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5 tips to help you prepare for a long distance move 

Have you already started preparing for the long distance move? And you’re feeling that rush of anxiety as soon as it comes to mind? No need to worry, as these 5 tips to help you prepare for a long distance move. 

You’ve decided to move to another city, to another state even, and now that you’ve made the first big step of finally doing it, you have to plan ahead for the entire relocation process. At first, it can seem daunting, and don’t be mistaken, it is. Most people have had to move at some point in their lives and it’s been a stressful and time-consuming experience for everyone. You are now faced with the entire moving process, from organizing the move, deciding what you’re going to pack, packing all of your belongings safely and properly, searching for a new home to actually moving to it, it can all get very overwhelming. But with a bit of forethought, a little bit of planning and organization, the move can be an exciting experience for you and your family and you can make it go smoothly without stressing about everything. The following will hopefully help you in achieving that.

Plan ahead 

As mentioned before, planning and organization are the step number one, a way to success in many things in life, moving included. So before you do anything else, start organizing. First, make a simple checklist of all the tasks, write them down as simple steps and just follow through. This will make everything easier, and you can divide the steps by priority, from finding the right moving company and on time, to deciding what you’re bringing to your new home and what will be left behind.

Decide on a moving company 

You should be looking for a moving company long before you start the actual move, as everything should be scheduled in time, rather than on the move. Research the moving companies and choose the one that suits you best, depending on what you need and on your moving budget. You should also remember that most moving companies offer free price estimates for your move, so you should check that out before your final decision.

Organize your belongings

This means getting rid of all of the items you don’t plan on taking with you, as well as organizing all of the possessions that you will bring to your new home to be packed. You can throw away all of the items you won’t take with you. However, the best solution would be to donate it or gift it to a friend, be it a sweatshirt or plant you don’t plan on taking with you. 

Packing everything 

You should organize the belongings you plan to take with you in groups or piles for packing, and it’s probably for the best to stack by room, starting with the bedroom. Pack everything safely and properly so nothing gets damaged on the move to your new home. Don’t forget to stack up on moving supplies as it’s better to have more and not use them than to find yourself with lots of stuff still unpacked and without moving boxes and tape. 

Label everything

It’s important that you mark all of the boxes by what’s in them. Don’t forget to mark the boxes containing any items that can break easily as ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘Handle carefully’, as it helps in securing their travel and handling. 
Finally, don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep before the move to be well-rested on a moving day. Now that you have read these 5 tips to help you prepare for a long distance move WE hope that you are better prepared to tackle the difficult moving process. Cross Country Moving Company is looking forward to helping you out with you relocation and making it a fun and relaxing experience!