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4 easy ways to pack a china cabinet

China cabinets are elegant and beautiful pieces of furniture that introduce unrivaled levels of charm and coziness into our homes. In addition to their captivating look and design, such cabinets often display one of the most fragile and exquisite pieces of furniture we own, from magnificent fine chinaware and crystal glassware to priceless heirlooms and expensive collector's items. Still, all of the prized items found on display inside a china cabinet have one thing in common, they are incredibly fragile and might break unless handled with the utmost care. And that is why, when the time comes for you to relocate your household belongings to a new home, one of the more challenging tasks you will need to complete before moving day will be to safely pack your china cabinet for the upcoming long distance move. The 4 easy ways to pack a china cabinet is to use the best packing practices of protecting the highly fragile chinaware, heirlooms, and collectibles inside it, and then wrapping up the furniture piece itself when you are getting ready to move to your new home.
4 easy ways to pack a china cabinet

Before packing a china cabinet

Before you begin packing your china cabinet for the move, there are just a few simple steps to follow to prepare for the difficult packing task ahead of you. Failure in completing these preliminary steps will result in losing time and unpleasant interruptions during the packing, which in turn will lead to even more lost time.
The first step is to inspect the content of your china cabinet. Empty your china cabinet of all items on display or in storage inside the piece of furniture, and arrange those breakables carefully on a table. It is time to take a closer look at what your china cabinet holds and to decide if all the fragile items are worth packing and moving. After all, some of these pieces may have lost their sentimental or monetary value over the years, which is not likely to happen but it is still a possibility.
The second step is to get hold of quality china packing supplies. It is important to prepare the required packing materials in advance so that you do not end up losing valuable time when you find yourself in the middle of packing your china cabinet for a move. Of course, you are going to need plenty of soft packing paper and a few rolls of bubble wrap but the cardboard boxes you plan to use will make a difference as well. If possible, get yourself dish boxes, which are cardboard containers that provide better overall protection thanks to their thicker double walls.

How to pack the china cabinet

Once you have set aside the items in the china cabinet, you are not going to pack and take with you, and the moment you have managed to gather the necessary packing materials, it is time to go through the main steps of packing china and crystal when moving. And the best way to pack your china for moving is to use quality tape to strengthen the bottom of each cardboard box, and this is a precautionary measure regardless of the condition of your moving boxes. Put one or two layers of bubble wrap on the inside bottom of each container to serve as effective cushions while your breakables are on the road. Put each fragile piece from the china cabinet, whether its a fine china plate, a cup or a bowl, crystal glassware or other valuable yet delicate items, onto the stack of packing paper, and cover it completely with at least a couple of paper sheets. Secure each bundle with tape but make sure no part of the tape comes into contact with the fragile items. For extra protection, put a final layer of bubble wrap over the paper bundle and secure it in place with tape, again. To pack all your pieces of fine china and glassware, repeat the packing steps above and remember the rule ''the more valuable and fragile a piece is, the more padding it will need''. Arrange the wrapped fragile pieces carefully into the dish packs by placing the heavier ones first. China plates should be packed on their sides and if you have to pack the second row, separate the two rows with a few thick layers of bubble wrap to prevent highly unwanted direct contact between the breakables.
When ready with one box, fill in any remaining space inside with wads of newspapers until the box content is 100% immobile. Shake the box gently to determine if anything inside may still be moving or not. Remember to label all boxes properly as fragile, handle with care, etc. Use a marker to draw the attention of whoever is going to handle it later, even if it is only you.

How to wrap your china cabinet

Once you have emptied the china cabinet and packed its content, it is time to protect the furniture piece. The following steps will show you how to pack a china cabinet when moving:
Standard china cabinets are two-piece furniture pieces with two distinctive sections, the display section with all the glass elements and the storage section underneath it. If your china cabinet can be disassembled, then do not hesitate to disassemble it, either by doing it yourself or by hiring professional assistance.
Cautiously, remove the glass shelves from the cabinet one by one, then place each glass shelf directly onto a thick blanket, remember to use protective gloves. Place sheets of bubble wrap or large pieces of thick cardboard over the glass parts and wrap them up in protective blankets. Then remove and protect the glass doors of your china cabinet too. If you choose not to disassemble the doors, then use tape or rope to secure them in place and prevent them from accidentally opening during transport.
Finally, use as many professional furniture blankets as you need to cover the entire surface of the 1-piece furniture, or the two disassembled furniture pieces. Remember to use packing tape to secure the blankets in place.

Moving the china cabinet

Once you are completely ready with the delicate task of packing your china cabinet for shipping, it is essential to know the best way to move a china cabinet is to hire professional movers to do it for you. A china cabinet is usually a very fragile piece of furniture that is made of mostly glass or glass and expensive wood that can easily be damaged. Surely, you do not want your beautiful piece of furniture to be damaged during transportation, and you surely do not want to see any of its valuable and expensive contents ruined. Professional movers are your best and safest option, so you should contact them to get a price estimate for the task.
Now that you have read these 4 easy ways to pack a china cabinet, are you ready to start packing your things? If you have any more questions on how to pack other household belongings then visit our website which should have many useful tips on how to pack a various assortment of household items. If you are planning to relocate, then you will also most likely need the help of a professional moving company. Well, look no further as Cross Country Movers is just the professional and dependable moving company that can help you to move to and from anywhere in the country. All you have to do is contact one of our friendly representatives to get a free moving quote and to schedule your moving day.