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3 tips to help you move into a smaller home

If you are living in a big house with a large yard and a lot of room, you might find it hard to imagine living in a small home. Some personal factors or external circumstances might cause you to think about changing some things in your life and decide to move into a smaller home. Maybe you wish to live in a more desirable community or move into a downtown apartment where you will be nearer to amenities and work, can't afford a large house or do not need so much room as your kids have already grown up and moved out. Moving to a smaller home might be ideal for you. As is usually the case, this is easier said than done. Moving into a small house is quite a challenge, not only do you have to deal with all the difficult aspects of the moving process, but you also have to downsize your living habits into a small space and make it work. If you are not quite sure how to accomplish such a feat, the tips provided in the article below should help you with moving to a smaller home, they will help you get better organized and ensure that you have a smooth relocation while making the most out of your new smaller home.

Downsizing from a big house to a small house

It is no secret that downsizing includes embracing a minimalist mindset and approach. You have to let go of everything you do not really need or value and cut down the number of your possessions to the bare minimum that will guarantee your physical and emotional comfort. To do that, you have to decide your priorities and make a list of the items you can not do without and have decided that you must have. When you define what these necessary items are, you should sort out the remainder of your things and set aside any damaged, duplicate, or old items, as well as all the things you do not like or, will not be able to use anymore. Everything else can wait until you have taken accurate measurements and find out the exact dimensions and design of your new house or apartment. Then you will be able to create a complete floor plan and decide which of your old household things will accommodate your new design and fit in the available area and which ones will not be worth taking with you. Once you know precisely what you are going to take with you to your new home, you should get rid of everything else. Sell online or during a yard sale, any belongings that are expensive and in good condition, donate any useful items to charities, give away any items of sentimental value to friends and family, and recycle whatever you can.
After that, all that is left to do is pack the things you have decided to take with you to your new home securely and efficiently and organize their shipment, hire a professional moving company to do the job for you or rent an appropriate moving truck or ask several reliable friends for help.

Tips for moving to a smaller home

So, you have performed all the requisite preparations, finished all the required moving tasks, and arranged for all of the things you planned to take with you to be shipped to your new address. Moving day comes, and suddenly it is all real, you have to lock the door to your spacious old home for a final time and begin your new life in your new more compact home. The very first hurdle you are going to face when moving to your new smaller home will be how to get your bigger household things inside the tiny place.

Disassemble all furniture pieces

Even if you have measured your new rooms and the size of all of your pieces of furniture in advance and know that they will all fit in your new home, it might be tough to squeeze the larger things into your new home. To make your furniture easier to carry and reduce the risk of damage to both your items and your new property during the move, you are advised to have your bigger furniture disassembled. Beds, couches, wardrobes, dressers, cabinets, bookshelves, tables and other large pieces should be taken apart before shipping. Any detachable parts should be removed, the legs unscrewed, and the mainframe dismantled. This will make your belongings much easier to maneuver into your new home and will save you a lot of difficulties. Keep in mind, that disassembling and reassembling furniture is a tough and risky process that needs a lot of time, effort, specialized tools, and expert skills, and as such is better left to the professionals.

Start with the big items

Another useful trick when relocating into a smaller house is to get all the bigger household belongings inside before you tackle the smaller pieces. Larger pieces of furniture are very hard to move around, so you will want to have as much room as possible when maneuvering them into your small house. Once the large furniture and appliances are in their designated places, unpacking and arranging the smaller things will be easy enough.

Make the most of your rooms

Your next and biggest hurdle when relocating into a small house will be how to make full use out of your limited area. It is all about changing your living habits, yet you can still take advantage of a few clever tricks that will help you maximize your available living area:

1) Create more visual spacePaint the walls of your new place in bright colors to brighten up the room and make it seem larger. Let a lot of natural light into the place and add lots of artificial lighting that will help generate a definite and brighter vibe. Put large mirrors at strategic points throughout the house. They will help make the rooms look larger and brighter. Use glass doors and room dividers to create the visual illusion of a large, open area.
2) Make use of vertical spaceInstall floor-to-ceiling shelves or cabinets to take full advantage of your available living space. Install cabinets and shelves over doors to utilize the commonly overlooked area above the entrance to a room. Create sleeping and reading lofts to gain some extra room and provide privacy in shared areas. Turn the space under the stairs into a storage space, home bar, or fit in an appliance such as an aquarium, dog house or closet, whatever will be most appropriate to your you. Put storage boxes under your bed to keep infrequently used items out of sight. Try to turn every niche of your home into a storage area or functional space.
3) Make use of multifunctional pieces of furnitureThink of using furniture and decorations that can be used to store things, such as footrests and seats with lids that can be used as storage space. Use convertible furniture pieces and try to use the same piece of furniture for several different purposes, a small desk or a chest with drawers can double as a nightstand, a kitchen table or can serve as an area to prepare meals, etc.
4) Stay organizedKeep your things arranged systematically and logically and stored out of sight and avoid buying anything you do not really have space for. As long as you keep your house clean and tidy and free of clutter, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable life without any real limitations.
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