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Baltimore Cross Country Movers

Baltimore Cross Country Movers make moving a simple and enjoyable experience.

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    Baltimore Cross Country Movers
    Baltimore Cross Country Movers are one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States. We work meticulously to make sure that our certified professional movers are equipped with the necessary tools which will enable us to offer the best moving and packaging services to our customers.
    Cross Country Mover

    Affordable Long Distance Moving

    Moving costs depends on the size of your move, and where you are moving to or from. We will provide you with an affordable flat price based on your exact inventory, with no hidden charges.
    Cross Country Packing

    Packing & Storage

    Even though our movers are big and strong, they are trained to pack everything with care and skill. Our professional movers will pack and transport all your items safely – whether they be dishes, chairs, expensive gadgets, artwork or other fragile items!
    Cross Country Auto Shipping

    Auto Shipping

    Driving a new or classy car over long distances is stressful. We know this, that's why you should leave the stress to us. Cross Country Moving Company offers professional auto shipping services so that your car is protected throughout the trip.

    What Customers Say About Our Baltimore Cross Country Movers

    • Deborah P. Avatar

      4 star rating Trying to move a household is insanity, but this company managed to make it a sane experience. Can you imagine... read more

      Deborah P.
      Kristine C. Avatar

      5 star rating Cross country movers of Baltimore... Where do I start on you guys!

      Well, I first have to say how amazing your... read more

      Kristine C.
      Salvador R. Avatar

      5 star rating I hired cross country movers to help my friend to move from Baltimore to Ny, team came with their truck... read more

      Salvador R.
      Ahmed A. Avatar

      5 star rating This is the best company for moving across the county. They moved all my stuff and belongs all the way... read more

      Ahmed A.
    • Garik S. Avatar

      5 star rating After calling a few other moving companies and being put on hold for hours we decided to give up and... read more

      Garik S.
      Marine S. Avatar

      5 star rating After the last time my parents had hired a moving company they had constantly been in doubts about obtaining professional... read more

      Marine S.
      Natasha H. Avatar

      5 star rating Sad to see one of my best friends go but was happy she found a new job that she was... read more

      Natasha H.
      Artur M. Avatar

      5 star rating It was the middle of the night when I was online researching moving companies we could potentially hire, I landed... read more

      Artur M.
    • Ellie Z. Avatar

      5 star rating I just wanted to take a moment and thank Cross country movers for helping my sister with her move over... read more

      Ellie Z.
      Blaise H. Avatar

      4 star rating Cross country movers was wonderful and will use them again and will recommend to others. They took care of my... read more

      Blaise H.
      Kivanc U. Avatar

      5 star rating These guys did a splendid job this past Wednesday morning.  They were prompt and timely, they wrapped all the furniture,... read more

      Kivanc U.
      Hen D. Avatar

      5 star rating I am impressed with the service of these local movers. We never would have anticipated that it would have been... read more

      Hen D.
    • Hebba N. Avatar

      5 star rating I recently relocated my gallery from Baltimore to Orange county, CA and guess which company did this job? I can't... read more

      Hebba N.
      Eloise T. Avatar

      5 star rating Fantastic experience! great customer service, and very affordable. Definitely recommend for anyone who is moving and doesn't know where to... read more

      Eloise T.
      Nathalia P. Avatar

      5 star rating Team at cross country movers are beyond excellent. The long hour job didn't lower the level of the service. They... read more

      Nathalia P.
      Tati C. Avatar

      5 star rating My big move from my hometown of Baltimore to Newark, NJ was perfect thanks to your company and movers. I... read more

      Tati C.
    • Omar L. Avatar

      5 star rating First time user of any moving company and definitely going to use again. On time and solid fast work. Than you

      Omar L.
      Kerry H. Avatar

      4 star rating The service that these guys offer is truly second to none, they were very professional and did not stop and... read more

      Kerry H.
      Satish D. Avatar

      5 star rating Used CrossCountry movers for shipping my Vehicle from VA to OR. Nick followed up on my order and committed to... read more

      Satish D.
      Robin C. Avatar

      5 star rating Baltimore has been great to me over the years, I have met many nice people, had great encounters and life... read more

      Robin C.
    • Jonathan N. Avatar

      5 star rating We hired this company to help my friend relocate from Baltimore to California. Guys were really efficient and professional, didn't... read more

      Jonathan N.
      Lathe R. Avatar

      5 star rating I just moved down from baltimore with this moving company . They shipped every single tiny bit things from my... read more

      Lathe R.
      Jennifer B. Avatar

      5 star rating The crews from Cross Country Movers Baltimore not only moved my belongings but even took care and time to set... read more

      Jennifer B.
      Cj J. Avatar

      5 star rating Be sure, there's no such amazing customer service as in Cross Country Movers Baltimore. I used this moving company twice... read more

      Cj J.

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure
    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.
    Knowledgeable Customer Service
    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!
    Flat Price, No Hidden Fees
    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.
    Easy, Fast Booking
    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms. 

    Moving to or from Baltimore, Maryland with Cross Country Movers 

    If you are planning on moving to Baltimore, there are certain steps you need to take before your relocation. Read on to learn about some of the things you should know before you start packing. The first thing you need to do is to hire dependable Baltimore Cross Country Movers to help you organize your long distance move. Moving to another state is too complicated a process for you to go through it without professional long distance movers by your side, which is why Cross Country Movers are here for you.

    When you opt for us to be your Baltimore movers, you can rest assured you’ll go through the relocation process swimmingly because we qualify as one of the best cross country movers in the nation, and thus, we offer top-notch moving service. Whether you need someone to save you the trouble of packing or you want your vehicle transported to your new address intact, we’re the ones you should call. As for long distance car shipping, in particular, we’re here to offer both open and enclosed car shipping. So, it’s up to you to decide whether you want your car transported on an open or enclosed trailer. If you ask us, we suggest enclosed carriers if you own a highly valuable show car that should be fully protected, even from dust. Otherwise, you should be satisfied with open car shipping, as this is also a safe option, plus, it’s more affordable than its counterpart. Another choice you need to make is between door to door and terminal to terminal auto transport. For those of you who don’t want to bother leaving your car at one terminal and then picking it up at another one, we recommend door to door delivery. That way, you can relax and have us pick up and deliver your vehicle straight to your new house. If you have any further questions about auto transport, feel free to give us a call at anytime given.

    Cross Country Movers – Baltimore Car Transport

    Detroit Auto Shipping
    Have you been looking for high-quality auto transport services in Baltimore? Then Cross Country Movers are at your disposal. We will provide you with quick, secure, and reasonably priced car shipping services and we at Cross Country Movers hire only highly trained experts for our team. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is safe with us. We understand that you value your vehicle a lot, which is why we will do everything we can to take good care of it. Our professionals will deliver your car to your new address in perfect shape. Keep on reading to learn more about our nationwide auto transport services. 

    Auto Transport – Shipping Your Car

    With Cross Country Movers, shipping your car between any two locations in the country is quick and easy. Simply give us a call, and we'll take care of the rest. Our customer service representatives will provide you with all the information you need, along with a car transport price quote. After that, all you need to do is pick a shipping date. We will pick up your car from your home. If the streets in your area aren't spacious enough, the pickup will take place at the closest parking lot. Throughout the car shipping process, we will send you text updates about the location of your vehicle. A day prior to the delivery of your vehicle, we will contact you in order to charge for the shipping service. There will be no cash handling upon delivery – this makes the whole process much more transparent and secure. We also don't ask for a deposit. Keep in mind that companies that require deposits are usually not shippers, but simply brokers.

    No matter where you are shipping your car from and to, you can count on us to provide you with the services you need. We serve the entire United States. Whether you are shipping your car from or to Los Angeles, MiamiSeattle, Las Vegas, or any other city in the country, Cross Country Movers are at your service. Shipping a car across the US has never been this simple! In addition to this, if you book your house move with us, you will be given a discount on our auto transport services!
    Front of a clean car ready for shipping with Santa Ana Cross Country Moving Company

    The Process of Car Transport

    Long distance car transport is a process comprised of a number of steps. For you as a client, this process can be divided into several parts:
    STEP 1:
    Finding the best car shipping company
    You need a good auto transport company at your disposal to ensure your car is delivered to your new home in perfect condition.
    STEP 2:
    Receiving an auto transport quote
    Knowing what your auto shipping is going to cost you will make budget planning much easier for you. So ask your company for a precise price estimate as soon as possible.
    STEP 3:
    Schedule your car shipping date
    If you are content with the general conditions, book the exact date the company will pick up your vehicle. After that, your only job is to prepare your car for shipping. Keep on reading to find out how.

    Preparing the Car for Auto Shipping

    Before we at Cross Country Movers pick up your car, it is of great importance to make sure it is properly prepared for the shipping process. There is a number of precautionary steps you should take to ensure this.
    Baltimore cross country moving company
    Wash your vehicle
    The first step to preparing your car is to wash it thoroughly. It is much easier to spot and note any preexisting damage on your car if it is clean, which is exactly what you should do next.
    Record existing damage
    Are there any scratches or dents on your car? Make a list of them and take pictures. This will make it easier to notice any new scratches on your car upon delivery if there are any.
    Remove your belongings
    You should take out all of your personal belongings and valuables from your vehicle before shipping. An auto transport company will not be held responsible for your money, jewelry, or any other valuables you may leave behind.
    Disable your car alarm
    A car alarm can make the car shipping process a lot more tedious if it goes off. Your alarm could detect our equipment as a potential threat, so disable it before we pick up your car.
    General repairs
    The last step of this process is to make sure there is nothing wrong with your vehicle. Take your car for a general checkup. If there are any big issues, repair them before the car shipping date.

    Car Transport FAQ

    If you are planning to ship your car to another state with us, chances are you still have some questions concerning the auto transport process. For this reason, we have prepared a short list of frequent questions for you.
    Frequently asked questions about Santa Ana Cross Country Moving Company
    How much does it cost to transport a car?
    The cost of transporting a vehicle to another state depends on a number of factors. The distance between the two locations is the most crucial factor when it comes to this. Other factors include the type and condition of your car, the kind of the carrier you choose, and others.
    How does the auto transport process take?
    The time between the day we pick up your car and the day we deliver it is one more thing that depends on several factors. Again, distance is the most significant one. Bad weather may also make the process longer.
    What is the best auto shipping service?
    We can't really pinpoint the best car shipping option. This largely depends on your preferences and budget. With these two in mind, you will be given a choice between various types of auto carriers which provide different forms of protection and come at different prices.
    Got more questions? Then feel free to give us a call! Cross Country Movers customer support specialists will make sure you have all the information you need. They will happily answer your questions and provide you with an auto shipping estimate. We are looking forward to working with you! 

    About Baltimore

    Getting to Know Baltimore

    The city of Baltimore was named after Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, who was the founding proprietor of the Province of Maryland. The word originally means “town of the big house”.

    Baltimore is located in the north-central area of the state of Maryland, right on the Patapsco River. Due to its history, its architecture portrays several different styles from over two centuries. The streets of Baltimore form a grid, which makes it easier to get around. It is divided into nine geographical regions. Baltimore has the humid subtropical climate and four seasons.

    A little over 600,000 people call Baltimore their home. Most people are African-American (around 63%) and white (around 29%). Asian, other races, and multiracial people make up for eight percent of the population. Most Baltimoreans are Catholics.

    While crime rates in Baltimore are statistically high, crime is mainly limited to poorer areas of the city.

    Finding the Right Neighborhood

    Baltimore has over two hundred neighborhoods, all of them very distinct and unique. Picking the right one for yourself can prove to be quite a bit of a challenge. Since visiting (or even describing) all of the Baltimore neighborhoods would take an enormous amount of time, we have compiled a list of several neighborhoods we find the best. -Federal Hill. This neighborhood is perfect for young professionals climbing their way up the career ladder. It is mainly populated by singles and newly-wedded couples. It has a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Many locally owned shops and the Cross Street Market can be found here as well. It is within walking distance from downtown, so if you are moving to Baltimore and do not have a car, this is a good place for you.

    • Otterbein. A good alternative for Federal Hill is its more peaceful neighbor, Otterbein. While the architecture really resembles the one in Federal Hill, this part of the city is populated mainly by middle-aged couples.
    • Guilford. One of the most popular neighborhoods among newcomers, Guilford is a well-maintained and clean area. Its large, elegant homes look warm and inviting. It also has several parks. It is a registered historic district, which also means that the prices are not quite low. This area is populated mostly by well-off professionals and their families.
    • Charles Village. This area is popular for its Victorian-style houses and a college-town vibe. It is a short distance away from the John Hopkins University, as well as the Baltimore Museum of Art. It is adjustable to any budget, given that it is a mixture of row houses, high rises, and reusable warehouse lofts. It is also culturally and racially diverse.
    • Waverly. Another culturally diverse neighborhood, Waverly, is perfect for raising a family. It is mostly populated by working and middle class families. The homes are affordable and the crime rates are low. It also has a great farmers’ market.

    To get more information about these and other Baltimore neighborhoods, click here.

    Hiring a Moving Company

    When moving to another state, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a reliable moving company. When deciding on which professional cross country movers to hire, you should take into consideration the moving companies’ reviews, moving quotes, as well as legitimacy. The best course of action would be to get in touch with as many moving companies as possible and ask for their moving price estimates. Call our Cross Country Movers representatives to get some of the best moving prices and the highest quality of service.

    Packing Your Things

    Once you have found the right moving company for you, it is time to begin packing your items. Before you start doing this, think about the size of your new Baltimore home and decide which furniture to take with you accordingly. If there are any belongings you are sure you won’t need, why not organize a garage sale and make some money on the side?

    Before you start wondering where to get moving boxes, we would like to inform you that Cross Country Movers provides professional packing services as well. In fact, our professional packers even provide their own moving supplies, so you will not have to worry about that either. All you have to do is decide what you wish to take with you, and leave all the dirty work to our staff.

    Enjoy Your New Home

    Once all the packing has been done, the whole moving process will be conducted by the moving company, so as to make your experience as pleasant as possible. All you have to do is get to Baltimore, and wait for the moving truck. If unpacking seems like a difficult task as well, let our professional packers help you with that, too. If you can imagine yourself living in Baltimore, call our Cross Country Movers representatives today to get some of the best moving quotes. Our staff will be more than happy to help you with great tips for moving out of state. You have finally found your Cleveland movers, so there’s no need to wait anymore - we are waiting for your call.

    Ready to move?

    Are you ready to move? If so, contact Cross Country Movers to get your free moving price estimates and schedule the date of your relocation. One of the best cross country movers nationwide are waiting for you, so pick up your phone and give us a call right away. We are looking forward to working with you.
    Baltimore Cross Country Movers

    Baltimore Cross Country Movers Review


    Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level

    This is a great moving company! I recommend everyone to try its services. Prices are reasonable and quality is high-level. I ordered the move AZ to NV, and movers were done packing and loading our 3 bedroom house in 6 hours! Four days later, all my belongings and furniture safely arrived at my new home, all without any cracks and scratches! I give them A+!

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