us and... read more

        Sona Y.
        Cheryl L. Avatar

        5 star rating I decided to move to Florida from Southern California. I needed to find a mover. I found Cross Country Movers.... read more

        Cheryl L.
        Santa Ana
      • Michael O. Avatar

        5 star rating The crew who moved us was totally professional, careful and worked non-stop. No talking, joking, or wasting time during the... read more

        Michael O.
        Austin H. Avatar

        5 star rating I've been renting a flat for a really long period of time when my cat suddenly gave birth to six... read more

        Austin H.
        San Diego
        David B. Avatar

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        David B.
        Las Vegas
        Christopher K. Avatar

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        Christopher K.
      • Suzanne L. Avatar

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        Suzanne L.
        Keryn R. Avatar

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        Keryn R.
        Los Angeles
        Courteney H. Avatar

        5 star rating Previously being a part of the restaurant industry, customer service to me is very important. It's what makes a customers... read more

        Courteney H.
        David A. Avatar

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        David A.
        San Francisco
      • Jenny D. Avatar

        5 star rating Everyone always has an opinion they think just because they hired a company to do one job and they performed... read more

        Jenny D.
        Michelle K. Avatar

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        Michelle K.
        San Antonio
        Ana L. Avatar

        5 star rating I absolutely loved Cross Country Movers! I had to move from Sacramento to Long Beach for personal reasons and they... read more

        Ana L.
        Lesa B. Avatar

        5 star rating The movers were extremely nice and professional,I mean like you see, they both were easy-going and they've accepted all of... read more

        Lesa B.
      • Augustin B. Avatar

        5 star rating Movers were very careful with the boxes and all.  Showed up on time and wrap all furniture with shrink wrap.... read more

        Augustin B.
        Santa Ana
        Dennis K. Avatar

        5 star rating Hello everybody. Couple days ago I moved from Chicago to Suburbs.

        Just wanna say thanks to professional moving company "Chicago Cross... read more

        Dennis K.
        Anh N. Avatar

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        Anh N.
        Jasmine C. Avatar

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        Jasmine C.
      • Corinna P. Avatar

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        Corinna P.
        Leona S. Avatar

        5 star rating I moved with cross country on the first of the month, they made this move so easy for me !... read more

        Leona S.
        Los Angeles
        Darren v. Avatar

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        Darren v.
        Los Angeles
        Joe S. Avatar

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        Joe S.
        San Diego
      • venessa s. Avatar

        5 star rating Best experience moving.  The were quick efficient and took great care of my furniture.  I was so thankful to have... read more

        venessa s.
        San Francisco
        Hen D. Avatar

        5 star rating I am impressed with the service of these local movers. We never would have anticipated that it would have been... read more

        Hen D.
        Mallory S. Avatar

        5 star rating We had a great experience with them! They were personable and organized. They made us feel at ease when we... read more

        Mallory S.
        Jennifer B. Avatar

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        Jennifer B.
      • Pamela N. Avatar

        5 star rating I was in need of a crew to help me move up north to school. I had the pleasure of... read more

        Pamela N.
        San Diego
        Arthur T. Avatar

        5 star rating I was extremely fortunate in choosing Cross Country Movers. They had to help move a lot of belongings from my... read more

        Arthur T.
        Lisa C. Avatar

        5 star rating Hank was super responsive to any of our questions.  We would totally use them again and highly recommend!

        Lisa C.
        Veronica L. Avatar

        5 star rating Never used a moving company before and was really reluctant on choosing one based on a referral, but they were... read more

        Veronica L.
        Salt Lake City
      • Leena A. Avatar

        5 star rating I do not understand how anybody could have a negative experience with these guys, we called them maybe three weeks... read more

        Leena A.
        Eric S. Avatar

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        Eric S.
        New York
        Geoffrey G. Avatar

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        Lana K. Avatar

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        Lana K.
        San Francisco